Singles shrinks your dick by 0.5 inch, dubs enlarges 2 inches

Singles shrinks your dick by 0.5 inch, dubs enlarges 2 inches.
Once you reach 0 inches, you stay dickless forever.

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starting with 8.3 inches

starting with 6 inches

Oh look,the numbers do nothing.
Fuck outta here with your imaginary make believe bullshit, child.

It's already fucking small.
Just make it disappear, I don't fucking care.

Congracts user you got dubs LoL

7 inches, will it grow or will it go?

Poor user is mad cause he lost his half inch dick.

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Down x>


re roll, make it bigger?

On the long run, this game is impossible to win.

Chances of dubs is 1/10, so singles is 9/10. For every dub, you'll have statistically got 9 singles, so for every 2'' gained, you lose 4,5''

That's a net loss of 2,5''.

Don't be fooled anons. Don't fall for the Zionists' ploy.

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CG on your brand new 9 inch dick.

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If only it actually worked.
My life is a fucking joke.

slight reduction, bigger?

You're lucky I have 3 inches to work with

Fuck... 2.5

Oh boy I sure hope I get trips

please get me 0

Ok smaller

Take me from below average to average please.


You don goofed

Make it small! 6.5 to 3.0!


If only this was real

Wish there was a safe way to shrink my dick without taking hormones and shit