Time for our daily femanon Q&A thread

Time for our daily femanon Q&A thread

You got the Qs and they got the As!

As always tits not required but encouraged

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What’s it like peeing sitting down?
Does it usually make you have to shit as well?

who are you?


I'm vchan

ah, ok. hi! how's the little Cred Forumstard?

20 years into the future, your son is coming home from college for Christmas.
”Hey mom, Im Gay and these are my boyfriends Tyrone and Jamal.”
How do you react

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you mean 'convenient'

Do you like Nine Inch Nails?


Honestly I'd probably laugh and then get pissed


eh i'm indifferent towards them

What can I do to make talking to attractive people easier

Would you cheat on your husband for $10,000,000? He would never know.

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Loyalty is an amazing trait to have. You're a good wamen Vchan!

ngl that advice is super helpful, I’ll try it out the next time I see someone attractive

What's the best song ever made?

do you watch anime or play video games

my wife isn't into anal at all, can't even lick her stinkhole and I want to try it because society has made me want to try it (also porn, I blame porn).

Anyway, how do I get her to want her stinkhole licked and eventually fucked? surely there is a secret button to push.

OP are you still here

do you have any piercings?

Can you see a girls pee hole?

ye it's where they cum from

female cum is just piss right?

Well thanks user!
As far as I can remember loyalty has always just been something that came natural to me in any sort of relationship

My husband is the coolest guy I know so I trust his advice when it comes to being social lol

Starman by david bowie

I used to be a hardcore weeb when I was a teen. I chilled out but I still e joy a bit of anime. Games just give me anxiety I think now lol

I actually have to take off soon.
My husband is home and we have to remodel our room to get ready for the baby this weekend!

how important is dick size? can girls have an orgasm with a 5-inch dick? cuz i read this girl's magazine saying that if your boyfriend can't make you cum with this dick then he's not worth keeping

Well Vchan is gone. What a shame.

Show me it please?

Vchan is dirty downstairs.

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I used to have my eyebrow pierced for the longest time but at like 23 I realized it looked trashy and I took it out.
I also have my ears pierced but I don't like to wear earrings.

So really no piercings on me. I like tattoos better

How do I get a girlfriend if I'm a 5'8 23yo loser with a small penis? Honest question

you dont

Yes if you look good enough

Well no...girls don't produce cum. It's just pee

It's just piss. It's a loss of bladder control

It's not important. This question is so annoying..if you're under 4 inches then I'd worry a bit

I'm still here sort of. Just no more vocaroos since my husband is here.
Hes taking a little breather before we are off for the day

Nah I shower like a normal person

Learn to eat pussy.

I know how to eat pussy. But that's not enough for a woman to give me the chance

How is your baby behaving? :x

unironically this. And it's not hard. I'm shit at it and I still make her piss in my mouth

Dude, Im 45 and fat and I get pussy (and no not married). Im always amazed at the 'incels'. It aint hard. Talk to em, listen to them, care about what they say, and make them cum. Women are a bit harder than men, but not by much.

>It's all pee
So it comes from the same big one?

based George Costanza

YES, ITS PISS! So sick of this female cum shit...

He IS my personal jesus, yes.

I don't blame you brother

will you come back tomorrow vchan

Well hes not here yet but hes being a squirmy little thing. Especially at night

....user your peephole and vaginal opening are 2 different holes

Do you need you clit rubbed to make cummies?

No not tomorrow. This weekend I'll be super busy with remodeling my room.

I'll be back Monday thru Friday though.

I just left my job yesterday so I'll be stuck at home for a long while again lol

>Different holes
I have the one and only ever saw the one i was just wondering

oh okay then. Good luck!

Congrats on the dubs. How's the pregnancy going? Hope everything is going well.

So far so good.
It's become just a boring waiting game at this point lol.

Waiting for my baby shower in April so I can really start buying stuff and getting ready

Does pregnancy make your sex drive higher?

It's been pretty much the same. It was always high and still high.
It's been completely unaffected.

Though it's different for all women. For some it gets higher or lower

fake vcunt

Do you want another baby? I can give you one ;)

Fake? Uh no user.

Still here just waiting for my husband to get up so we can go...

No thanks. I'm good with one

does he cum on your pregnant belly

No. It's stupid to do all that messy pullout shit.
He just always cums in me

who wouldn't say no if presented with a hypothetical situation?
Especially since she's got some sort of reputation here so she needs to pretend like she's a good girl.
Although there's no right answer here since I'm so negatively opinionated towards women anything you say would make you either a liar or a whore.

you can but you shouldn't

Did you see the joker yet.

She's been here for 14 years.

For the 5 years she's been married she's never flirted with anyone here nor has she posted and sexual pictures.

She always talks about her husband.

What type of physical build do whamens go for or do they care about that?

Why would I need to pretend to be anything on here? I am who I am. I don't think any money is worth disrespecting my husband. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.

Eh it's sad that people think loyalty is "hard" or something. Like I said...even as a kid I was loyal. As a friend, as a family member (to the ones I liked) and towards my romantic relationships.
I never found being loyal to be "difficult"

If you got a good personality it might not matter.
I was I to fit guys before my Husband. Hes chubby and adorable

Look! It's our resident attention whore! I know,its the big weekend, no school for 2 whole days! No homework either OMG!!! Let's shitpost on b

In other words a larping faggot

Cred Forums has changed, newfags have taken over
Tits and Timestamp or gtfo. You don't deserve special attention just because you have a vagina especially not on Cred Forums

It’s not too bad, you get used to it anyway.

Anna. :)

My son will be 50 twenty years from now...

Not really my thing, no.

Make small talk, the weather is usually a good topic.


I like a lot of songs, I can’t pick a favorite.

No and yes.

Not a secret button per se, why don’t you talk to her about how much it turns you on? I was willing to do most anything to please my man, he just had to bring it up.


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I'm 30...dunno what kind of school I'd be going to...

? I post vocaroos, I've posted timestamps (clothed) in the past too...

Unless you don't know what the word "larp" is....?

Yes, navel, tongue, and a few in the ears. I went through this crazy rebellious phase in my 20s (the mid 90s) and did it to spite my dad.

You can, yes.

It’s honestly not too important, it helps, but if a guy is skilled with his mouth or hands it really doesn’t matter.

Be a good person, learn how to be funny and charming.

Not always, penetration is great too.

No thank you.

I never got to try.


Personally I like slim men.


I'm going on a date tonight. Wish me luck

Hey ~Anna~

I don't think I ever talked to you so, how are you?

Vchan has been here as long as Cred Forums has pretty much...and she’s married with a baby on the way, lurk more.

Good luck user!


anna how old are u

Thanks! Yeah Vchan was a regular when I started lurking in 2014

I’m alright. Nothing much going on with me outside of being worried to death about my mum who lives in Italy (Milan is my hometown).

Also my kid is staying with his girlfriend, so I can do vocaroo if anyone is interested.


Im 46, an old lady. ^^

My pleasure user, and yes, I’ve been lurking since ‘11 and started activity posting here about three years ago. Vchan is the glue that holds us together.


>Vchan is the glue that holds us together.
Wouldn't go that far but I do wish her well. Hoping for baby pic one day

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The question was for vchan but ill rephrase.
Your son is coming home for Christmas, when you open the door, you notice 2 basketball-americans holding hands with him.
”Hey mom, I think im gay amd poly and these are my boyfriends Tyrone and Jamal, and we are moving to Africa next month.”
How do you react

Anna. I want to lick your butthole. :(

Same, might be too personal for her to post, but I hope we get to see the little guy.

Laugh and let the inner Libyan free and chain them up and beat him with a stick. But considering he’s marrying an Irish girl I’m not too worried.

Um, ok.


Nice to meet you.

Sorry about your mum but don't worry, with any luck, we all going to die :)

And I was going to ask some other question but you already answer them except: you married, single, both?

She said she doesn't want to because of that but appreciated all the well wishes

Virgin 25 yo here, I come from a strict religious school so im sheltered and retarded. What do I do on my first time, do you have to let the girl know when you are gonna cum like in porn. Also how important is to eat pussy for women

Pleasure is mine, and yeah, with my luck we’re going to all die. I’m technically single, my son’s father died a few years back. That being said, I’m not really out there looking.

Ah, makes sense.


>what do I do on my first time
Be as natural as possible, don’t sweat the small stuff.
>do I tell her if I’m about to cum?
That really depends, some girls enjoy hearing that (I do), some probably don’t care too much. Whatever you feel like, there is t any hard or fast rule about it.
>how important is eating pussy
That will vary from woman to woman, I don’t really enjoy it much for example. Some girls can’t cum unless they’re eaten out. So the best course of action would be to ask.


So technically you're a single milf? Cool!
So, hypothetically speaking, would you have sex with a 36 years old virgin?
Not trying to hit on you or anything, just curious how a woman your age and experience would feel about it.

Did I say that?
I'm iffy about posting a pic.
Though I really would love to show him off but I don't think I can handle showing a pic of him and people being mean to him or photoshopping him.
I really don't care about a lot of stuff but I'd probably lose my shit if retards fuck with a pic of my kid.

I'll probably just post little pics of his hands and feet and just little things but never a whole pic probably lol

Still waiting on my husband to wanna go so we can get this room started lol

how do i convince my gf of two years to do anal

>I really don't care about a lot of stuff but I'd probably lose my shit if retards fuck with a pic of my kid.
That's what you said yeah. How's the pregnancy going?

Thanks. I have a 4 inch dick and very insecure about it, have you ever been with guys on the shorter side and do you have any tips for that

Technically yes. Well, I can’t say I’d be against it hypocritically speaking, though I imagine it would be awkward for my son who’s 31.

Pretty much in the same boat, which is why I never posted photos of mine. I’d be happy enough to see some hands lol.

See last answered question.


Wait you had your son at 15????

Only when Im on my period it makes me wanna shit.
The raised levels of progesterone during your period makes you poopy all the fucking time.

I haven’t personally, but if I really loved the guy I honestly wouldn’t care. That being said certain positions are probably better, like missionary.


I did. :) I was 15 and his dad was 46 when he was born. It’s a long story, ha.


Going well. Just waiting and waiting lol
It feels like forever but it's crazy to know it's been 6 months already.
Still 4 months to go. I just want him here already

I pray he is born as white as humanly possible

31? wow! only 15 years younger, correct? I always wonder how a mother-son relationship works with such small age gap?
I mean, now it's normal but when I was a kid, most girl who become mothers a such age were forced to pose as older sisters.

And about the other thing, maybe it will awkward but let's be honest, a 10 years gap ain't a big deal once you're older than 30. I'll be awkward if you were, I don't know, 70 years old.

My son? He’s pretty white, he’s a little euro mutt, got Swedish, Italian, French, and Libyan ancestry.


>Still 4 months to go. I just want him here already
Haha I imagine, but cherish this time. He'll never be as close to you as he is now. I'm assuming clothes are starting to not fit?

wow wow wow! hold on a minute! that's rape, isn't?

Well that’s the kind of weird thing about our relationship, we pretty much have no mother son bond. I didn’t raise him, my dad adopted him out to a family friend and told me he’d died (my dad was a bit of an asshole), we were reconnected last year after he had a dna test done and found out he wasn’t 100% Swedish. He looks a lot like his father, so there’s some awkward moments. It’s all an uphill battle. And yeah, honestly age gap relationships never bothered me, obviously.

Not really, where we were it was legal at that time.



Why ain't no titties in this thread?

its not a larp you fucking newfag nigger piece of shit, get the fuck out of here

questions and titties
discord gg/ 9YdxSh

Well luckily most of my clothes are flowy dresses so they are still fitting just fine!

Nice! My friend is pregnant and she's lamenting how all her clothes don't work anymore haha

Oh welp, I guess it's the same all around the globe after all.

And it's good to know some mature women wouldn't mind having a relationship with someone like me.
I'm long past the idea of looking for a relationship with a young, virginal girl. I'm already too old for "young people" bullshit and I'd be only interested in a relationship with someone who already knows how the world works.

Older women can be lots of fun, we’re usually not tied town with kids and have more financial and occupational stability. The maturity that comes with age is always nice as well.


Who cares about what you're talking about? Show your titties or shut up.

Any femanons still here? I wanna ask a question

I’m here!


leave please.

Op kill yourself the world will be a better place without you also DUBS MOTHERFUCKER

I'm not a fucking newfag I'm just tired of seeing women not following the rules of the board it's TITS OR GTFO if with how edgy this shit is it's probably some fucking neck beard

Ok. I'm in college. Am I capable of getting laid, atleast from a roastie?

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I’d say so lol, you look alright to me, maybe not my type as far as body goes (I like skinny men, muscular ones look kinda weird), but you look fine tbh.


Will you have sex with me?

I’m celibate.


So, what do you think. If I'm to find myself a milf, should I be honest with my virginal status or should I play dumb and pretend I'm just "bad" or barely experienced if I get to the "sexy" part?

Most women probably do t care whether or not you’re a virgin, I’ve honestly never heard of it being an issue. He’ll, might be a turn on for an older woman.


some girls think virginity is cute. girl at my uni called herself the virgin slayer and would fuck pretty much any guy who said they were a virgin (

Cool! Thanks dude!
Yeah but like I said, I'm 36 years old and not really interested in younger girls anymore. And even if I were, that would be creepy and probably a bad idea nowadays.

My pleasure, take care user!


my bad, missed your earlier post.
i think some girls might be dicks about it if you say something but for the most part i don't think they would be that off put especially if they haven't had many partners themselves.
i wish you luck in finding a hot milf user!

That's what they all say. Do you atleast wanna rape?

Show us your dick. It's so obvious you're a tranny


I’ve been here a while, most people know me. Lurk more.


do you enjoy pepe memes more or spider-man?

Probably Pepe.


so, how big is your clit?

I’m a well liked person but I’m fat as fuck and have a micropenis. (3” and skinny.) is there any hope for me having a lasting relationship?

What do you think of this song?

cool. tits or gtfo

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titties or leave

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post da boobies

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weee want the titties

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Well if it ain't the tranny squad,

Have you had the operation yet?

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we will not rest until this unjust is fixed!

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Get rich and use aggression to command devotion

titties must be shown!

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post the titties or die!

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post tiddies

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Pretty small actually.

It’s alright, it has a decent beat.



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post breasts

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Unless they're full of soymen they won't have tits yet

so, are you racist/homophobic too?

opinion on footfags?


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Would you ride?

I'm a virgin (23) have never compared myself with anyone else. Is this average?

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Post tits or gtfo roastie simp

Thank you. I think these other 2 are better:


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Expose your breasts to us.

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I live with my GF and at least 3 times a week I cum In her mom's/sisters panties and put them back. Out of curiosity have ever been suspicious of something like that happening to you?

Every now and then I'll blow a load into their shampoo or face wash


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Meh, not really, I usually just avoid people that don’t really share my values.

Not my thing, but you do you.

Yes, I’d say that’s average, looks nice.

You like drum & bass?

No, no I haven’t. That’s pretty creepy user.



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Yes I do- I have been producing it for years... How about yourself?

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Not the same user, but I do sort of the same.


I also live with my partners mom and pretty much every day masturbate into her body lotion.

She's a milf, like pormstar esque

>pic related
Where would she hide her toys?

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That's the spirit!



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Here for a minute


I like it, I’m more of a hardcore/hardstyle person, but I like most all forms of dance music.

That’s so creepy lol, but that being said toys are usually hidden under mattresses, in the tops of closets or under beds in shoeboxes.



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I’m honestly surprised too, I’ve been posting off and on, it’s probably a slow day on Cred Forums, especially since we have a shitposter tonight. And it’s like that foam caulk I think. :)



HI Anna,
My wife and have been monitoring the thread.

This is her,

have you ever been in this situation?

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>never going to get them

Something similar, yes.


I sacrifice 2 cards and summon Mr. Sixx.

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I asked irrationally. Now, I mean business.

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This could have been avoided.

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You enjoy anal or being dominated more?

Being dominated more, anal is ok though.


she enjoys logs the most

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you like anal, huh? did Castro ever give you a log or two?

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What's the biggest sex toy size any of the females in this thread would take? My wife really enjoys bad dragons, most of the toys she owns are medium but nothing has a bigger circumference than 7 inches, She is scared she'd stretch too much

this is a great thread

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Ask her about which log size she likes best

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Would you let Andy dominate you?

Attached: 21f.png (680x635, 301K)

how far does her asshole stretch?

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Attached: 915.png (680x406, 450K)

Attached: c17.jpg (680x362, 38K)

Wrong dictator user.

If it’s bad dragon then mini, I’m pretty small and anything more than six inches in circumference would kill me.


Attached: C4ED45C5-D5D0-461B-AAA3-35FAB7E36DE8.jpg (1142x1579, 1.38M)

Nobody cared who I was until I put on the log..

Attached: Bane_TDKR3.jpg (200x200, 8K)

Apologies, did Putin shit down your throat? Did you enjoy it?

Attached: 20a.jpg (680x478, 69K)

>not knowing of my Papa, the great Muammar Gaddafi
Actually got a chuckle out of me though.


Never learned to drive due to my anxiety. Almost 30. Is this a deal breaker for women in general? Kinda was raised with that notion and it has held me back for years.

Attached: 2ee.jpg (680x944, 56K)

Bitch, I'm being deliberately disrespectful. I know you live in ATL.

Attached: 23e.jpg (680x331, 40K)

It’s never too late to learn! And personally it wouldn’t be for me because I’m used to driving everywhere myself.


Only if you shit down their throats

Attached: 85a.png (680x1036, 762K)

I know you are user, I was playing along with you, duh. And no, I live in Georgia though.


As long as you know my disdain

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Attached: bd7 (1).jpg (680x932, 58K)

Go away attention whore

Again. Attention whore.

For what? Me or Papa, or both? Or maybe femanons in general...?


Stop with the "You got the Qs and they got the As!" cringe shit. You're all a bunch of fucking incels.
And then you top it off with the soft "tits not required, but encouraged" shit. This is so beta

You have a forehead so big that it could melt holes through boiler plate doors. Filthy whore.

Warm loaf

To be honest it's really the-

Attached: nzbxwnqpqxc31.jpg (512x687, 78K)

How much shit can i fit in your girls pussy?
Answer is 10

Attached: 1582538090612m.jpg (1024x678, 101K)

Ayyye Anna

How can I tell when a girl orgasms?
Some are obvious with shaking but Im guessing not all girls orgasm like that?

It is pretty big, I’m not going to lie.


when do you think you'll succumb to Andy's logs?

Attached: 2jnnjey5qxc31.jpg (640x631, 67K)

Depends on the type of orgasm. There are incredibly obvious ones, like if a girl squirts, but others can be more subtle. Shaking is a good indicator, as is heavy breathing and vaginal contractions.


bigger than Andy's log?

Attached: vlmwv8i59t921.png (640x583, 398K)

If a fit guy walked in while you were having sex with your husband, would you let the fit guy join in and let him push your husband aside? What would husband even be able to do about it?

Do you enjoy when Andy squirts his logs out of his asshole? That seems like it's the most powerful.

Attached: 0dxeckedrbt01.jpg (594x792, 120K)

What usually brings you to orgasm?

OP here. Probably right fucking now because his long, smooth snake in the toilet bowl makes my dick- er, I mean pussy real hard

Andy's Logs

Attached: 0wvkp3bch5s01.png (640x512, 643K)

>would you let the fit guy join in
No. I find muscular men to be odd looking.
>what would your husband do about it
Probably have him killed or sent to a gulag.

Usually clitoral stimulation and/or penetration, the feeling of being dominated and stretched is really amazing. I usually cum when I feel the man cumming as well.


Attached: A0507FC7-DD17-49D6-8CA5-C53603B555D2.jpg (903x1331, 901K)

Kek lost

Would Andy be interested in doing sixxtynine where we shit into each other's mouths?

How often would Gigaloo Duffie slide his logs down your throat?

Attached: o61qhup9zxr01.jpg (640x360, 33K)

Cool answers

What happens when you orgasm?

I usually feel like a girl is atleast getting close when her pussy starts to really get warm...is that an indicator?

Why are girls gay?

simply put, would you?

Attached: 2mqgmqd1yaq01.png (640x877, 785K)

aww shit anna's adude

Dubs logged throat clogged. And you mentioned shit

Attached: 36qcytflc7e01.jpg (250x246, 10K)

With me I can cum in a few different ways, clitoral orgasms are the strongest, but they take time. I usually feel a lot of contractions and warmth with those (yes warmth is a good indicator). I can also squirt, which has a slick consistency with a musky fruity taste and smell (it’s pretty much all pee in porn btw, you don’t cum THAT much). The most underwhelming orgasm for me is more of a feeling of euphoria from sex, nothing much goes in downstairs with those, though I was told my pussy does get tighter.

I like dick too much to be a lesbian.



How do you feel about guys that enjoy prostate play?

Attached: en62x0866nd01.jpg (320x309, 141K)

Doesn’t really bother me, I only feel like it gets gay when a guy is using straight up dildos and wants to be pegged. Prostate stimulation can feel great I hear, so I say go for it.


Attached: jofUmh5wXfeyJHYOI1m3rm3JVUyXbS1177JY337gmQI.jpg (640x640, 66K)

you know why?

Attached: hdb8jyczyo501.png (640x659, 559K)

Why is it so easy for a girl to squirt cum with fingers?

because Andy teaches them how to squirt first with his logs and they imitate that

Attached: f9nksc4ra5801.jpg (640x376, 38K)

Is there a purpose of dildos that have the creampie injection thing for the women or is almost entirely used for its 'value' in porn?

>with a musky fruity taste and smell
piss isn't fruity

Most girls massage the g-spot and it helps them squirt, I usually do it from penetration though.


whos andy? im a summer fag

Attached: ff6.jpg (720x720, 135K)

Oh my god this lady again, have you fucked your son yet? or is that who got you pregnant? idk if you said anything already i havent read every post.

I mean I can easily (with every girl i tried) make a girl squirt with my fingers in a matter of 10-20 seconds sometimes...what gives?

How sensitive are you nipples getting now that you are pregnant? Can you cum from having them played with?

I forgot

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You like squirting?

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My girlfriend accidently said some other guy's name when we were having sex. We've been dating for about a month and she lives with me... I'm not sure what to do

Shit idk

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Did you know that you shit yourself during childbirth?

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Primarily for porn, I have a few and it does feel nice since I’m celibate and don’t get to have that experience any more. But it’s more for the visual fantasy because unless you hear it to human body temp it’s hardly noticeable.

You’re right. Female ejaculation isn’t piss though, most research shows it to be made of primarily glucose (hence the fruity smell) and a fluid similar to what the male prostate secretes. Now if you have a full bladder and squirt you WILL piss yourself, since it’s expelled from the glands on either side of the urethra. Actual female ejaculation is rarely more than a cup, 99.9% of porn is just straight up piss.

Heh, I plead the fifth.

It’s easy to make happen if you know the most sensitive bits.


Ask her to invite him into the mix

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>most research shows it to be made of primarily glucose (hence the fruity smell) and a fluid similar to what the male prostate secretes
unequivocally wrong. all real empirical research shows that it's mostly piss. if you like watersports that's fine I don't.

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I just don’t know how to flirt with women. I can be cordial and make friends but I never developed the ability to convey my sexual intentions. Help?

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>hence the smell

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Very sensitive, I never came from it, but I very well could have if I’d of wanted to.

So it could be something, it could be nothing. The human brain is a weird thing, sometimes during sex we recall sexy past experiences and names slip out, so you have to look more at the relationship as a whole.


Start small, talk about mediocre things like the weather and then work your way up.


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watersports is gross

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I literally did the fingers thing with a girl like 10 times in a matter of 5 mins....the bed was soaked and she was pleading for me to stop...so is that kind of orgasm the best? if not where would you place it?

what question or thing to come from one of these threads has been your favorite?

you make some good points

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Well, the best ones are clitoral orgasms, then squirting, for me anyway.

The questions about Papa are always fun.


probably the logs

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what are easy ways to get a girl to have sex with you without using tinder?

Also who got you pregnant?

Depends on the quality of girl you’re looking for in all honesty. And pic related back in ‘88 with my son. I’m not currently pregnant now, Vchan is.


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Well could you give me some examples for each? I really don’t know what to do.

I’m lost.

Also, I keep seeing posts talking about how either you or vchan is pregnant with their son’s child.

Is it you or her?

But I don’t know how to switch gears from being friendly to I’m interested in the girl

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Have you read The Green Book?

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Just be yourself

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Well for utter rosties you don’t need to do much, they’ll sleep with you regardless. For decent girls you probably won’t get any on the first date, and you’ll probably have to make the move, so being confident is very important.

And no one is pregnant by incest lol, it’s a running joke because my son looks a lot like his dad and I am attracted to him.

Make a lot of eye contact, smile, double cues like this show interest.

Yes, many times.


What do you think of his socialist doctrine and are you voting for Bernie?

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Papa wasn’t an economic socialist, he was more of a fascist if anything. There’s a whole leap from social welfare and commies like Bernie.


How well do you think facism can work?

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Are there certain things that women and girls like that I should say / do ?

you are attracted to your son?

It worked for Libya for decades until NATO terrorists killed Papa.


Ever go to any of the Georgia amusement parks?

Just general confidence, I know it sounds silly, but confidence is the sexiest thing a man can have.

And yes, I am.

I have been to a few of them, yes.


Anything else?

Also why are you attracted to him? Would you commit incest with him?

What are the benefits of Facism? Why is it the way to go?

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You have an absolutely beautiful voice Anna! Not at all what I was expecting. Ever record any stories, would love to hear more of you!

Humor is good, women like a man who can make them laugh. For me a healthy sense of sarcasm is good.

I am because he looks a lot like his father, and maybe, we don’t have a normal mother/son bond, but I don’t want to screw him up.

Upholding national pride and tradition mainly, but it’s not for everyone. It works in some countries better than others.

You flatter me user, ha. I’ve done vocaroos in the past, but never any particularly long ones.


National pride? Aren't you American? What about all the financial issues? What about poverty? Nationalism doesn't fix that..

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Anything Else you could tell me?

Also are you still married to his father?

ever done anal?

I have an American citizenship, but I’m Italian/Libyan really, I have citizenships there as well and it’s my ethnicity along with Scandinavian blood. Like I said, it works for some countries, and not for others. Libya did great.

Start with small talk about things like the weather, make sure to smile and look her in the eyes. Eventually you can move on to asking more personal questions.

And no, his father is pic related, he’s dead.


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Yes, I have.


So really you don't care too much about politics. What I'm hearing is that you just like Libya. Why not move back if it's so good?

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Ride any of the roller coasters? What is your favorite ride and favorite park in Georgia?

What’s it like to wear a bra? Are you self-conscious about straps showing or at least aware that it’s there constantly?

okay thanks for he tips

But I really wouldn’t suggest having sex with your son.

You seriously have a beautiful voice, honestly it sounds good enough you could do voice over work I would think. Do another one please?

I do, I’m just not inclined to type a novel on my political views. And I would if Papa was still alive, but NATO has turned it into a shithole, so I’m here.

I’m not a roller coaster person, but my favorite park is Wild Adventures in Valdosta, just because it’s somewhat small and the lines are easy to breeze through.

Annoying, but you do forget about it after a while. And I usually keep them pulled up so they don’t slip so badly.

I don’t really plan on it, ha.


like it or hate it?

>Why not move back if it's so good?

It isn't likely that Libya would be very safe for her anymore, we don't want anything bad happening to Anna.


I like it, it’s not my favorite, but it’s nice.


Do you wear well-fitting bras? Did you have to get measured at a boutique or just measure yourself?

> (You)

Thank you very much!

Just noticed that it was Leap Day, had you noticed that?

Well, I hope you vote this election. Hopefully you can make this country better.

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I have fairly large breasts, so well fitting ones are great. I honestly need to go have them measured because my everyday bras are getting one out.

My pleasure, and thanks for pointing that out, I’ll have to take my son out, ha!


oh, that's a nice pretty voice