It's 2020 and people are memeing a cartoon of a 17 year old girl being raped because she's speaking against the energy...

It's 2020 and people are memeing a cartoon of a 17 year old girl being raped because she's speaking against the energy corporations and governments of the world. Don't forget that sexism is totally dead.


I wish I was kidding - if you get triggered by the sexual themes mentioned please do not go on the Greta hashtag on twitter.

So essentially, an image created by someone unknown to me but endorsed by X-Site Energy Services was created showing what is meant to be the climate activist everyone loves to hate being raped in response to her scheduled appearance in Bristol. This is absolutely fucking sickening and I really want to just shut myself off now - I really wish I wasn't forced to see it. How people can pretend free speech is equally given to women and that we can do anything men can while posting and creating memes out of such a horrific image is insane.


This isn't graceful but fuck this. Grace can metaphorically eat my ass right now - people are memeing a cartoon of a girl being FUCKING RAPED.

I don't know what to say - I just had to say something.

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That's nice.

>do not go on the Greta hashtag on twitter
no prob, twitter is shit.
also you should probably know that this community (Cred Forums) by people who were banned from the hentai deathrape subforums of You kinda jumped out of the frying pan into the vat of children boiling in napalm.

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I want more it’s funny

who is this fruitcake?

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i didnt have a greta picture so i judt posted some other retarded child

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There's no rape occurring. That part is happening in your head.

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She's a autistic sock puppet being used by others with her parents permission. STFU.

Alberta is the Alabama of Canada. They can't fuck off fast enough for me.

Where the fuck were you when Shad was drawing HillLoli.

Fucking zoomers, I swear.

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>17 year olds can't think for and aren't responsible for themselves
Oh Cred Forums, never change

Even if your talking point was true, that wouldn't make it Ok to advocate for her violent rape, would it?

the world coud always use a little more rape.

I thought that was Newfoundland. But I've only been to Canada a few times. Cute girls, lots of wilderness, and everyone is really nice. Solid little brother tier country.

soo, u'r assblasted 'cos of some rule34/loli comic?
[spoiler]don't show him the rest of the internet[/spoiler]

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Here's one for you.

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>look at how virtuous I am, to feel a thing in response to another thing. Like all leftists, I do not actually do anything useful to anyone.

You must be new here...

>faggots who didn't read the OP
>only people here who should be on reddit are these dopes

What in that image says "rape" to you user? Her hands aren't bound. You can't even see her face. Triggered faggot.

Stay mad newfag.

>post from reddit
>tHiS iS rEdDiT tIeR
>literally from reddit
>sTaY mAd nEwFag
>not returning to reddit

It's where you belong. You should be writing posts like the OP, not pretending to be hard.

I've never used reddit in my life. Stop projecting SummerFag.


I wonder if Greta knew that this sort of shit would happen when she started. If she didn't, she's incredible for weathering it with immense dignity. If she did, she's also beyond brave for jumping into it.

It'll be fascinating to see what she chooses to do with her life going forward. She's a force to be reckoned with now, I can only imagine what she'd be able to get done with a few more years experience and maybe a law degree.

holy shit only one recognize this is pasta fresh off the stove

If you worship something as Christ then as Christ it shall be drenched in piss.

0/10 couldn’t find any rape memes :-/

All this COOOMING to traps must have rotted your brain! Not having a Greta pic is like being a handsome fag at a gay sauna and don't get buttsexed. (Sorry for being condescending, but I gotta adapt to your level.)

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Alberta is what keeps the rest of this shit country alive

lmao, imagine being the kind of loser who stans a sock puppet