Why do women gaining weight make me hard?

why do women gaining weight make me hard?

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god damn she gained like 50 lbs in her arms alone

Because you're fat yourself and you need, not only a fuck buddy, but an eating buddy, too.

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shut up, footfag

maybe its them destorying themselves letting you know they're mentally weak and susceptible to you
im guessing the only women you've ever slept with have all been obese so now you have to trick yourself into thinking you actually like the only women you can get

i used to be fat when i was young but now i am relatively fit and tall white male
i get aroused thinking about a female filling her ass with cellulite and making her tits bigger all while consooming


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never got laid, just really attracted to chicks gaining weight and would help them do so if i had a chance

sounds like a solid plan while you wait to get fat again...

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I would fucking rekt #3

wait a minute, what?! Never been laid. How old r u?

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i exercise 3 days a week and rarely eat more than 2 meals which mostly consist of protein
dont plan on putting on weight unless its lean muscle

You probably need a shrink. I’m sure there’s some past Childhood trauma or relationship drama behind those feelings. I had a buddy in college who only dated fat girls. He was Athletic and decent looking. He said it was because they’d do his laundry and cook for him and basically worship him. Made him feel needed and secure. There’s always a reason.


yep, sad thing is OP wouldn't because he can't til he sees her piling on the cellulite.

wait until you date one, fat people are typically shitty
like in every aspect of life and the fat asses are just evidence of one ay they are failing in life
hope you grow out of this, you're literally describing an attraction to a disease, its like you're saying your attracted to type 2 diabetes and heart failure

I wonder how many brushes she has actually lost

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alright, calm down, I'm sure you're doing the right thing to keep it off. How old r u? And when you say "relatively fit" what does the mean? What's your height, weight? Whjt did you used to weigh?

So, what's the problem. Why can't you get laid? R u particularly interested in fucking someone?

Jeezus Titty Fucking Christ, you've got to be kidding here. Sad, actually...

85 kilo and 190 cm
19 years old
i used to be chubby and short in my early teens and the kids used to bully me for that until i got the growth spurt and now im here
also fat males disgust me and those half ton females as well
a 150 kilo girl turns my dick into rocks when i see one in leggings
really shy and confident my face is uglier than average
been bullied all trough middle school and in hs everyone kind of left me to myself

You tagged the wrong post, numb nuts

some say these 2 did porn but i cant bring myself to look

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>I exercise 3 days a week!

Fucking casual.

Because the fatter they get, the lower their standards go, which means you might finally get a chance to touch a pussy. why do you think so many hamplanets end up dating black guys?

Sorry about that, fuckwit!

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Because you're a fucking degenerate, completely sick in the head. I think it would be best for all of mankind if you were euthanized.

Well, 6ft2in, 190lbs (Amerifag here, sorry) isn't too bad. Middle school is over, my man, have to get out there and start talking to women. Ugly face can be overcome by good personality, confident stature and knowing what to do when you get a girl in bed with you. You'll figure it out, dude!

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i've never openly said this to anyone so far
also i do like skinny girls but i cant help but imagine them getting fatter

Don’t let it happen again, cunt

Get a job, or hobby, be really good at what you do, an expert, that'll feed your confidence. Making a fuck ton of money doesn't hurt, the great equalizer. You might be able to meet women in the same field of interest.

getting a job should be possible once i finish uni
so far doing great

jeez, same. i don't know why but it makes me so fucking hot

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glad i'm not alone user

Alright, bro, you'll be fine. Remember, middle school years, good or bad doesn't mean shit in the grand scheme of things. Won't help to dwell on the bad shit and don't get hung up on what you think people think of you. Wear your skin comfortably and you'll be surprised how you'll come across to people, more confident I think.

moar fat chicks!!!

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Please, no! Thin is the way to go! So much better.

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i cant stand twigs
had a girl show interest in me once and she was super skinny so i denied her
rinse and repeat 3 times
now that i think about it skinny girls are attracted to me for some reason while i am disgusted

Lol, sure...you'd turn this down? Or is she too eww for ya?

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She's hot.

they dont make you hard
you are just trying to be ironic

fuck off

how am i supposed to prove you that i do get aroused?

>not a particularly attractive face
>too skinny
Yes, I would turn her down. Some guys like heavy girls, dude. Get over it.

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Based on the other people in the picture, this is a trailer park cunt that has been run through more times than Julius Caesar.

Was your mom a porker in your impressionable years?

i think i have sussed it he is scared of pussies and fat girls have a belly that hides theirs

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Just admit you're gay and move in. There's no need to deny who you are to strangers on the internet.

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you're the one posting pics of girls who look like 12 year old boys. I say you're the gay one.

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Beastiality is illegal. Stop jerking off to pigs and cows.

Girls like this are always upsold as having cute personalities, but that's just because they arent fit enough to actually get away with being the bitches they are at the core.

Hawt af

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and so is pedophilia. stop jerking off to 12 year old boys.

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>hair straightener

Hebrew detected

Because there's literally something wrong with your brain.

Christ almighty. That body screams "stuck up emotionally unstable bitch who probably is an artist and hates every thing you do at any given moment but still wants to cuddle you for an entire day when the mood suits her" 9/10 would willingly get nagged.

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This one barely counts. Petites scene girls getting mommy bodies is the goat transition. its not like the rest of the cottage cheese worship niggardy going on itt.

Fat people survive famine while skinny people don't (the fat people become skinny), so there is probably some evolutionary behavior to favor fatties because that behavior helped ensure human survival.

what is youre Mal Malloy policy?

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thats so sad

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While this is true in a physiological sense, actual fat people die off fast in famine. They are physically ill equipped to handle a lifestyle requiring them to do anything besides drink two liters of soda and order chinese food. A lean person will last longer burning their smaller body fat than a fat person will with their massive stores of fat due to the psychological torture of not eating.

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Number 2!

What the fuck?!

Is this E? you sick fuck stay away from my sister.

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I love fat bitchs but she can get it too


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