If you could snap , who would be gone?

If you could snap , who would be gone?

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Haha why?

Anyone else think that weird big chin character was, conceptually, absolutely retarded?

Blacks, muslims, half of indians and chinese.

Thanos was a complex character

Only half of the rest?

All those movies were stupid


Yes. If you were that powerful, youd probably be chill af. Not worried about the fucking universe being overpopulated.

He wasn’t that powerful without the stones

Im gonna back him up. Fuck comic book movies. Just shows all Americans are fucking children. Cant make decent fucking movies anymore everythings gotta be out of a fucking comic. Fuck all you people who go see these movies.

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All Socialists across the globe and modern American feminists, oh and Amy religious extremist's of any type

He was pretty fucking powerful.


His solutions wasn't wise, I guess. It was perhaps motivated out of his insanity, being the only surviving member of his species. Something like this "solution" would be the absolute last, desperate, um, "Final Solution", for a species on a verge of certain extinction. Maybe the point of the movie was he was seeking redemption by forcing all of Universe to a solution that might have worked for his planet.

Absolutely based


Too bad humans breed like rats.
Would have taken 3-4 decades to undo the damage.

You know therell be a lot of niggers around still right?


Yeh but nothing compared to have the stones

Not the jews, but who/what infects them

Ok so, I don't browse reddit nor do I have an account. I never click on any of those clickbaity news. I don't watch youtube capeshit youtube videos. I swipe off/delete comic, marvel and dc movies.

So why do I still get all that capeshit on my news feed?

The blacks.

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Jews and Satan

Cause ur a fag


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50%, only the men, right?
Let's not be extreme.

I'm afraid they all have to go.

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If I recall the movie correctly, snapping destroyed the gauntlet. Why would I waste my omnipotence on something so pointless?

It’s rhetorical fag

Then why bother?

You don't get to choose... that was the whole point.
There was a 50% chance he himself would be gone. Why even do that? Just use the power for something like creating a bunch of extra food or something

>If you could snap , who would be gone?

Niggers, all of them.

Then half of the dirty jews.

Fags aren't rhetorical. They exist.

Retard posters on this website.

I would be ok with erasing anyone that has a darker skintone than Beyonce. If that somehow lets Indians and Middle eastern terrorists live, then I would snap those too.

Then asians. But leave the Ruskies, Japs and South Koreans alone. As well as Thai females for the sweet underage vacation

Religion and people who arent that religious but are brainwashed by peole that are.

Abrahamic religions are a scourge.

me, hopefully, dont give a fuck about anyone else.