How much Xanax and alcohol I need to take to kill myself?

How much Xanax and alcohol I need to take to kill myself?

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more than you could consume prior to passing out. I took like 16 bars one night on top of drinking a pint of mash and 31 bud light limes. woke up in the hospital fine and dandy

make sure to donate your savings to bernie sanders before you go an hero

What if you abuse it over a long period of time?

you'll have a tolerance that's through the roof and will have been hitting the drug "ceiling" for some time now. how much do you take normally

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Turn to Christ instead, please don't take your own life
Consult drug abuse resources, there's more to life than xans and getting drunk

I took Xanax for a period of 4 years with 3 pills per day.Im a year clear but I do drink a half a liter of alcohol on daily basis.

Fuck him and his entire family.That ultra religious shit won't make my life any more easy

Read the Bible.

That's not healthy, please go to the nearest clinic

Things may not be easy, but you can have the will to live

Put a fork in an outlet.

they didn't have xanax when that was written

All of it, if you're gonna do it right don't fuck this up like your life OP
Also do it faggot

Shouldn't of drank light. That's where you fucked up.

go for some virus

I mean you could definitely kill yourself with booze and benzos but you'll more than likely pass out before having drank enough. it's a real crap shoot though. I've both taken and seen people take inordinate amounts of xan/kpin/ativan/valium and drink dark liquor and live to tell the tale. much more effective ways user.

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Again even if I do something like that I won't make it the first time.Im aware of that.But each try I'm more likely to succeed

You gonna black out and make a mess man

A friend of mine drank a whole 30 ml bottle of .5 mg/ml clonazolam and drank a shit ton of booze. Clonazolam makes alprozolam (Xanax) look like candy. He blacked out for 2 days straight. He had delusions of sobriety, so he thought he was fine and kept smashing down hard alcohol. He barely remembered anything from those 2 days. Xanax ain't gonna do it, bud. If you had some barbiturates (phenobarbital, butalbitol, sodium penthanol) instead of benzos, it would be a different story.

You should try and find some fentanyl and drink while on it, you will just fall asleep feeling amazing, and die pleasantly in your sleep..

You still with us OP?

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about threefiddyfive

Overdosing doesn't work half the time unlike in the movies. If you want a death 100% of the time, take a gun, put it in your mouth, and have the tip of the gun touch the soft part of the roof of your mouth, preferably at the place right when it turns soft. Then pull the trigger, hits your brain stem most of the time.

Im still here.I tried to kill myself with a shit ton of Xanax and ofc i failed.Later on I took a rope,went to nearest forest and around 10 pm while I was feeling like my head is going to pop along with my eyes and while I was hanging for what I can remember for a solid 2 minutes I got taken off by a fucking retard running with his 2 dogs.So there is a massive chance that I will fail even if I use a gun

No you wont unless you sperg out, and that forest incident? You could have avoided that by staying away from trails and paths and just hanging yourself in the middle of the forest.