MODS, can you be any more retarded?

MODS, can you be any more retarded?
So I reported a ton of pics of an underage girl blackmailed into taking pornographic pictures, and had to report things one by one so the archives would know too.
And you not only took your sweet time to act, you also decided to ban me for too much reporting - a result of you faggots being sound asleep.
You're utter failures and suck at your job
You probably didn't even ban the fucker who posted the child abuse pictures.

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Literally no one cares. Sauce on the girl

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They're fucking idiots. They banned me for "discussing illegal content" and wouldn't even tell me what I was discussing that was illegal (protip: nothing). Fucking bags of shit. Meanwhile the black guy trapped by god spammer and andy sixx can make 50,000 threads

Ban me

Hands-free fapping

or the guy who makes 20 threads of that camslut with the ugly fake tits bitching she got ugly fake tits
posts with impunity

We now have your ip.

You guys get banned? I just restart my computer and get a different IP address

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So you saved the links? Share 'em.

You need to clear your cookies as well. Bans are stored in the cookies.

based mods

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good luck hacking my IP.

seems legit


not evading
I invented a time machine to go to march 3, after which my ban expired

lol stop crying snitch

Let me guess the "child" was an alleged 17yo who was "supposedly" blackmailed.
God you're such a massive ballsucking homosexual

16yo and not just supposedly but in fact blackmailed

Why do you waste your time white knighting here?


Hopefully this helps with your moralfag syndrome

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>Posting proof of ban evasion.

it does
thanks for asking

>no cheese pizza

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