Hey /b let's hear your cheating stories

Hey /b let's hear your cheating stories

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I cheated on your mom when I put my dick in your father's ass.

I cheated on your sister when you took my entire load this morning. OP is a faggot.

Wife cheated on me with a coworker. We just had a baby she started “Talking to him” shortly after she went back to work. She was with him for 6 months, I had no clue. My kid wasn’t even 1 when I found out. Broke my heart files for divorce. She had post Pardum depression. He took advantage of up, broke up my family.

Fucking autocorrect. He took advantage of her.

Transform his jaw into a rattle

years ago I cheated on my GF so much with guys and trannies from craigslist that I got herpes. I never told her I got herpes and I always hid it from her. She ended up getting herpes and telling me about it then I berated her and called her a cheating whore. She then admitted all the times she cheated on me lol

>be me
>married to my high school sweetheart
>she always was kinda ehh with sex because I was her first and she isn't very active
>wants to get pregnant
>her libido skyrockets because the fact that she wants to get knocked up makes her insane
>sex is insane for a few weeks
>is pregnant. Sex went back to shit
>caught the bug, couldn't go back
>tried talking to her, no effect
>kid comes, breastfeeding makes her tits extra sensitive, it's easy to fuck
>breastmilk is amazing while fucking btw
>the milk stops, so does the sex
>wants baby 2
>lots of sex, then it stops again
>this time breastfeeding is shite, sex is shit
>have lots of fights, cave
>go on craigslist, reddit, Cred Forums, tinder
>fuck about 5 - 6 women in the span of 2 years
>3rd kid comes around
>sex is back on the menu, it's amazing
>got caught texting with a girl, tell her it's cybersex, get off the hook but trust is gone
>cut ties with gfs and go full good husband mode
>eventually her libido comes into her own and we have amazing sex almost every night
>every day feel like shit because I cheated, while all I had to do was wait
>still hunt for sidepoon occassionally regardless of happy healthy sexlife

Made out with a co-worker last week after work. Felt like she wanted to go all the way but there wasn't enough privacy. GF has no idea.

>>Be me
>>Having a party a couple years after I graduate HS
>>Invite friends and coworkers
>>Find an Ex on FB, invite her too
>>Friends come over, forget about Ex
>>Ex starts dancing on me, grinding pretty hard.
>>GF lives in another city, ironically cheating on me at the same time but I didn't learn that till later.
>>Friends get uncomfortable and leave
>>I figure fuck it and keep drinking and dancing with ex
>>Ex says she's always wanted to hook up with me.
>>say I can't, i'm dating someone and I'd have to break up first
>>she says come on, it'll be fun
>>turns out she's a stripper, knows how to work a dick
>>lots of fun sex, she stays the night.
>>wake up next day, sober, wonder if i did wrong.
>>nah, it's fine. wash my sheets because I figure that's what you do after cheating.
>>found her thong lol
>>laugh at thought of gf finding thong lol
sadly never spoke to her again, but hey, doesn't matter had sex.

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>he took advantage of her
lol he just got some pussy, kill your wife for being a whore

holy fuck abort. DO NOT cheat on your gf with a coworker. Biggest mistake you can have bud

she wanted to hook up for ages and ghosts you ever one time...

user... I'm sorry, you need to work on your sex

It’s too late he’s already fucked up Listen user, this WILL get back to your gf it’s just a matter of time. Bitches at work can’t help but gossip and start shit.

no i ghosted her to clarify. i wasn't really interested in seeing her, stripper and a mother by 2 years after hs. not exactly my cup of tea.

ye but stripper doe
all the logistics fly out the window once your dick wants a good time

She doesn't seem like the gossip type but duly noted, I won't go any further.

i ain't saying i didn't try to find her again on FB, but once I heard she got fired from the strip club for selling bjs in the champagne room i put her in the "gonna catch something from" category.

>be me
>uncle sexing me since 9
>mums new boyfriend puts his hand on my butt during a game of pool
>our eyes meet and I know just what he wants
>afterwards feel bad about cheating on my uncle
>night before going on our big camping trip I can't sleep because of guilt
>start to cry whilst giving him head in the tent
>he asks what's wrong and I tell him cheated
>from then on we were never the same
>he started saying things like, "Does HE diddle your shitter like this?" and "I bet you don't make a face when HE asks you to swallow!"
>cheating ruined my molestation years

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if she is hotter than your gf then maybe just dump her, switch jobs and get coworker as new gf

strippers get fired for that? I thought it was their job

it is, you just cant get caught doing it.

so that's why there was this big guy in front of the curtain of the private lapdance booth

Ex-wife cheated on me for a while. We work in a creative industry and there are times that we have to go away for projects. I work as a designer, she's in HR for a big company that rhymes with Jizzknee. She had to go to Hawaii for a project the company was building there to lead the recruiting effort. I was at home working on designs for a big project in Shanghai and Anaheim. That's when I started having... suspicions. I saw mutual friends posting photos and she was super cozy in a few with a specific guy. I asked about it, trusting her to be faithful. Up until that point I had no reason not to. She denied anything was off and I left it at that.

When she came back from the first trip (there were several) she just acted weird. No sex. Random outbursts of anger toward me for the most random shit. Giggly texts between "friends." Started working really late most days. What flipped the switch with me was when she said she was going out with one person, only to have that friend text me later to ask a question, and when I asked if they were having fun I got "Oh, no, she left work and we didn't go anywhere." More trips, more escalating anger and weird behavior. She started yelling that she wanted a divorce and that she wanted to kill herself. One night I'd had enough and told her I was done. She left the next morning.

Two years later my suspicions were confirmed by a mutual friend who told me it'd been going on for two years. It fucking sucks. But whatever, karma's on her.

she forgot to payoff certain people

this never happened

There's only one solution user

post her nudes here as revenge

interested in her karma. Or is she still awaiting hers?

Do you have any other insights to share with us?

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Criminal conversion

>He took advantage of her
lol, no, she's a whore. If the guy knew, yea he is a piece of shit, but it's your wife's fault.

>>still hunt for sidepoon occassionally regardless of happy healthy sexlife
that's because the problem is you, not her

people tell lies on the intranets

No Jodie without the wifie

I know

the mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.

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I was seeing a girl in high school who apparently fucked over her friend in some way. I don't know the specifics, but she seduced me to get back at her friend. I was young and couldn't say no to a revenge blowjob.

It is a nice resort and she hired nice people.

She can't hold a relationship for more than a month or two. I'm happily remarried.

Gf cheated on ne broke up she said sorry got back together and got married 2 weeks later cheats again moves out for 3 months comes back to try to work out out still talked to the sude while living together he lives out of state she moves about an hour north from me but still comes to visit at 4 am promises me she's not messing around with anybody find out later she's fucking 5 diff. People she can't afford to live alone so she moves back home we still talk but not dating she ends up stops talking to me for 3 months because she found a new bf this January she hits me up and tells me I'm her soulmate and she made a mistake and wants to move back down and get a place with me and start over... what do I do?

gf cheated on me with her ex. i ended up finding out from her friend when they were drunk. gf doesnt know that I know her friend told me

Run far far way

Only niggers and cunts cheat, fucking retarded faggots. Fuck yourselves.

>meet girl
>get along perfectly and share a lot in common
>begin dating
>she brings up her ex a lot and he occasionally lingers in the background of our relationship
>eventually find out they've been together this entire time and she's lied to both of us
>scandal gets around to family and her friends
>drama blah blah blah
>eventually chooses me and we decide to try again
>months later find out she's still hanging out with him and even texting other guys
>more drama
>she begs me not to leave and I decide to give her a second chance
>tell her she needs to cut them off
>she says no she'll handle it her way
>I don't like it
>the rest of relationship consisted of me shitting on her because feels like nothing changed
>eventually we "break up"
>a week later she's dating a guy that's been trying to get her for years
>I find out
>I ask her if she's seeing anyone and she denies
>still wants to talk to me and stay friends
>don't want to be cucked and eventual pull the bandade
>her friends/ family praise her for getting rid of me for "being toxic" and loving the new guy
>even though she's with him for the sake of forgetting about me
I wanted to marry her. We honestly connected super well, emotionally, intellectually, and especially sexualy.

>gets shot at 10 times
>still considers marrying the school shooter
Haven't you gotten hurt enough? Just dip and continue with your life, damn

If you aren't 17, you need to grow up and learn to respect yourself.
If b8, fuck me


>got drunk
>texted an old fuckbuddy
>she decides to come later that day
(I was morning drinking when I texted)
>doorman says she is here
>remove all evidence of my gf from sight
>Start making small chat
>talking about my new laptop I tell her "don't worry, I already save the videos I have of you here, and they are safe
>She smiles
>Ask her when she will let me record another video
>a little banter, and she comes closer
>She drops on her knees
>she begins sucking my dick for the next ten minutes while I make a POV video with my cellphone
>ask her to do some cumplay for me
>She complies and swallows all

We keep the chat, and later that day she swallowed my cum again

That was the last time I cheated on my gf

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get cheated on fgt


post vydia?

Change phone number
Delete social media
And move
That Bitch be crazy and you will have the worst life if you knock her up or marriage
You shouldn’t have to ask what should you do

Sure, let me ruin my chances of getting more blowjobs and casual sex, so a bunch of nobodies online can stroke their wieners

Grow up, laddie