Greta Thunberg appreciation thread

Greta Thunberg appreciation thread.

Welcome: All wholesome Gretaposters.

Not welcome: Fossil boomers of all ages.

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I'll guess that we gotta be including to the retarded and the blind as long as they are not beingt total retards.

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Trying to bait me to h8 Naomi? No such luck for you!

This is a wholesome thread!

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Cute! :3

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whos the bitch on the left? looks so decent, compared to the potato.

Oh Greta my deer, you make me white son, yes?

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Greta is going to grow up to be a very pretty lady.

Pretty retarded

She wants to save the planet by stopping your kind from breeding.

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We'll find out.

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Protip: Check the name of the top image.

It's Naomi Seibt, the fossil capitals pathetic attempt to launch an "anti-Greta".

I can't feel anything bad about her. For some reason she doesn't have the same range of facial expressions as Greta, for starters.

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Greta United World President 2045

>range of facial expressions as Greta, for starters.
You know it.

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girl on the left isn't even white (asian mixed subhuman) my god the amount of makeup and photoshop in that picture is unreal

>racism and bullying
Isn't Gretaposting!

>Not welcome: Fossil boomers of all ages

Im a boomer(26yo) but i love greta. What is wrong with me?

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It was *fossil* boomer. If you love Greta, then you're now a wholesome Gretaposter.

Here, have a rare Greta as a welcoming gift to #GretaGang!

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My dick is ready

>Pedo/shill thread

where is that comic that went viral on twitte rof her getting raped?

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>you'll never greet Greta as she arrives to your city.

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>some limpwristed ecowarrior soyboy is going to be the first to crack that pussy open

It feels wrong.

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How can she save the world if she cant stop her own harmful emissions?

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no she doesn't don't be fooled

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He'll be either a escandinavian pretty white boi or an indian/paki/muslim (Greta hates blacks) token minority boyfriend.

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bruh wtf

Look at how much they whitened her that's incredible.

greta should ask naomi how she does her makeup, greta needs some eyelashes

Don't mind me just having my childhood ruined at Grandpa's house.

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greta needs a brain transplant

can we get more

Shes good.

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I want to hug her and smell her ^_^

White male tears are yummy in my tummy. I practically worship Greta, shes such an influence to me. Don’t worry, Cred Forums belongs to us now, you won’t see any boomers, cuties.

anti-greta is hot, but I want to drill greata's little ass

We have stablished she probably thinks is not sustainable to use deodorant, you ok with that?

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Racist, Greta is against breeding and racism, ya know that right? All of us need to stop breeding, besides the poster is a fucking pedo for evening going after her. You’re right there.

Exactly, cutie

I wouldn't want her to ruin her scent with deodorant

Deodorant is harmful to the enviorment, yeah. But vegan deo exist, which is what I, the rest of Cred Forums, and Greta use. Go away boomer! Go die from old age! Greta is a goddess and every single person on Cred Forums ever agrees.

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>Greta is against breeding, ya know that right?
That's the code word that means she does anal, right? Truly a glorious time to be alive.

Go away, Pedos are not allowed. Reporting your asses

just look at those little budding titties. do you think she'd go for an older guy that thinks climate change is BS

>implying her pure essense could possibly smell bad

I bet you also think that aged cheeses smell bad lol

You are such a huge fag it's almost unbelieveable

anyone has pic related?

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Homophobes not welcome, you know OP is Genderfluid, right?

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>wholesome girl wants to save world
>a wild faggot doth protest too much

>not Gretaposting

Nah, Greta doesn't need that.

>some renaissance palace
Totally Nacka or Värmdö!

do you even know what a pedo is? Pedos by definition like girls under 11, hebephiles, 11-14. ephebephile 15-19. now fuck off

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Honestly, she should be considered a rape victim because she's got the democratic fist so far up her pussy like a puppet.

your not in the plan ?

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Or that she'll most likely end up marrying another woman who does weird shit like wiping her ass with bark and then composting her own shit.

I wouldn't fuck AOC with Killary's dick

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>Greta is against breeding
You are simply lying!

Try as they might, they've only got *one* shitty pic. With a company logo on. It's like they are too cowardly to commit corporate suicide, but does it by proxy.

But the hacker known as Cred Forums adores Greta from a distance totally legal.

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those tight pursed lips, just imagine the hate BJ she could throw down


i wonder if bea has always been a cheeky cunt

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they have a good plan though go into the fields and ignite the cow farts before the methane gets into the atmosphere

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I do find it very funny that conservative reps who grew up within the vast network of old money will blast AOCs experience as a bartender as somehow disqualifying her from having an opinion on the trials and tribulations of the working class rather than informing it.

pre-cooks the beef too

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pfffffffttttttttt she is a fucking actress

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I too was a bartender, but that is not what is being implied, she is a dumb cunt that should go back to a job she was good at. Do you understand now with out your classic knee jerk reaction?

thus saving on cooking fuel its pure genius really

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Ya gotta admit, she's kinda cute...

Old money:
>dem east coast libs doesn't understand common people

Also old money:

she is cute when she isn't faking maaaaaaaad

>what does she know about economic policy! She was a bartender!
>lmao you really think she was a bartender? She is just manipulating poor people

That's your retardation in this exact moment.

Also, how does the fascist head of India meet Hitler considering Hitler died two years before India officially even existed. Which was in 1947.

Part quote. Invalid.

This is a Gretathread with Gretaposting.

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Yeah. She's fuckin ugly when she's in angry sperg mode.

Cute when she's in Loli mode

left does it all the time so, point?

no i think she worked at hot dog on a stick

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sorry dude

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so hot

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Negagreta is illegal to post. Please refrain from posting her in the future.

Shut up faggot.

This is fake. It was put on social media by inbred trumptards.

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she's thinking about me tongue punching her little fart box

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Better not make her angry then?

>wants an independt country free from retarded, archaic British influence
>had to align with the Nazis to get colonialist Britain's cock out of their ass

unlike this which is obviously real and extremely fatal (at the polling booths)

Does anyone have any high res pictures of Greta's feet?

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>naked female resembling the 17-year-old
>sexual abuse image
>potentially violates child pornography laws no matter what.

>Is a fucking silhouette drawing of a back with no nudity or detail.

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at least they didnt throw our tea in the harbour you colonialist commie

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the incel spin....

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Uh oh

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WHY cant you be more like Canada ?

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Even in the year of our lord 2020 I would still dump cum in her by the gallon.

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Bitch ain't coming to Townsville, Ausfagland. Shit, even Elton John flies out 10mins after his show finishes.

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ok it was awhile back but this happened and i dont see how you cant ever recover

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she's contemplating her first anal with me

now your talking

life was fun and i wish you were here they wrote on postcards to those held dear oh dear

India has been around for hundreds of years. Only not unified.

in this one

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Based canadians never thought I’d say that

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but did they have a flag

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Kek. Time will tell. He's back very soon. I wonder if he'll fuck off again with such enthusiasm?

Disregard writing on the right.

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yayyyyyyyy its esther !

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She looks autistic

Does that matter?

Guessing they saw this post.

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about 12 and Alexander the great would have recognised them

Never knew I wanted to see this until I saw the decal, you think young Scandinavian girls take it well from behind?

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actually, she'd just show disappointment

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meant for

I would. Aoc got it you conservo cuck


That's a bad look. Worse than Greta, which is saying something.

showed my age. It was a bit he did in one of his shows a while back

probably wants to give harry marriage advice

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Since Greta doesnt believe in soap or deodorant, does she wash her clam? Or is it a cesspool of putrid femininity?

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>Hundreds of millions of people, sufficiently ubique to their surrounding neighbours, there for hundreds of years, and it ain't a "country"
If you say so.

I'd lick it clean for her nightly

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Yes. It's definitely drawed from there.

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ah thats enough information for today thank you

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Good man getting the art itself

Yoko is richer than Granny Liz. Harry the young fling.

you mean superpower ?

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Fucking surreal knowing an actual oil company graphic design artist browses Cred Forums looking for shit

How is it her clothes manage to highlight the fact that she's flat as a board while simultaneously clearly showing off the fact that she's growing into her tits? It makes no fucking sense.

Nah Lizzie the second is loaded

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And her hips, she’s gonna have that northern breeding body soon

>Charles sucked those swollen milkers


she was a little dish in the day

Yoko ~500 million, Queen 7 billion

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hell yes

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the queen is worth $530 million

and an army and airforce

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But it’s British*

Yoko's family zaibutsu was worth more than that...

She has beautiful tities

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Why does that guy have one of those joke glasses with the huge nose on?

> Gretas parents are using her as a political prop, and that is bad!
> Let's use this good looking girl as a political prop!

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only when the tax man asks plus she owns lots of land and sea

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Gotta love her style. Not afraid to get hands dirty, doesn't cancel shit coz of rain. She has bigger balls than her son.

It's the magic of the teen tits.

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That's fucking hilarious

she's literally underage

How did they sign off on this and expect it to go well for them?

Things I like:
1) pale skin
2) small nipples
3) small breasts

cos trans wasn't allowed in them days

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How can you think anyone believes you’re a woman when you look like that

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Why aren't you posting the uncencored one?

Attached: e552c9ee017a5901992c45f2ad9088b1--donald-trump-wife-donald-oconnor.jpg (474x900, 59K)

you should have seen her trying to keep the grey squirrels out of her sandringham estate with a 12 bore shotgun it was fucking slaughter

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she's less pale and the tits are borderline too big

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Both fuckable oddly enough

Me when I see Greta Thurmdurm

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You gonna have a sore ass

Bless her.

I know all the capitals and mendelejew table because I WAS IN A FUCKING PRIMARY SCHOOL.

her dick aint that big yet

More like sees conservative cum blocking her vision

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People who try to define what a pedo is when they are called a pedo are pedos and that’s a fact

Greta is 17 regardless, who the fuck considers girls months away from the most Puritan consent age to be children

The FOX News model. Get someone hot to say something and the virgins will follow.

yes, she's a big slut

Send money to the Greta Thunberg ® foundation.

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Well the place is run by a bunch of edgy boomers and I guess they really thought that everyone was a Cred Forums poster but hid it out in public.

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i want to cuddle her so much and tell her that the world is going to be fine and that we should use the time we have to make a lot of lovey dovey sex

Same, do you think her mouth feels as hot and moist as the greenhouse effect

Me too user. Life's not fair

Imagine being able to pop a young European celebrity’s cherry

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>loves to party
>doesn't want kids
best girl

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She looks pretty lonely in that sleeping bag

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Seriously looks like a pic she’d send her crush as a booty call

do you have a source which proves it is fake?

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