Friday dolls

Friday dolls

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Saw the new Sanhui heads with moveable jaws and I want one now.

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But I also want my Sakura to have that too. So what I'm thinking of doing is buying a big 5 gallon tub of silicone to recast a duplicate head of Sakura and 3D printing a robot skull.

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Hell, I might just make a mold and if all goes well, sell Sakura Heads with moving jaws and eyebrows. Maybe make them blink too.

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I might just start with my baby girl and if I'm able to sell enough, I can buy other model heads and recast those too. Have a "head" recasting business and get sued by china.

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Anyone here that really has such a doll?

you mean other than OP?

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Just anyone.I'm intrigued.

Just enjoy looking at the dolls.

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whos the doll

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Okay now I'm freaked out. I'm gone.

no. wait. come back.

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>come back
I heard ya

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The new sanhui skeleton 2020 is also super flexible

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that really doesnt look flexible in the right spots. hip and shoulder rotation is more important than bending the back in half.

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Now watch me whip

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Im not getting turned on by inanimate dolls

We both know you fapped to a dead bandit/raider once in a modded Bethesda game.

how dare a thread not be solely for your fapping

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That mans finger lookin like a dick

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Man I want an adjustable jaw for my doll. Is there anyone selling just the head?

sanhui i would guess

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>use mini doll
>stomach bulge kinda turns me on
>use oral on regular doll
>eye bulge kinda weirds me out but im still able to finish
send help

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any of her showing her socks?

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remove shoes??

Those moveable jaws are real neato

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Well from the looks of it only for full doll and not heads only at the moment.

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That miku on the left is CUTE.

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didnt think sanhui did any seamless bodies

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Is masking tape a bad idea for dust removal? What about those sticky hand toys they sell in gachapons?

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just use powder, its finer so it displaces the dust and forces it off.

if your talking something that got embedded, lint roller.

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damn that looks real

Texture doesn't really.. it could be shooped to though. Some people do scenes with their dolls.

What is this. Sauce?

There are lots of doll photographers, you can see them on twitter.

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That forest though

she cute. Who's the maker?

aikodoll. early model and probably discontinued

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walking in the forest see this, wwyd?

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Hi guys.

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ask myself how horny i am

or superflu

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I'm short.

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one day some semen will get trapped behind the eye and in an effort to try and clean it will forever make it walleyed

Let's see some dabbin dolls!

Why don't these threads ever have any actual fucking and cumshots

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Im really jealous of you man, having nice nature around your house, you also seem great at carpentry

Based and dollpilled

Vendor name? Cost? Been looking for this one

I'm not really him just posted the webm cause it's nice.

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What state do you live in user. Would absolutely love to be there near so much greenery

Washington state

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I love these forests also. Having grown up in the PNW, I spent much of my childhood running around in woods like these.

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it is very nice here

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I ended up suffering from anxiety and paranoia so I ran away to Japan. I would not recommend urban life, and the summers feel extremely hot and humid. I would not be surprised to learn the climate over there is objectively best in the world.

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i would have more anxiety moving to a new country. I would never want to live in a city, i love the forest and hate crowds. The climate is pretty mild here most of the time.

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PNW objectively has some of the best weather in the world with just the right amount of rain and cold to scare people away.

lol with the way things are going i wish it was a bit colder and wetter to scare more people away

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yea it's been probably one of the more mild winters in a while. Also my back hurts thinking about the logistics of that photo.

yeah i was hoping for some more snow this year, but no luck. the pic was hard work

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ive been thinking about how to get my dolls out in the woods but I would have to take by car. Pics look like olympic peninsula with the heavy salal

I almost moved to hokkaido to get back to a nicer climate even though the winters up there are supposed to be pretty harsh. But i got sick and gave that up. Maybe I will move there someday. Igloos are a really comfy way to spend the night. One time I made one on a crosscountry skiing trip with a group of other youngsters.

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Brother I will buy one, she is beautiful

you just need to find a good secluded place you can take them. there are lots of old logging roads if you go out far enough. you know your stuff. I am close to there

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Shit I was just thinking about this earlier today

i spent a lot of time working in the woods in the NW. Also on your standing pics do you have something propping them up?

Hokkaido look really nice. I would like to go to Canadian world park in Hokkaido, there is some kind of doll club there. that igloo thing too a long time to make, but i was happy with the pics. It was too small for me to fit in tho

yeah i use a tripod leg behind them to hold them up

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That is a very nice looking tube amp you have there user

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bel looks so good in this pic


this is how i stand my dolls up

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sneaky. You're good at hiding it in your photos

thanks. i have some pics where you can see it, but i try to hide it most of the time

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Moar pics? Is this the flat breast or medium one

Now I will try to spot the monopod in every pic lol

I'm honestly impressed how you found decent looking 8" boots that fit ok


it wasn't hard. you can find everything on amazon. I have black ones too

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Damn i knew we were in the same state

I know a few other loli doll owners from WA too

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I'm not a loli doll owner yet, just have adult dolls but I'm definitely getting a Sasha soon.

she is a great doll, you won't be disappointed

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Gynoids body model 11 looks so good. wish they made them smaller and less busty.

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i do wish they would make more adult dolls with smaller breasts

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I'm not too far

Sasha is bes girl, but here's a tami

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Tami is great too, i would like to get her

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Yea their skeles look great, and they probably do make smaller dolls but not for western customers

I'm getting the full silicone version of her. She looks quite different probably because of the different surface properties.
I have been impressed by the geometry of 4woods dolls but the younger looking ones are not featured on their english language website.

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Post the Greta nudes faggots

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Creepy af, would not buy, would not take for free either

congrats! the silicone version looks amazing. I have seen some of those small breast 4woods dolls and the look good.

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How soft are 4wood dolls? I'm guessing its the same as a dsdoll and not as jiggly as a gynoid.

Different horses for different courses.

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I would consider an anti-Greta doll tho

My perfect doll would have the softness and texture of a gynoids, body type of a 4woods, movements of a sanhui, cuteness of a dsdoll.

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There are videos on the site. This one is their loli model so it naturally won't move a whole lot. I don't think they have the gas or liquid filled boobs right now either.

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love this pic. Is the makeup all original or did you add to it? Especially around the puffy eyes


thanks. it's all original, but it's faded a little

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I'm very seriously interested in buying the blonde g-cup 100cm Piper Iris doll. I live in canada in a major city, and I'm worried about the delivery process and am not familiar with the canadian laws regarding a doll of this size. It has enormous tits and a developed female body, but the face is pretty youthful and I remember hearing about Canada being strict about these kind of dolls. Do any of you have any advice or input? I really want this doll, but I don't want to end up in any sort of trouble for buying/ordering it.

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the website I'd be buying from is sex doll canada

i've noticed with the newer dolls the make-up is a bit different (more blush). that or i need to specifically as for asian super-makeup. I kind of want that look

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You don't know the laws in your own country?

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What happened to her face? She looks gross here

I've heard conflicting things about canada's policies regarding this issue, I was hoping some anons here might know more than I do

If they sell it then you should be fine. Talk to someone there first and make sure, if you have any doubts.

Ok I'll do that, thanks for the advice user

I'm guessing the site with Canada in the name wouldn't sell a doll that will get you into trouble. But I'm sorry I really don't know what standards if any they have in Canadian law.

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didn't canada go full-retard like the UK and Australia?

100cm might be risky. It wasn't Canada but in the UK a guy got in trouble for ordering a 100cm with big breasts, it might be similar in Canada.

all my dolls have normal makeup, not super. i get all the detail buy using light and shadow

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2020 dolls are getting better and better. Just thinking of what they will be like in 2022 with all these innovations.

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damn it i wish there was a vid of that getting fucked

why do doll threads always lack fucking gifs/webms?

interesting. I feel like there might be slight differences between the head sizes as well

>this doll looks like a child
Its a pretty subjective judgement being made by untrained customs personnel that could have a profoundly destructive effect on your life. Maybe it is possible to order one that is located domestically, have it shipped with the head in a separate shipment, or create a llc to order it by proxy.

Attached: doll-forever-piper-series-100cm-real-lovedoll-silicone-sexdoll-09.jpg (450x800, 35K)

From their site - "Sex Doll Canada only sells adult sex dolls that could not be confused to portray the likeness of a child (which is considered "obscene", by legal definition)."
Yes, the problem lies in the fact that it's someone's subjective opinion on what constitutes a child-like doll or child-like features. Bunch of fucking bullshit imo

because I don't want to get banned again lol

oh, well if it's a Canadian site it should be safe

what do you mean? which head sizes?

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even the older looking dolls there's almost never any

Australia is going full retard trying to ban manga and anime. Never mind that its on fire and thousands are losing their homes. Anime banning is paramount to their nation.

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even videos where no fucking takes place would be good with me

yea my 146 head is definitely a different size than 136. From photos I've noticed there are slight differences also

i have a ton but don't want to kill this nice thread going on

it's actually under a .com domain, but they say on their site that they have the doll delivered to them in canada first so if anybody gets nailed it will be them (that I will not be involved in the customs inspection). I'm sending them a support ticket about it, we'll see what they say

well each head model is a little different in size, but the heads should be the same no matter which body you get it on

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4 more days till my doll comes in the mail. this is what it's going to look like

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that sounds good

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i thought that but it doesn't seem that way. My 146 head would look very odd on a 108 or 115 for sure.

Same here. Good luck to us both. I hope my Corona-chan doesn't kill me

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yeah, what i mean is there are different sizes. there is the 102/108 size, the 115/126 size, and the 126/136/146 size. so a Sasha will work on a 126, 136 or 146, but not the smaller ones, but all Sashas will be the same as all other Sashas

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I'm in the same boat as you. I hope my doll isn't lethal.

Attached: VsbhZR0.jpg (1439x1236, 676K)

It probably will kill me. TPE is supposed to absorb liquids and bacteria thrives inside of it supposedly so even if i don't touch it for weeks the virus will probably still be in there.

you could just let the package sit for another week just to be safe... although that will be very difficult

>being this chill about impending death

Attached: this-is-fine-oc-im-okay-with-the-events-that-29296428.png (500x509, 145K)

the mortality rate is less than 1% for healthy adults. You'll be fine

yeah just propaganda like everything else is these days

1 million dead out of 7 billion is at 1%

This one looks tiny, is it a mini doll? What's the size? Brand?

Yeah I still haven't decided exactly how I'm going to handle mine. I do have N95's, gloves, haz-mat suits, Lysol, bleach, 91% isopropyl, UV-C light, several air pumps and filters, and a 5k vdc negative ion generator on hand. I've lived a good life, no regrets
Yeah it's just the flu bro.

That's those public schools work right there.

This sounds like a good policy to me. It's not anthrax.

Spanish flu was about 20% and the world didn't collapse.

20% doesn't seem like a lot.

20% of those infected died.

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That's what winning looks like.
I want a pad like that eventually.

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gonna need sauce my friendo, that @moonrunes is hard to get

We need more doll manufacturers in US that doesn't sell creepy dolls for $10k a pop.

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nina doll

Attached: 1567733884879.jpg (1280x1920, 211K)

If you had only shown the middle image I would have been fooled into thinking it was a real child

Creations of Mizuwali perhaps?

Hey guys I rearranged my room today, what do you think?

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The more realistic it gets, the faster it climbs out of the hated valley

Old pic, cute RP though.

15 big sex dolls at maybe $3k each = fuckton CEO rich.

i want to suck on these big tiddies right now

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Someone make a roll out of this



Attached: 006pXLNngy1g4q5nbnkn8j30m80xcak4.jpg (800x1200, 199K)

I have the little shelf doll in the middle with long blond hair.

Don't knock my fetish man

>sucking corona-chan straight from the source

For real though how bad are the shipping delays caused by corona-chan. Is it worse than the usual delays that happen due to chinese new year? How many anons have their dolls delayed this year?

Attached: dsdoll-nina2.jpg (500x749, 85K)

mine wasn't delayed at all. its actually coming faster than expected

I spent about 2 days straight contacting vendors on Aliexpress about 3 weeks ago. About 60% responded, amazingly. Out of that 60%, about half said they were slowly getting back online with production, workers coming back etc. And out of all those, only one vendor actually got BACK in touch with me and said they were g2g.
Take all this with a grain of salt because it is Aliexpress, I didn't contact every single doll vendor on there, only ones that had models I was seriously considering buying, and as said, it's shipping faster than I expected too

Attached: 1546407349891.jpg (714x1118, 105K)

Considering that if they were in quarantine and most are unable to go to work normally and stuck at home, I wouldn't be surprised you got a response. I mean, what else are they going to do other than fuck their own dolls all day?

Good thinking, don't get her pregnant

We may never know exactly what is going on over there. I think it's safe to assume at this point that all Govt's of the world have an interest in playing the situation down, possibly covering up the real numbers and potential danger etc. Mass panic is a whole lot worse than any virus imho

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Attached: 618188.jpg (1800x3247, 1.09M)

Attached: EN7soqEUEAAB0i_.jfif.jpg (1536x2048, 244K)

Attached: EN7sopuVAAAFEkH.jfif.jpg (1536x2048, 193K)

She looks very conservative.

Attached: VA9YejW4.webm (512x910, 1.24M)

I want to do this for a living. But I can only afford 1/6 scale seamless dolls right now. :(

Wow, she is so pretty!

Why do asia get the best looking dolls with the best looking bodies while the rest of the world gets horror stories?

This would be worth getting just for the detail! But I'm ambivalent after reading a few doll forum posts. I'm leaning closer to Sanhui right now.

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Attached: 985234af.jpg (996x2048, 271K)

Attached: 20170709_mig_08.jpg (1280x960, 160K)

Attached: 1567734996393.jpg (900x1200, 33K)

Attached: 1567735020466.jpg (1200x900, 57K)

>The last thing you see before you die

Attached: 1563331905254.jpg (210x210, 8K)

Wtf?? Is this Ciara?

Attached: sanhui-silicone-sex-doll-158cm-pic-3.jpg (1000x1500, 380K)

Nothing like her.

Attached: 1480735512830.jpg (600x800, 78K)

doll name?

dolls will inherit the world
4woods neo j-im mille

Attached: 1582936992768.png (548x730, 481K)

i forgot 4woods was even a thing.

Looks like a 4woods A.I. sister doll.

Attached: 2.jpg (900x1200, 57K)

That’s a really good pose

Nice digits. 4woods loli doll is very nice but a bit pricey.

Attached: sisters99.webm (854x480, 756K)

Sad its not softer. You can see how much strain his hands are in when pushing and squeezing her tits.
I would buy one and replicate it in a softer silicone.

Damn, what a fine thread. Some of those pictures are just super beautiful, especially the forest set. Ngl, doll threads have become the only reason I visit Cred Forums anmore. Nicest community by far.

I want the best doll money can get. Can they make a doll from pics of my ex girlfriend?

Yes, with money you can contact them and make a custom doll. Some companies at least.

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discord gg/HJqhY5

Sasha, no! You were supposed to be a good girl not some cheap butt slut

Cool. I will look to buy something extraordinarily expensive by the end of the year. I'll show you guys the result if this club is still going by then. My budget is around $100k
Not bad, and with a little more incentive I'm sure they can make something better.

Holy shit. I want