Shouldn’t share

Shouldn’t share

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cape town

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Moar? Kinda reminds me of the gf

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30 sec risk room

Posting gf any interest?

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Oh yes please

super cute. yes, please.

let's see the very first nude that you have of her.

sexy bitch
show us what she got

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Gf' pussy

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nice smile

does she have a naughty side?
or are these all going to be fb/ig/...

want to see her in an intimate setting

Any takers?

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strip her down

don't be such a cocktease! elbows up, hands in her hair. want to see those pale tits and her pretty little pink nipples.

and no more cropping. she's all that.

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Fuck. I love girl in pink panties.

Post her in her pink panties pls.

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Too many requests, I'll just dump what I have as long as somebody wants them

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Yes ppleas

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Shouldnt..she doesnt know this photo exists

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Wrong thread sorry fellas.

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show the slut off. Some good face and titties

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You right
You shouldn't share that fucking shit
Go back to Cred Forums or /k/

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Wwyd to my slut she’s an anal virgin

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show some tits

>she’s an anal virgin
Not after she met me

Please continue

She loved slurping cock

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looks like a good slut. Keep showing her off user

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More of her please.

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fucking hot


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18 year old slut

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That's OK. If you have her without that bikini top, pls consider showing her here...

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Thicc slut Amber

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I have loads in different outfits

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anyone recognize?

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I'd pay for the chance to play with her.
Is she available for intimate shows?

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More of that ass

I can't help it.
I need to keep posting my ex.

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Please keep her coming

Loved to ride too

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take her anal virginity, but carefully.
first make her relax by fingering her pussy till she quivers, then finger her asshole too and keep her quivering, then enter her butt spoon-position, starting slowly, then going faster, all while playing with her pussy and clit with one hand, using the other hand on her throat to keep her close

Great pair

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nice little piece of fuckmeat.
let's see her in action


mm I'd want a turn on that cunt. Moar frontal -- bitch has a great body

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Stunning body and lingerie!

Any more lighten pics?


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She has a naughty side

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Fuck yes, moar
Why’s her ethnicity

I wish I did have some nudes of her but nope.

Anybody have her? user posted last night 18 I’m pretty sure

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Ex gf sent some stuff recently.

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want my cock deep in her throat while I grope those perky tits. moar

Wow lucky you!

Expose her

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Would you enjoy my tight gf if you picked her for a night?

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shes a perfect piece of fuckmeat

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some polish celeb

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mmmm. nice. so pale.
and she wants a big cock inside her.
do you share her with others?

We can see. What a good slut.

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fapping. go on

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god dang


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yes. daddy would like to tap that.
those thigh-highs are perfect on her slender thighs.
let's have a peek at her lips. spread, pink, and wet. offering her tight little fuck hole.

Haven’t shared her but she likes to make me watch her play with her toys.

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Only here for this slut let’s see more

cant get enough from her. Pleas post more in her panties

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Shes korean

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show us how well the korean slut sucks dick

Holy fuck I want to fuck her face

Hey pussy is only for bbc

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I'd like to watch her fuck, to hear the sounds she makes when she cums, to watch her body shake. will she put on a show for me?

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Stunning pic. Great ass with her thong.

what would you do to her?

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she's an awesome girl homie

your gf? ex?

Suck hard on her tits and doggy that ass

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Can't expose but can share more

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keep the fucking bitch coming

lose that bikini top.
let's continue in private.

looks good so far

do share more then

i want to make her my little whore

love that muff.

More please

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girl who begged me to take her virginity the day she turned 18, a side piece really

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Keep her coming, she's got my full attention

Those fucking tits my god, got kik?

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starting to get interesting now


You should get her a lifesize BBC dildo,
not just a dark-hued white boy cock.
Something that will make her eyes bug out
when she feels it being pressed inside her.

Such a fucking nice body hopefully you still fuck her

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Take her clothes off for us



Those thighs HOLY FUCK

Drop the pretense.

And the shirt.

Good girl. She knows how to tease.

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show her body more


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More of this hot slut. Spread them legs

face and tits

Just don't stop.

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Discord dot gg /


Cant you make a imig for her?

Also got a few vids

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Ariana is TOO cute

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She has a few

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Please post them in a vola

how old are you
the way you talk about her suggests an age difference

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Fuck off FBI, I don’t have underage nudes nor do I encourage posting CP.

dont know what that is

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New to this what's vola?

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unf I wanna see everything you have of her

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what he said. she has that certain something special.


best i have for you

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Horrible pic sorry

post full video some place like mega or vola

let's see her with that rabbit jammed into her fuck hole. want to see her little titties and pink nipples.

I was just hoping that she was of-age in whatever jurisdiction you're posting. She's a cute one.

Pale skin but very fuckable girl

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titties on the one in white would be just fine... let's continue

I need to quit screen shooting pics because I suck at it!

Should be back on there, I just hate not having it cropped so my shitty screen capture is out of it


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why the fuck would you even screenshot when you can literally save the original file?

Vids are on my pc. I'm on my phone sorry.

great view. moar


her album is here: volafile DOT org/r/16p2p0v98

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My ex GF. Opinions?

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Attached: IMG_20200228_033542784_MP~2.jpg (3000x3781, 1.2M)

pls make a note to upload those vids to the vola posted above. we'll be waiting patiently. many thanks, if you can.

Wanr moar

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You needed to learn a lesson.
Do Not Stick Your Dick In Crazy.

you still here user?

full frontal?

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focus man. focus.
cute little tits on her.
let's see without the X

strip her

Is saving a file risky compared to screen shot? I’m really not sure, but I just assumed theirs less potential for people seeing what I save or maybe try to screw me over with a virus when I save the original file? I’m curious to know, I’m not a tech guy whatsoever.

Holy shitbshes beautiful. More please

more of that chest

How do you like my tiny slut's butthole?

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Frontal is lacking on my phone

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>Is saving a file risky compared to screen shot?
You shouldn't even be on the internet, if you ask questions like that
You already DISPLAYED the image, otherwise you couldn't have taken a screen, could you?
So if the image was actually harmful to your device, it would be too late anyway

you OP?
will you ever reopen your room? I miss it

Lose the clothing, but leave the harness on.
I want to fuck her while she's suspended from the ceiling.

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not frontal, but close enough, continue

>volafile DOT org/r/16p2p0v98


What name did you use? Do you still have the link?

She squirts.

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>Come on, user. It's not gonna eat itself.

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Attached: IMG-20180803-WA0013.jpg (768x1024, 71K)

Attached: pic- (193).jpg (1280x960, 148K)

Attached: 20200220_154118_compress34.jpg (692x1057, 147K)

I still have the link
I had some nicks, got a new one on every connect. I think Nymphe or something like that last

You probably already caught a virus, just looking at the original photo. These days most internet data runs on Cisco or Huawei backbone routers - and we all know that the backdoor traps on Chinese devices allow viruses to sneak into your system.

Fuck it. Go wash your hands right now. You should probably microwave your phone too, just to be safe.

Thanks for the info asshole

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go on

you have my attention

very nice!

share please? I'd like to see more of Marie.

looking good

Idk why I decided to do this but I did

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Attached: IMG-20180222-WA0029.jpg (1024x768, 75K)

Lol what an ape

it has teeth.

Attached: 20200215_004609_compress25.jpg (1512x2016, 253K)

I like her
legs spread?

time to take a piss
love those little titties!!

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Attached: 2132.jpg (750x1000, 126K)

great view

Show her tits already faggot

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She looks downsy

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Attached: IMG_20200124_162058.jpg (2016x1512, 916K)

goto volafile dot org and then append the /r/#### . it's a chatroom where you can upload other content - uploads expire in 48 hours.

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nice and clean looking pussy, good stuff

Keep going user. Just pulled my dick out

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Attached: 5894a9dd-06d0-427a-8ed8-288a72837de7.png (282x376, 160K)

awesome body. got full frontal?

I'd fuck her

Attached: IMG_1422.jpg (640x1136, 125K)

Attached: IMG_1437.jpg (2046x1346, 641K)

looks like she's a dancer, still at the club.
where? I'm looking to go out tonight and would love to send her home with a few hundred dollars and a mouthful of cum.

Attached: IMG_20200124_170016.jpg (2016x1512, 821K)

Stunning thong. More?

Attached: 555228DF-DD3C-4EB7-8CDC-22821A5299BB.jpg (359x640, 59K)

Attached: pic0056546.png (756x1024, 1.2M)


Attached: 4446396416.jpg (288x512, 26K)

Nope, sadly

Attached: IMG-20180706-WA0000.jpg (1024x768, 64K)

or go to volafile dot org and click the create room button to make a new room if you want to share your own content, then share the /r/#### id here
vola doesn't need registration and doesn't have captchas or annoying ads.

nice body. let's get those tits out.

fuck yeah, I like foxtails

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Attached: 124.png (1075x535, 954K)


Damn she’s got a great body

she's almost 20 chill

Attached: IMG_20200123_2343311.jpg (282x376, 10K)

she's almost perfect.
tight little body.
showoff on cam.
how many pics? vid too?
would like to see the entire stash....

Attached: IMG_20200228_033709475~2.jpg (2984x2890, 1.41M)

Fuck. Great tits. More of those please

Attached: f0960637.jpg (648x486, 23K)

now that's Marie for sure :D

Keep going

Attached: Screenshot_20191103-094902.jpg (1066x793, 284K)

glad you like my slut

Attached: IMG_20200216_224115_01.jpg (282x376, 8K)

holy fucking shit MOAR

What a waste of the last image itt

she's actually pretty hot user

how much of a slut is she?

nice big tits

She sucked like 8 guys in a day, I'll tell you this much

where are you going to post more of her?


New thread

post more in new thread


I was first with a

fuck off. stay OT here.