How did you lose your virginity, Cred Forums?

How did you lose your virginity, Cred Forums?

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my mom in 12th grade when I turned 18

By having sex.

How did that happen? Was it you who suggested it or her?

Well I think she knew I had a thing for sex for a long time. I was a retarded horny little boy growing up. Didn't understand that doing that stuff with family was bad, all I saw was tiddies and ass. She has really nice tits and a good ass you could melt in.

All throughout highschool I would try to grope her, she'd say no when I'd use my hands, but when I used my feet she was fine with it. Didn't put 2 and 2 together when I heard her moaning, I just wanted to cop a feel of dem tiddies and fap.

After my 18th birthday I tried it again and she didn't object. One thing led to another and we casually fucked. Didn't say a word to each other, it sorta just happened.

on a trampoline at a slumber party on a hot summer night in the 90’s. one of my fondest memories.

OP here, I forgot to post mine
My first time was a blowjob with a girl from my class. We were both 14. We used to talk a lot and spend time together. One day when we were leaving the school, out of the blue, she told me to go to the forest next to it. We went there, walked a bit so that no one could see us from school or the street, she got on her knees and sucked me off.
It caught me totally off guard. Apparently, she thought I knew this was going to happen because our conversations "were leading to it". I still don't know today what she meant, because we didn't have any spicy conversation.
The thing is that she blowed me, and she was amazing at it. She was very wet and skilled, and me being a virgin I came in less than a minute. I came in the grass, and I offered to lick her pussy but she refused.
We kept doing things together after that, and I lost my virginity to her, but eventually we had a pregnancy scare and we stopped after that, but we remained friends.

i didnt, im 26yo kissless virgin

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That sounds awesome. Story?

Don't worry. That'll protect you from AIDS.

When I was 23 I got a girl to jerk me off a couple times. I licked her nipples to get her horny and then she'd masturbate a couple times as well. Haven't spoken in years, in hindsight she did it all out of pity anyway. Never gone farther than that.
Kissed a girl when I was 16 after a school dance once.

My big cousin shoved his cock in me
>Lying on footstool playing OOT
>Naked because I have to in order to play
>2 flat sharpies in my ass lubed up get slid out, cock goes in
>Kinda just kneel there like an idiot
>End up crying when I go to wipe my ass cause I found blood
>Get hugged and fussed over, like it a whole bunch
>Happens multiple times
>100% gay now
it sucked at the time, it wasn't so bad though considering he had a tiny cock

Was 16, at sleepover on pull out couch with friend. Hella gay for him, decided to go for it, reached into his sleeping bag and started rubbing his crotch. Felt him get hard so I pulled down his shorts and started blowing him. After a couple minutes I slipped down my shorts and pushed my ass against his dick. He turned over stuck it in me and thrusted until he came. We pulled our shorts up, fell asleep, then played Smash Bros when we woke up.

i put my penis into a vagina

ask your mom

17, with gf I'd been with since we were 12. Missionary position on her parents bed.

Did he know you were into him when you had the sleepover?

step mom had the hots for me because dad was always drunk and couldn't satisfy her, happened when I was 14, she got pregnant too. That's gonna be an awkward conversation if my little brother ever finds out I'm actually his dad.

and coronaviruse

Where did you cum?
Did your dad find out? Story?

never did

He didn't find out, he always hit the bar on the way home and passed out as soon as he was through the door.

>Where did you cum?
Inside her and some on the sheets

It's good to know where did you put your virginity. I lose it all the time

House sitting for my cousin while he's out of town. Has his wife's two nieces living there with their crackhead mom but doesn't trust them for shit. A short chunky 13 yr old and her 12 year old taller sister, both seemed fully developed physically. Flirting with the older chunky one moved to groping and oral. Couple weeks after, we talk their tweaker mom into allowing them to move in with me. Fucking all day, in heaven. Never touched the tall skinny one, deep regrets there as she was dumber than dirt and gorgeous too. Could've played both behind each others back but i guess i was caught up in fucking the one and enjoying the fact the sister was always close by listening.

No, he was the clueless nerd type who couldn't read social cues.

Geometry class sophomore year. While the teacher back was turned. Everyone else got a good look. Surprised me nobody said shit.

Hot, I could use some greentext


On new year's eve to my best friend's little sister.

How does that even work? lol, didn't she heard you or turned towards you the entire time? how old were you guys?

I came inside her, pulled out, and some dribbled out onto the sheets.

Or were your meaning the story of the events leading up to that part?

>be 14
>dad is in his mid 50s when he remarries
>step mom is hotty in her early 20s
>dad is always passed out drunk when he's actually home
>step mom starts giving me hints like putting her hand suspiciously near my crotch and touching me and leaving the door open when she's naked taking a shower
>super horny all the time, and not blood related to her
>get the bright idea to ask her about it while pretending to sleep walk because I have a history of sleep walking
>she was actually hitting on me, it wasn't just my imagination
>proceed to fuck her brains out without a condom on and without pulling out
>and that's how I got my little "brother"

>Or were your meaning the story of the events leading up to that part?
That too, I'd love to read them if you want to write them

Why didn't you use condoms? Did you not have them when it happened? Or was she trying to get pregnant on purpose?

Only ever fingerbanged a gf, relationship didn't last any longer than about 5 months.

Think I had just turned 17.
Was dating a girl that was entirely out of my league.
Thin, great tits, beautiful face, incredibly smart, great personality, everything.
She was also a virgin and hadn’t ever done anything with a guy before me.
One day we were in my parents’ basement making out and I started feeling her up.
She asked to see my dick. I pulled down my pants and she started blowing me right on the spot.
Wasn’t amazing because she’d never done it before, and there was definitely too much teeth but I was very happy about it.
Then I asked if she wanted to do it and she said yes and was very excited. However we didn’t have condoms so we had to go to the store to get them, which definitely chilled things a little bit.
After we got home we got back into the foreplay and the moment of truth came.
I was shaking nervous, but I managed to put the condom on my dick and stuck it in her and it felt amazing, for all of a couple of seconds before I immediately went limp.
I just could not get a boner long enough to have sex for the rest of the night, no matter what I did. I was just way too nervous and it was a negative feedback loop. She did let me jerk it onto her face though which was a pro gamer move and I’ll always be grateful for that.
We fucked in the back of her car a few weeks after that and it was awesome. So I guess you could say that was when I really lost my virginity.

Didn't want to. I wasn't trying to get her pregnant, I just wanted to feel what it was like without a condom. Plus most stores won't sell condoms to people under 18.

That sucks. That happened to me too, it's the worst when you want to lose your virginity, and there's someone willing to fuck you, but you're not getting hard

It's probably not an interesting saga to read. Apart from the story of how we met and got together our relationship to that point was mostly Mario Kart, cuddling and making out, and going camping with a telescope.

I was 16 she was 14.

Will be happening soon frens. Been making a lot of changes in my life. Stated to talk to girls and caught a lot of ppl checking me out. Some even dropped hints. Feels good man. Sometimes I look back to where my life was and what type of person I was before makes me sad but at the same time it makes me very happy and proud because it feels like I have climbed the hardest Mountain in my life. Don't give up no matter much of a shut in loser you once was. The world is yours mane

Can you greentext the story? xD

Good luck, man. Congratulations on improving yourself. Remember to use condom, because they already have more sex than you and may have STDs.

Cute jap guy rode my cock when I was 22. Still worried I might have a latent std

That's gay. Real men take cocks up their asses without whining. How old were you?

>story of how we met and got together

Why? Did you do it without a condom? How did you met him?

> Be me, 18 yo, big shy virgin with social anxiety
> Have a huge crush on this popular girl who goes in my school
> Readhead, skinny, blue eyes, fucking hot.
> No hope to even date her
> We talk one day and i relize she likes me back
> OMFG.m4a
> We keep hanging out in school and become friends
> I'm too shy and nervous to confess my feelings
> "Why am i like this".jpeg
> School ends, one year passes, we still keep in touch and hang out sometimes.
I'm madly in love but still can't get myself to tell her.
> Long story short: i'm at her place one day, on her bed, she kisses me.
> My heart is about to explode
> One thing leads to another, we're about to fuck
> She's experienced
> She asks me: "Have you done it before user?"
> "Of course i do babe"
> Of course i dind't
> We start, i'm so fucking nervous my dick can't get up
> She says it's ok but i can see she's disappointed
> She start licking it
> I finally got a boner
> I put it in her, few trusts and it becomes floppy again
> She looks super uncomfortable
> Tell her i have to go to the bathroom
> Masturbate in the bathroom to get i hard again, ok done
> Get out, jump on the bed, it's time, aaaand... floppy again.
> i lose hope, start fingering her
> At least she came.

Felt embarassed for months

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>be 15
>her 13
>she was horny all the time
>would come to her house in the morning to “wake her up” for the bus. She left back door unlocked for me. Mom was at work already
>she would often be naked or just wearing a night gown with nothing under it when I came over
>we were doing a lot leading up to it. She would always tell me she wanted to be woken up with oral sex
>come in this day, she’s naked and covers are off. She’s probably already wake. Spread eagle
>note on her desk says “record us, user”
>wow she’s a fucking perv
>turn on her video camera she got for birthday and point to bed
>take off all my clothes and carefully get on the bed to lick
>she “wakes up” We play around. She sucks me off as normal
>she says “I bought condoms, user”
>wtf. Diamonds.
>I am ready, I want to lose my virginity. I want to record this moment.
>damn, okay
>we do more sexy shit. Kissing licking. I get hard again. “Now you’ll last longer user”
>she looked up how to put it on. I am impressed.
>awkwardly put it in, she loves it. She was so horny and we did so much before it didn’t hurt.
>she’s fucking rubbing her clit and moaning
>she cums, I cum, holy fuck
>best experience any young person can hope for
>cry daily that I don’t have the video. Might call her and ask sometime but don’t want to make her mad

My father designed cars for Honda and we took a trip to Animeland for an annual conference. Got to stay at a nice hotel, it was fun even though I cant speak Japanese at all
We were there for three days and I didnt have much to do, I just went because he could bring one other person and my mom was busy working
To make a long story short I met a girl and two guys who could speak kind of week English and they were really nice. One of the guys was really cute and kept complimenting my looks (must have had a fetish because Im solid 5/10) and five hours later we’re in my hotel room.
I jerked him off then came inside his ass. They had really good food there too

why wod you acuse me of such thing?

ITT: anons post how they wish they lost their virginity.

I was 14, beta loser with social anxiety.
Doing homework at schoolmate's house, he was a weird guy, and kind of a loner.
Suddenly, he start jerking off, and it wasn't the first time ether.
This time, he convinced me to blow him.
Never got a girlfriend ,was a sad kissless virgin, why not?
Put his cock in my mouth, almost puked...tasted awful.
He proceeded to suck my cock too, and ended up fucking.
Meh... never liked it... was soooo weird.
Fucked my first girl when I was 20, and it was sooo much better.

Alright, sorry for the delay

>be in middle school
>see girl sitting by herself at lunch all the time
>lets call her Emma
>feel bad for her
>ask if I she wants to sit with me
>find out she's shy since she's only got one arm and is self conscious of how she looks
>she was in a car accident a couple years before and had her left arm amputated at the elbow, and had a scar above her eye and down her to her ear
>hang out every day - I'd get her lunch for her, walk her home, sometimes we'd do homework together
>eventually we start seeing each other after school too
>she starts holding my hand when we walk places and hugging me when we say goodbye
>3 months or so goes by and her mom is picking her up from school and as she sees us standing she says
>"so you must be Emma's little boyfriend, nice to finally meet you"
>gf goes bright red and jumps into the car
>doesn't reply to any messages over the weekend
>comes into school the following week and confesses she'd told her mom she had a boyfriend but she was too afraid ask me if that's what we were in case she lost me
>tell her that if she think I'm her boyfriend then I'll be her girlfriend

>Be me
>23, virgin
>Well behaved kid when I was growing up, extremely shy as an adult
>Younger brother goes out a lot more, drinks, smokes marijuana, etc.
>One day, when our parents are away, he throws a party at home
>Lots of kids come, they make a mess, leave the house dirty, and I hear some of them have even brought drugs
>Begin considering bargining in and tell everyone to leave
>This 15 years old boy takes his pants off and shows his ass to his friends
>I tell him he has to leave, that I can't accept this behaviour in my home
>He calls me homophobic and tells me my brother is the one throwing the party, and it has to be him who makes him leave
>I tell him to leave, or I'll call his parents
>He then asked me if I was a virgin, and that was why I was so uptight
>I was at a loss for words for a moment, and he swiftly puts his hand on my crotch
>I try to pull away, but he takes me to my room, and tells me that he knows I was looking at his ass too intently when he took his pants off
>I try to deny it, but he whispers in my ear if I want to fuck him
>I ask him if he has done this kind of thing often and he just laughs and says of course
>He gets on his knees and starts sucking me
>I'm diamonds
>I'm about to cum, but he stops and makes me lay on my bed
>He sits on my dick and rides me for a few minutes
>I'm enjoying it so much, and I cum in his ass soon afterwards
>He laughs at me and asks me if I came already
>When I tell him I did he laughs even louder and says he can tell I had no experience
>He walks out of my room, and like 15 minutes later I see him walking with another kid to one of the rooms that were empty
>He saw me staring while he was going and winked at me
>After that, I could hear moans coming from that room when I pressed my ear towards my room's wall, so I'm confident they fucked


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Do you ever have her touch your dick with her stump?

Cocks are not supposed to taste. If it had taste, that's probably because he didn't take a shower

You're so lucky that you got to date a crippled girl.
She shouldn't be shy because of her missing arm, but confident.

No. She won't let me do that. She has given me a hand job with her prosthetic one though which was scary.

I'm still with her actually. She's more shy about the scar on her face than her lack of an arm.

Well I came with my tip just inside my little sister's pussy lips multiple times as a young teen but I count my first time as with my first serious gf, I was 16 and it was on her mom's living room floor.

> be me, 9
> be not me, cousins 10 and 13
> invite me to clubhouse to look at nasty magezines
> we all lose our pants and get hard to look at naked women
> my oldest cousin has lots of hair and the other one has only a little
> "you wont get any if you don't swallow some boy juice user"
> have me suck older cousin's dick but i don't like it when he cums
> hold me down so i can suck other cousin's dick too
> by the time thats over older cousin wants to go again
> has some rope and some baby oil and decides he's going in
> he's not huge but he fills my butt
> other cousin can't cum again so he just pisses on my behind before he lets me go
> i dress again but my underwear smells like my cousin's piss
> cousins tell my uncle i wet myself in the forest so he spanks me and makes me go commando rest of visit
> go back once a month until i learn to like it

This is the best post of the entire thread. Story?

How old was you little sis?

Well it started as truth or dare, "I dare you to show your butt" then "I dare you to show your front privates" then I dared her to let me touch mine on hers. This went on for a while, a silly game, I'd show her my boner when we were alone and she'd just pull her panties aside and let me rub it against her, no lube or anything. Often just her sat on the edge of the bed with me pokin it against her. Then we somehow realised it felt better if I made it slippery first...

how did it take you 5 years to fuck her?

Here goes
>Be me, 15M
>Hugged a good friend of mine (17F) as a friendly gesture, to help her feel better about her shitty boyfriend
>>She's a thicc one. Little bit of chub, but DD tits and very firm ass. People like her are still my type
>Instant feelings of attachment grew
>We clung to each other as much as possible through band camp
>Start going to local park just to see each other and cuddle a lot
>She gives me handjobs through my shorts repeatedly
>One day I tell her I've got condoms
>We head into the woods and she shows me a spot (she knew the park like the back of her hand)
>She's laying back with her legs spread, showing me her shaved pussy
>I slip on a condom and we fuck from there.
Still the tightest pussy I've ever fucked

Did you post here too, user?

I hired an escort.

Older girls are the best
How old were you? Did you like it?

Around 22 maybe. It was ok. She was kind of cold. I’ve had much better escorts since.

We had a great relationship without it and we felt we didn't need to rush into it.

one of the guys my mom was seeing did me while he was meant to be watching me overnight

Peener in vajeen

Are you a boy or a girl?


Did you get AIDS?

Easy, I had sex
Penis in vagina and all that

Did you enjoy it? Did she found out?


I don't know yet

Your left hand doesn't count as a vagina
You're intelligent
How can you not know?

i didn't

no she never found out, but it happened over a period of a few months. I remember his cum tasting weird and anal hurting like fuck at first lol

>Your left hand doesn't count as a vagina
It was totally a real vagina of a girlfriend

I had sex with a girl I was in love with.
I was 17, she was 15. We were both virgins.
Good shit.

By raping my sister

He didn't use lube?

Nice, I love cute stories, it seems that everyone here lost their virginity in a hookup or getting raped.
Do you feel like posting the greentext?

>happened on the floor of the rec room
>both of us were virgins
>me (16) and her (15) are pretending to watch TV downstairs
>but really we're fooling around while my parents are upstairs
>she's on all fours with her pants and underwear around her knees
>she's ready to pull them up quickly if we hear someone coming down the stairs
>i'm behind her rubbing my cock against her slit
>we've both been too chickenshit to have sex since we didn't have access to condoms
>but at this point we've been doing everything but full on penetration for months
>me and her have been rubbing, grinding, fingering and blowing each other on and off for about 2 or 3 hours at this point
>haven't came yet, i'm pent up as fuck
>keep pressing my cock against her opening
>not actually pushing it in
>but god so tempted
>she's gasping and trying not to moan
>think fuck it, she won't mind if i put it in for a sec
>just to see how it feels
>push it in
>i slide in to the hilt with no effort
>god it's better than anything i've ever felt
>she says "ow" and gives a hiss of pain
>can feel her pussy squeezing me
>ignore her, give her a thrust
>"ow, it hurts"
>feels so good I don't wanna stop
>give her a few more pumps
>she grunts in pain
>so pent up from before that i can feel the orgasm coming on already
>think 'oh shit'
>pull out just in time
>push up her shirt and nut all over her ass and lower back
>she just sits there in shock, still on all fours
>i grab a tissue and clean her up
>she pulls up her pants and walks away to curl up on the couch
>starts to cry because i didn't stop when she told me it hurt
>hold and cuddle her
genuinely felt bad for that one, kind of a shitty way to lose your virginity

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You've had too much Cred Forums today. Stop larpimg and go to sleep

no lube, i'd suck his dick first a little bit then he spit on my asshole and made me go doggy. I remember it hurting and then him pushing it in super deep and a weird feeling (that i've come to realise was him cumming in me)

Meh, there's nothing really greentext-worthy. We were friends of friends in high school and just sort of hooked up and dated for a few months before having sex. Dated for like four years or so before we broke it off.

Don't worry, man. It happens to all of us. When we're virgin, is easy to lose control of what we're doing.
Something similar happened to me when I lost my virginity, but I wasn't fast enough to actually pull out, and she actually had to take plan B.

Was home alone with my uncle at age 10. Feelsgoodman

Nice, I heard that most guys can't actually feel when they get a load in their asses, but I guess that's not true.
Did you enjoy it and did it because you were into it or did he talked you into doing it?

I wish I had a girlfriend. I had sex with strangers, but I'd like to do it with someone I love

he just did it, was told i had to listen to him and be good whilst mom was out. Went on until he just stopped coming round / seeing her

Congratulations. You became a man way before I did. Did you enjoy it

>>me 8 and sister 10 fuck, but no orgasm or anything. Honestly neither of us knew what we were doing.
>>fool around sometimes when we are alone but not often.
and 13, no more babysitters. Mom is now coming home at 5pm, so we were home alone for an hour or so
>>fuck sister every day after school
sister gets her friend that I have a crush on involved
sister gets a boyfriend and is reluctant to cheat
>>I turn 14 and get a girlfriend who I cheat on with anyone who will say yes including sister
>>I turn 16, my 18 year old sister moves out, gets married, gets pregnant
>>I turn 18, I get my girlfriend pregnant

Sister and I still occasionally fuck, but I've never kissed her with tongue. That was our ultimate taboo thanks to the movie pretty women

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Ofc, i was the dominator.

Oh, no. That's mean. I respect virgins too, I just wanted to jerk off to stories of people losing their virginities
Did you rape your uncle? How did he react?

14 y/o cousin


But I didn't lost my virginity in my 27 years. And I proud of it.

I'm proud of you too, user. Keep those thots at bay

Religious reasons?

By being gay

i didn't, i never lose

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I was 17 and we were playing truth or dare and i dare her to show me her tits,panties.then she dare me to show her my cock (6 1/2) ...turns out my boy cousin 23 fucked has been fucking her,so i ate her and creampied her all night long ...later on me and my cousin 3 way her

Nope. I hate humanity so, SO much.

I was a 17 year old high school student, didn't want to turn 18 while still being a virgin, my cousin asked if i wanted to go to go in the brothels with him, i said sure and we made plans for next Sunday, i wake up and prepare to meet him in the middle of the city since he lived in the other side, on my way there the city looked like a ghost town, i realise that the date is 17 of November, a day that each year anarchists conduct attacks all over the country, all the streets were deserted except from the police patrols that were all over the place armed with submachine guns, i was stopped and searched 3 times overall, at least when i reached my cousin and we went to the brothels there were not any other customers there, once there i lost my virginity to a girl from Romania

Pic related

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Sorry, man, but even gay people are incels sometimes

To an insecure 7/10 femcel at college. Back then I was undergoing my Chad awakening phase and got real confident and talked to everyone. Eventually I got my eyes on her since I used to hang out with her same group of friends, I would tease her a lot and then she asked me if she could exercise with me.

She joined me in jogging and I helped her strecht and I took the chance to grope her slightly. She didn't protest and I got bolder the more we exercised. We started talking a lot due to jogging, whenever we rested, as we jogged, and eventually outside it. We had a lot on common and were on the same frequency on a lot of stuff. During national holidays here in my country I invited her out and she was excited about it. We got drunk and fucked at my place. We dated for some months until I left her since I moved away.

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Nice. How old were you guys?

I was nearing 19 and she was 21. She had a lot of issues and would vent everything to me. She grew too attached and tried to fool me into getting her pregnant after I told her I would leave. Bullet dodged.

How did she do it? Did she break the condom on purpose? I would have impregnated her, to be honest

Did you fuck a prostitute being 17 years old? How did the prostitute agree to that?

I'm 29 and still a virgin.

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She would insist we didn't use condoms, at first it was cool since she would claim to be on the pill or safe days and shit. But something told me that something was wrong. She would bring up the matter of pregnancy a lot, she would sometimes say that she was worried she hadn't had her period yet. Sex turned kinda animalistic eventually, she had huge drive that was cool and all but after sex it would make me suspicious.

The two things that tipped me off were that one day I visited her place and while she went away for 10 minutes I looked all around for birth control pills and found nothing anywhere, then one day I had left a new condom box on top of my shelf and took a shower. When I came back, the box was opened and I kinda saw what was going on, I took a condom from the bottom and the morning after I checked and she had pierced several condoms from the box while I was in the shower.

I mean why would she not agree?, it is usually smelly drunkards and foreigners who are refused entry and i am neither of those

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>be me
>virgin up to 25
>done everything else with girls at this point
>oral, blowjobs, grinding, ass licking
>all the nights a girl asks me why not sex?
>make up story of how condoms don't work for me
>tell them i don't want to make them have it unprotected
>really just afraid of performance
>reputation builds as I go through college and after
>living in one major city after the next
>constantly reinventing myself
>everyone thinks i'm fucking everyone in grad school
>develop reputation of being a champ
>yet all stories are not true
>i didn't tell lies, but also never corrected them
>meet cutie at a conference for grad school
>she comes over and stays at my place
>sex implied
>she's naked and hops on me mid-blowjob
>no condom
>she inserts me into her without hesitation
>mind turns to STIs they tell us in high school
>feels so good so just go with it
>heart pace fastens, then take control
>bend her over and can't control myself
>feel like an animal, a monkey or dog just taking control
>she's whispering and moaning "oh fuck"
>slap her ass bc it's what they do in porn
>look at my cock inside her
>thrusting with good pace while pulling her hair and slapping her ass
>see white fluid all over my cock
>tell her in detail what I see
>sweat everywhere, can't breathe
>my cock is so desensitized by masturbating
>end up finishing in her after 40 mins of fucking
>we cuddle and she says it's ok bc she's on birth control
>fuck her like this for months
>years later get new gf
>same shit happens
>just hops on my dick like it's nothing
>tells me weeks later she's on birth control
>find out current gf only had 2 other partners inside her
>i'm ok with this, she rides like a champ and won't let go of her

never had sex with condoms and don't care to find out how it is.

I didn’t

32 here.

Kill your self now.