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If you say so yourself, gotta believe you.
All makes sense then, at least I hope the lewds are great.

Why would I

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>Make OPs Koishi
>Post Kaguya
This always struck me as heretical as fuck.
I'm a proud cowboy, partner.
That's your only other hint.

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Hirasawa Yui
because you made puke sounds in text, which i guess doesn't make sense.
oh right you're the Texan
i got a lot of cool Texan friends

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Hi, I'm new here again :)


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shush, gotta share the koishi pics I still have
at least they weren't pot brownies

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my wife's boyfriend said i can't talk to you anymore
happy birthday Tsugu!!!!!
hi welcome again (:
whoa they made the cheese from Skyrim real

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Please put Tyrone on. I need to talk to him about this

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Damn straight.
My cowboy status is only Self-Proclaimed, though.
Don't even know how to ride a horse.
We'll get there eventually. It's the attitude that counts, right?
I'm sure everyone at the meet would've been happier if they were pot brownies, honestly.
Your heresy shall be exposed to the world, fiend!

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but everyone here already knows, I'm not hiding it famalam

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his Discord is on OnlyFans, sorry
just get a Mustang :^)
i don't consent

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Happy Bday Tsugu, I'm going to sleep now though.

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We aren't the whole world.
Don't be so short sighted, man.
I'm putting your heretical antics on a billboard.
All of Texas will know of your sins.
That's the plan.
As soon as I get some income.

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Truly the finest cosplay
I would eat it all ngl

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Oooooooooold >.<
Does she still act like a child?

please don't leave me alone with them...
I just don't know if I have the stamina to add more people..

oh she's a canadien? i guess i will meet up with them soon if they're up for it..

yus I'm pretty smol, but I like my size, I don't have to eat more and I can fit on all my friends' sofas when i go hangout c:

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Who wants to be my friend :))))))))))


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Yes, Yes.
Now that you pronounced the name I have to stay here even though I gotta wake up in 4 hours for work.

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I'd ruin my toilet for a few days trying.
Well s(HE) and you just might have to chat about then, eh?
Are you a canadafag as well?

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damn, when's my public execution?
I want death by cops

imagine having friends
I can eat as much as I want without gaining weight, gotta love my metabolism
why refer to me as female by the way

you can still go to bed my dude

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rest well
i'll pay you $10,000
what Morrowwind mod is this
i do, too
you should really rest

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nu i live in San Antonio..

nice... i can't even finish a pack of poptarts... even though they're sooo good...
iunno you have the female vibe going on

Yui ._.,


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I'll give Ui poster a chance to make you feel like a woman first, eh?

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I know, I just finished passing the new Jules pics batch on phone.
Have a new sleepy Jill and comf too.
I'll see you next time if I manage to hang around.

Nini see you tomorrow or next time.

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Okay, but I don't do happy endings..
Why didn't you tell me you were a based Texan before?
Best state, yeehaw.

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cute picture
San Atonio, now what part of New York is that?
have a nice day, stay safe
sleep well, again. lewd picture
you're gonna crash the car i just bought you?

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Floof now exists in threads, yay!
How it be for you nerds?

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weak, you gotta finish the whole pack
well, shit

just hang me here and now

see you later, don't let the bedbugs bite and stuff

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would pat/10

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Sure :^)
A wheel of the stuff is worth more than a toilet, probably.
One of the many amine gril mods ones
You're late

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I'm not late, doot floof. You're just...
really early.
trust me.

How're you doing today?

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Nah, it was a prostitution joke.
More like
That would be no fun, though.
Fair point.

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you and I both

less fun for you is better for me

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That's like... not cool.
build the wall

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more like
dummy idiot head.

that's how it works, right?

I smell and see a nerd.

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both at the same time

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Aight bet catch me outside then

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it is more then just a wall,
it s a castle

i can see another one in front of me

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Are we gonna have a fuckin problem

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whoa calm down

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You pullin' up dawg?
All we gotta do is snap.

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thanos was right

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I smell faggotry

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That he was.
Your top lip, probably.

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jokes on u, bitch, animus don't have lips

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how's the chugging

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Well not usually, but you do..
Don't you?

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Why is near a player 2 color for L?

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Point 'n' shooty.

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Nope, no lips here

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not the lips on the face

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Rorycon nice pantsu heil Satan.

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Hey there! are you having a good time?

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I think my Junya will be arriving just before my next surgery

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Oh, I get it. Took me a while.
Question is, why would those smell like faggotry? A faggot doesn't touch those.

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very cute pic too

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Show pics when you can!

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yesterday I said no chugging, don't tempt me

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you smell faggotry b/c you forgot to shower

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brrt brrrt
this picture makes happy face smile

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Yeah broski how are you?
Come on! The swords on fire.
That obviously beats a tank.

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Waifu waifu

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>The swords on fire.
>That obviously beats a tank.

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I am the pope you dirty heretic.

why no, I don't know a thing about WH40k, how did you know?


Heya nerd!

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everyone, worst taste

Thank you friends, very cool :)))))))))))))))))))

Did you like it?
Just fine, I finished some stuff I wanted to do, now Im just relaxing and watching some videos to pass the time.
Hi Bread!

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that you duke?

Because fantasy logic, that's how.
Imagine thinking that a pope > the god emperor
No U

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you misspelled poop

yay friend ((((((((((((((((:
yes, i love it!!
thank you for making it
i feel bad... i haven't made any pretty art...

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I'm not a smash player.
You aren't the real yui, ain't ya.
What's with that "fuck me" expression?

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Y-you too owowowowowo

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not nice

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Thank god I'm not getting into it anyways, lul.
Rhythm games are where it's at, because character development and deep/rich plot is for plebs with actual brains.


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Dont worry! you dont have to feel bad, Gifts are that, gifts, they are not things that a person has to return in some way, if I did it it was because I wanted to, not because I was looking for something in return.

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Nice nice.
I'm just sitting here.
I didn't want to be mean.
The who?
>He doesn't like the black weeb mating calls
Shit taste, sorry.
What if I told you..

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green green green blue green blue green yellow yellow yellow yellow red red red red red red red red red red red red red red

That doesn't have to be something necessarily bad or boring! Do you have any plan of any kind for tonight?

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what do you mean?
i'm not the actual Yui Hirasawa, no. i've yet to find someone who is.
well, thank you. i'm far too blessed by you. i feel i should give something, though. you deserve it.

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The animu
What's ur fav music?

Attached: SabeR196.png (1145x1852, 1.67M)

What if I said I already knew it exists?
Cause like, duh dood.
Still haven't played it, though.
seems kinda cool, though.

Blessed Yui. Me like you better now.

wait, this isn't toad.

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I thought you said yes chugging
guess I forgot
how goes

Old but gold

i don't know. i like a lot of stuff, but i've been trying to focus on other types of music lately.
i like doo-wop and jazz, and the answer you're probably looking for is march music.

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Buzz buzz, ethanol buzz.

Attached: 1578839341808.jpg (1020x1386, 86K)

Nah, dont worry about that, how are you today? do you feel good?
Didnt saw my answer or what? you blind head.

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How it be doing today, nerd? Best be good!

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damn :(


too late i got tempted

Attached: 1566166073264.jpg (1440x1920, 228K)

Nah, not besides sleeping and shitposting.
I don't exactly do much, as you can probably tell.
Music helps pass time though. I think i'm a bit too tired to play videogames.
I wish I was that chad
Sorry, not sorry.

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Do as you please.

Attached: ded3z5u.png (749x1640, 1.52M)


Well shit, I have a good reason to try it soon.
I'll eat shit and die, but that's just how it is in the rhythm game fag world.
at this point, I'm just trying rhythm game after rhythm game to see what I like most, and Beatmania/Guitar Hero is up top, with DDR coming close and SVDX a bit farther.

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Attached: SabeR888.jpg (400x400, 34K)


Sore, existing hurts you know? but hey, inconvenience of being alive I guess. Not counting that, I'm fine, somewhat sleepy but I have to finish a gift to a friend of mine.
Like almost all of us really, but hey, at least you're having a good time here right?
I like music too! what kind of music you like?

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very nice
give in

Attached: krc1912157.jpg (913x681, 79K)

shoutouts to simpleflips?
i feel alright. i think i could be better, though. i don't know... i'll wait and see. for now, things are cool. i'm just gonna chill, maybe sleep early today..
what did i do wrong?
cute nice

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go to bed stinky

giving in


Attached: 7ELd6MFSl9.png (860x492, 379K)

do it

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Attached: illust_65821089_20191207_233722.jpg (1320x1406, 729K)

I'm gonna head out homies.
Have a good night, yeah?

Attached: 33938575_p0_master1200.jpg (1100x1100, 527K)

Are you sleepy?
See ya!!

Attached: Cute portrait.jpg (500x500, 28K)

simple has been shout out
bandy is still getting shat on by simple
TJ "Henry" Yoshi is in this comment section
and bup boy is still hanging there.

It appears I won this one. See ya, nerd.

That uh...doesn't sound so epic. Cute image, tho!
oooo, what's the gift?

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Bang bang!

Attached: 1578840531863.jpg (1380x1294, 150K)

sleep well, yeah?
yeah, a bit.. i want to go to bed early tonight..
nathaniel bupping bandy every time
i'm dead

Attached: EQUZUixWsAI7f7Z.png (554x944, 510K)

real drunk hour

night niggy


Attached: li49tNbScX.png (606x412, 249K)

A little master sword I promised to give him.
Thats good! a good sleep night its always a good option if you want to regain some lost energy.

Attached: Relm and Terra V3.jpg (660x770, 169K)

Drunk bitch.

Attached: 1578011550697.jpg (2507x3541, 362K)

Ha, that's what I said yesterday.
I'm downtown. It was warm but now it's cold. What's good?
Umm yes
Optional but unnescesaary

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Stfu. Your trade has expired

Attached: 10.png (763x869, 1.02M)

all in

Attached: krc1912029.jpg (727x528, 41K)

wanted u to be one of the fakes but guess not.. only a real pol tard loves march music

Attached: SabeR632.png (375x316, 178K)

good bye world
quite so
yeah... perhaps i should call it a night early... i don't have much else to do anyway...
sorry, you're right
hi Sono

Attached: 1523399166941.jpg (1920x1080, 739K)

The nicest. You sippy?

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Attached: 770.png (1044x859, 1M)


Attached: Howdy!.jpg (503x781, 41K)

Ui doesn't like being called that...

Attached: 481.png (773x866, 829K)

sick can't

Attached: krc1912075.jpg (1072x688, 68K)

okay slut

bottom's up


Attached: 1550200490618.png (334x455, 85K)

You can, you simply shouldn't.

Attached: 1579195199071.jpg (2067x2894, 219K)

Who's that thing she's holding?

Attached: 23.png (560x859, 675K)

Fuck you whore.

Attached: 1579139810959.jpg (1420x2284, 126K)


That's a plushie of Ro635, her sister and squadmate.

Attached: 1579196705929.jpg (1000x1218, 90K)

Now look who's really late.

Sounds nice. Don't get shot!
Nothin' much, just maymays and SVDX.
how day be?

Attached: Floof has become annoyed..jpg (965x1378, 122K)

yeah and I really shouldn't just 3 weeks or so

Attached: krc19155352125.jpg (587x522, 159K)

But why?

Attached: 1579212245174.jpg (2894x4093, 429K)

Oh she looks like kurumi tokisaki :)

Attached: 809.png (774x864, 1.05M)

Ooo! That sounds cool!
Dude if I had a 3D Printer I'd so make me a Wind Waker, even if I've yet to beat WW

Attached: 5kjveuptr2p21.jpg (526x394, 38K)

Attached: __rory_mercury_gate_jieitai_ka_no_chi_nite_kaku_tatakaeri__4d6b3826369d99416864d4b3ad72fe7e.png (900x1130, 149K)


Attached: krc1912155231.jpg (587x522, 160K)

*picks up phone*
Devil May Cry?

Attached: 81020CA4-3D4C-4C8E-ADE9-83A8040FFE38.jpg (1200x900, 483K)

See you all in the next thread probably lole
Hey, whatever doots your toot right?
Yeah, you caught me. Biking takes a while lol
I probably won't not enough gun crime in this small town(Although there was a shootout in like 2017 weh)
What's SVDX?

Attached: f7fef282c7a3b83c184fe8cf265f59d0.jpg (644x916, 119K)

I love this adorable gamer
Good evening(?) everyone

Attached: 29145391_p0.jpg (800x880, 336K)

No this is Patrick!
See you soon Kumiko, take care

Attached: 57536349_p0.png (1181x1748, 1016K)

post cutes

Attached: 1573943177369.jpg (720x808, 130K)

Game played with 6 buttons (4 on top, and 2 on bottom. Kinda like Beatmania but one key less and upside down) and 2 Knobs. Personally, I play the game using 10 keyboard keys, though. Keyboard lief.

Gameplay for how it actually looks like.

Attached: t8tlang6cm131.jpg (695x1200, 163K)

cute :)

Attached: akatsuki kirika.png (868x1228, 842K)

Henlo. A person tested positive for the Corona virus in my county. A big F would be appreciated.

Attached: __astolfo_fate_and_1_more_drawn_by_meron_fly__sample-1c1444bbee759fb1bfea92b94cb95e8d.jpg (850x478, 76K)

Just got a call from this thread...
Something about Battletoads and a pool infested with aids?

Well, whatever it is, if it involves demons, I can quickly dispose of them no matter the situation.

I take cash or credit.

Also, what’s a waifu?

That some kind of demon?

Attached: 1B5555C0-F513-4ACA-886E-77B386E2268A.jpg (225x350, 30K)

pinky.. u gay? >:)