Draw Thread - Flashback Edition

Draw Thread - Flashback Edition

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Fuck off

Requesting Re-draw this image of this hyena Girl and This Cheetah Girl in the drawing (art) style of joe murray / let's go luna! / Camp Lazlo / Rocko's Modern Life

hyena and cheetah: thebarchive.com/data/b/image/1577/37/1577376642823.jpg

console: live.staticflickr.com/4200/35067267711_f4f48e8993_b.jpg



Soda Can: cloud10.todocoleccion.online/coleccionismo-coca-cola/tc/2018/02/20/23/113029407.jpg

lay's: i.pinimg.com/originals/f8/aa/9b/f8aa9b277fe4d8da629e8eb9e887d74a.png

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Draw her in the owl house style

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I would like Trixie Tang to sexually harass Luna as in the picture.

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shit requests

Requesting art of my OC Neaux Yu

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Requesting any vore, particularly butt first vore(pic for reference) or spider sucking on webbed victim

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This is like the paperclip shit right? You draw something a 3-year old would and change the image to your next best submission to your request until finally you end up with some incredible work, still requesting anything better than pure perfection right before you sniggering eyes

How many deliveries have you gotten?

She's been doing this on multiple boards. Probably 1 or 2 deliveries each time.



Taking Request

Fuck off

This version of Mei in the style of Steven Universe

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Are you willing to do vore requests?

If so then please draw a tuba voring someone.


Show art

Requesting Nyan from One Punch Man being sad.

Are you willing to do pedo requests?

I don't like tuba vore so let's compromise.
A tuba voring someone butt first


here you go

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draw a tuba

Requesting any pic of Moe as an anime girl

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Maybe then? Or any butt first or spider vore is fine for me

Requesting the proper colors for this Hippo Model from Legend of Zelda.

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spider being vored butt first by a tuba

requesting Roy tied up like that on the left

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Here are Her proper colors & include the polka dots on the hairbow.

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Requesting the 3 girls on the bottom chasing the crusader girl while the crusader girl yells "BEGONE HEATHENS"

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Like 14

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>spider being vore
I don't think you understand spider vore

Spider vore, spider vore
Looks like whatever a spider vore is

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Request Amy Rose in the Steven Universe style

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Fuck off Fernando

Yuck yourself you fucking figger naggot.

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Is that last one her, or Wednesday Addams with higher braids?

Requestin' this girl, entirely nude and hypnotized, coerced into getting fucked and eatenn alive by a large snake.
>She's riding the snake's dick cowgirl style, the snake cumming inside her
>The snake is coils up around her legs; its mouth open ready to swallow her head first
>Her head is inside the snake's mouth as the snake continues to swallow her
>The majority of her body is now inside the snake, only her feet are sticking out of his mouth
>The snake now has a bulging belly from where he swallowed her
>Same as last pic, except it's an x-ray view that shows her inside the stomach
>A 2-day later pic showing the snake with a slightly less bulging belly
>A week later pic showing the snake back to normal, no bulging belly, and with her remains shit out

Snek voore references: imgbox.com/g/RkqJY4UaWl

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Her as Wednesday Adam's. Halloween request.

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Requesting Neko soup, her inside a cauldron with a wolf dude tasting her feet or swallowing her while licking her pussy.

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Kinda like this. Alternatively her getting fucked while licked, can be other species if you prefer.

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So these threads just died huh

I'm lurking but the requests other than mine are shit.

bad requests, why would any of us draw this voreshit

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If yours is in the thread it’s shit

Vore shits been around for a while though

Fuck off

/r/ Isabelle in Steven Universe’s style of art

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Except vore most are pretty good

ok vorefag

something like this.
looks better without the eyes added

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Maybe this? If you are still taking requests xP

Feel free to point at the “shitty” request then

yeah but at this point it's half of the requests
also the others are boring

Are you a drawfag? I can request random kooky shit but idk how people will feel

Well I thought requesting "the house with a cock in it's walls" was interesting but no one would do it so I stopped requesting it. People don't requests good things because not much ever gets drawn. Vorefags are just persistent

Requesting her getting fucked or anything lewd or maybe something wholesome ;)

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Also you only have me requesting butt first vore and that other guy wanting that mouse vored (and tuba vore guy but that's just this thread in past few days) 3 requests isn't anywhere near "half the requests"

That shit has way too many details. Start with something simple and sperg from there.

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Look nice

Thank you!

>way too many details
Literally just a shota with goggles at a gloryhole

Fuck off

what a glorious feast

I'll have to pass on this one

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No offense.
It's not that I wouldn't do it but that is going to take me a lot of time and work, and besides i don't think you would want something like that drawn on paper and taken a photo of by a potato camera

Can you do some butt first vore

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Fuck off

Wow, it smells like trash here.

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Wholesome af ty

Get back in the tuba

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taking requests

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get ate by a tuba

This please?

Draw your female version, don’t forget the huge boobs

Requesting a remake of the image on the left based on the new design of the characters on the right

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Is it 2017 again
Garbage. Go back to trash.
Go back to trash.

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I would

Yes. Now get in the tuba

Fuck off

/r/ lewd these two

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B-but trash will vore me

I swear to god if I can get one person to draw at least a halfway decent butt first vore I'll stop asking for awhile

Anybody know whatever happened to Pin?

What's stopping you?
Go away bludgeons
Good, you'll be gone forever.
No you won't.

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The tuba has to be drawn just right.

Fuck off

Requesting two triangle man swallowing eachother forming a circle

Shove those tits into the tuba.

Hey, with the legs like that, shit looks like a waist, what a nice meme
Draw a titfuck then, or a nipple fuck

The U.S. government announced Friday that it won’t try to send dozens of cruise ship passengers quarantined amid coronavirus fears to a city in Southern California that argued the move would pose a potentially life-threatening local risk.

The government informed the California Department of Public Health that it had determined it doesn’t need to use the state-owned Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa to isolate passengers from the Diamond Princess, the state agency said.

Local officials had said they weren't included in the planning process and want to know what safeguards are in place to prevent the possible transmission of the virus

A federal judge had temporarily barred the swap and questioned why patients weren't being sent to facilities designed to handle contagious illnesses like Ebola. The Fairview center previously housed people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“This is a victory for the citizens of Costa Mesa and Orange County,” Mayor Katrina Foley said in a statement. “But the government has not promised not to place future infected persons there, so the battle is not over. We will continue to ask the court to prohibit the government from using this completely inappropriate facility for housing people infected with a highly communicable and potentially fatal disease.”

A court hearing was scheduled next Monday.

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Nope, you ruined it.

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Fuck off

U.S. prosecutors are asking a judge to deny bail for an elected Hawaii councilman accused of running a drug-trafficking organization, supplying guns, conspiring with a gang leader, requesting sexual favors as payment for drugs and assaulting a law enforcement officer in a case that highlights the hold methamphetamine has on some people in the state.

Arthur Brun led a major drug-trafficking conspiracy involving 11 other defendants since at least June 2019, while serving as an elected member of the Kauai County Council, U.S. Attorney for Hawaii Kenji Price said.

Brun, vice chair of the council's Public Safety and Human Services Committee, pleaded not guilty Friday in U.S. court in Honolulu.

Brun is a "politician who led a drug trafficking organization in the very community he was elected to represent,” Price said.

Prosecutors intend to ask the judge to order Brun held without bail at a detention hearing scheduled for next week. They say in court documents filed Friday that Brun obtained meth from a leader of the United Samoan Organization gang and had the drugs mailed to Hawaii from California.

Another co-defendant is a convicted felon who Brun used for protection, prosecutors said.

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>no you won't
Why don't you draw one and I'll prove it. You'll get at least a few days of silence from me. Also spider vore counts.

Requesting you show off a shrine you have.

Why not just kill yourself?

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Fuck off


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Fuck off

A California man convicted of mail fraud who escaped from a Utah jail by posing as a fellow inmate whose time had come to be released was captured in Idaho Friday, authorities said.

Kaleb Wiewandt was arrested on Interstate 84 southeast of Mountain Home, Idaho, the U.S. Marshals Service said in a news release. Law enforcement had been tracking the vehicle in which Wiewandt was a passenger and he surrendered without incident when they made the traffic stop.

Wiewandt, 40, was allowed to leave a county jail in Ogden, Utah, on Tuesday because staff thought he was a fellow inmate who was supposed to be freed that night, authorities said.

“I hope his four-day vacation was worth it because I suspect he won't see the light of day for quite some time," said Matthew D. Harris, U.S. marshal in Utah.

Authorities say Wiewandt received help from Matthew Belnap, the inmate he posed as to plot his escape. On Monday, Belnap had helped Wiewandt shave his head to look like him and he also gave Wiewandt his identification card, authorities said. Wiewandt recited Belnap's date of birth and Social Security number to jail staff before he was released.

Belnap, 36, has been charged with obstruction of justice for his role in the escape. His motive was unknown.

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Fuck off

>Why not just kill yourself
One day but I want more vore. Eventually plan on feeding myself to wilds dogs/wolves (live on the border of a forest)

Why the fat boobs without hair?

Do it now.
Wigs are lame

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The designer of the “Leaning Tower of Dallas” has been taking a wry pride in the stubborn resistance the creation is presenting to explosives and the wrecking ball.

Thomas Taylor is the principal design engineer for Dallas-based Datum Engineers, which designed the 49-year-old, 11-story Affiliated Computer Services building that explosives mostly brought tumbling down Feb. 16. The concrete core that contained the stairway and elevator shafts remained after the dust settled.

The column was left leaning by the pull of the rest of the crumbling building. That core was the stabilizing element that supported the 11 floors, Taylor told WFAA-TV. He compared it to a tree trunk and the rest of the building to the branches and leaves.

Taylor also said that, as he understood the plan, the demolition charges were supposed to sever all of the branches and leaves and cut off the core at its base, toppling it to the ground.

The problem is it didn't topple all the way, leaving the demolition contractor to chip away at the cast-in-place concrete with a wrecking ball. A spokeswoman for the developer and the demolition contractor said earlier this week the process could take weeks.

“Nobody ever told me to make it easy to demolish,” Taylor said.

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Fuck off

Burn the wig then


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>Do it now
Naah bare minimum I have to wait till the ff7 remake comes out to see if the experience tops the nostalgia of playing the original throughout my childhood

Then I might do it

A Dallas man was convicted and sentenced to 99 years in prison Friday for his part in the abduction and killing of a 13-year-old suburban Dallas girl.

Dallas County jurors deliberated for about an hour before sentencing Desmond Jones for his involvement in the death of Shavon Randle. The sentence was deliberated after the jury witnessed an outburst by Jones, whom bailiffs carried from the courtroom.

Earlier Friday, jurors found Jones, 24, guilty of organized criminal activity, which carries a prison term of up to life behind bars.

Randle had been missing from her Lancaster, Texas, home for several days when she was identified as one of two people found dead inside an abandoned drug house in the nearby Oak Cliff area of Dallas. Also found dead was Michael Titus, 19.

Defense attorneys argued that Jones had to participate for be killed, but prosecutors responded that Jones could have chosen not to participate and could have called police.

Prosecutors said Randle's abduction was retaliation for the theft of $250,000 worth of marijuana from a drug group by Kendall Perkins, a man who was dating Randle's cousin. The cousin was the original target of the abductors but was not home when they arrived at the home of Randle's aunt. They took the pajama-clad Randle instead.

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Why do you think there's no hair?
Me and Karaoke at Comic Con
Good. Now stop replying.

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get in the tuba

Fuck off

Oh so you’re Pin! I see you do the same thing that she used to do with file names. Your tumblr got deactivated. What do you post art on now?

requesting this male demon with a shortstack body

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You are confusing, but continue drawing the fat tits and I will keep flowing the (You)’s

>Now stop replying
Why should I?

Hey YV, doing requests? Glad to see ya again, pal!

How is that confusing.

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here's what i got.
I'm done for today.

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Fuck off

Fuck off

Savannah Streber was a smiley, bubbly eight-year-old, full of personality and spunk. Known as a tomboy by her family, Savannah was tough and not afraid to get dirty. She loved her sisters fiercely and always protected them, both the younger one and the older one, even though she was just a child herself.

“I remember being at the park one day and these kids were just messing with me,” Savannah’s older sister, Kelly Streber, told Dateline. “You know, just being kids... and Savannah went up to them and yelled, ‘Don’t mess with my sissy!’ It was just so cute. I was older than her, but at that moment, she was the one protecting me.”

Kelly was only 13 years old when Savannah died in a house fire on February 28, 2004, in Rochester, New York. Kelly wasn’t with her at the time. While Kelly and Savannah have the same father, they have different mothers. Kelly lived with their father nearby. Savannah and younger sister, Alex, lived with their mother, Lisa Routier.

Kelly often babysat for Savannah and three-year-old Alex. But on that night, someone else was watching the children while Savannah and Alex’s mother worked at her waitressing job at Alfano's Restaurant in Rochester.

And for the past 16 years, Kelly has lived with the guilt that she was not able to protect her sister that night.

“I was just at the house babysitting a couple of weeks before the fire. It was Valentine’s Day,” Kelly told Dateline. “I could have been the one babysitting that night, which is hard for me to think of. But I know one thing for sure, I would have gotten both girls out of that house. I would have fought to save Savannah. And now I live with that guilt.”

Savannah was asleep in her bed when the fire broke around midnight at the house on Yates Street.

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Trash is horrible

Mabel with fat boobs when

Lol thank you for taking the time to do that. It's well done though, personally I am not a fan of anal vore. The butt first vore I was asking for was of someone bent over and eaten starting from the butt as in the reference pic in That being said I do appreciate the time and effort given

Whoops, missed it :p
Could I get you inserted into this, almost like a devil on their shoulders, with whatever old drawfag or friend you might deem admissible for the angel role

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>says he'll do requests
>only requests right now are self inserts
triangle nigger everybody, you love him.

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Requesting you spanking or fucking her

Attached: 1582093717428.png (2894x2039, 710K)

He's mean to me I don't like him very much. He keeps telling me to kill myself.

Requesting you penetrating a female shadow pussy with your pointed head

You get this
If you have a ref
Just make your request not shit.

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he's just replying to himself

don't bother requesting to his avatar spam

Fuck off

>>he's just replying to himself
like you are?

Could I get some more pics of Hitloli? Need some non lewds but lewds would be nice as well.

Attached: HitlerGirl02.png (1000x1200, 120K)

requesting Dante from Devil May Cry impregnating Lady

What, a little offended now that you've been gone and playing under user, any request discrediting and not referencing you isn't worth it?
I had such high hopes for you, Bill.

>If you have a ref
Here you go Cipher

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If you do lewds remember she has a swastika shaped pussy

Attached: SwastikaPussy01.png (1600x1200, 514K)

I see my comment struck a nerve with you, lmao

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 101K)

Fuck off

Requesting tuba vore

Based, thanks Bill

It's YV.

You are dumb and didn’t got the joke

For your consideration:

Attached: 1.png (722x1000, 365K)


For your consideration:

Attached: 2.png (722x1000, 390K)

Request what a genderswap version of Luz would look like

Attached: 88BFCA65-EEDF-4E44-8F32-4FF81AFADD15.png (3237x3000, 1.96M)

Im quite happy with this delivery thanks

Hey, YV, requesting Leni Loud showing off her tits.

Attached: The_Loud_House_Leni_Nickelodeon.png (360x360, 87K)

Glad you liked it.

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 29K)

Kek. Thanks.

You forgot one, user:

Attached: 1581666387093.jpg (745x880, 226K)

LOL, years later and the Bill shits finally gaining traction!
Aw, Bill. I love ya.

Attached: FirsthandLastingCockerspaniel-size_restricted.gif (334x251, 563K)

Requesting Ray Butterdeathskull fucking:

dead body and loving it

Attached: Ray Butterdeathskull.png (634x466, 136K)

Requesting her lecturing about optics

Attached: 20200226_095801.jpg (2172x3862, 394K)

Glad you liked it.

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 94K)

Fuck off

These bitches are HOT

Attached: ConsumeCum.png (500x500, 88K)

Not him but can you make them bigger?

No I like them as they are.

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 25K)

Nice one. Thank you!

>Still forgetting:

Attached: 1573915640813.webm (1114x682, 360K)


Fuck off

Glad you liked it.

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 27K)

Fuck on

get in the tuba

OP do this one

Requesting you be in a staring contest with Gyoro Gyoro from One Punch Man.

Attached: 5h8o2rsujvu01.jpg (834x880, 100K)

rule 63 version of this


Attached: picard stabbed.png (340x456, 182K)

Requesting Ajna kicking me in the testicles.

Attached: 506x0w.jpg (703x1024, 45K)

Good job fucking up, retard

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 73K)

Requesting this Zora sized shark boi putting on clothes obviously too small for him with fem user blushing in the background

Attached: Shark.png (400x1048, 120K)

Fuck off


Think I'm done for now. Gonna play Postal 2 and smoke crack. Later thread.

Attached: vy.png (900x900, 24K)

Ew not this shit

Fuck off

Your little doggie wouldn't do shit to my precious Hitloli. She'd tame home in a single goosestep and use him to punish naught little jew shotas in striped pajamas.

I'd probably just do it out of spite, but my work break ends in...4 minutes.

Sure, fag

That and I've been playing the original Deus ex all day long up until my shift. Actually made some progress being the second attempt, but only up to the point you meet the mole people.

Attached: 1F618831-3B84-420B-AA9D-1EC03BE0A302.png (1024x1536, 577K)

Fuck off

Fuck off

>5 minutes later
So you were lying. You really are a faggot.

Fuck off

Just... DO IT!

Attached: 200w_s.gif (200x200, 5K)

requestan tubas

Attached: 1437761485365.jpg (504x516, 54K)

Fuck off

Still need some lewds and non lewds of Hitloli

I'm here to get told to fuck off and to get called a cunt

Attached: Untitled386_20200125180044.png (768x768, 342K)

Fuck on

Plz do request, need sharky

Fuck off

requesting alice as an already circumcised futanari girl(newborn circumcision) sitting with her spread legs as this star blutterfly pic, squeezing her dick to get out the last cum drop from her dick like in reference(see black dick). Draw her just lifting her skirt and with her panties down, and please, draw Alice on model. Thank you. It would be great if you draw alice sobbing for not being able to get the last cum drop

Attached: 1582241226887.png (828x736, 424K)

Did I miss the tuba delivery

For your consideration:

Attached: IgCcCfbi_o.jpg (800x800, 153K)


Attached: 1582950729359.jpg (4032x1908, 1.64M)

/R/ let’s see what a r63 safe Version of Miko looks like

Attached: 8EA87411-E415-4BB3-A126-02A299757118.jpg (533x603, 67K)

Playing Batman Arkham city for first time (yea I know it's an old game just never had it before). Playing it hard mode with hints off even though I've never played before and it's kicking my ass. Can someone draw Batman getting violated by Catwoman so I can vent my frustration on it


Not him but can you draw Alice as futanari lifting her skirt as pic related (same pose and angle) showing off her flaccid circumcised penis

Attached: 1582667617100.jpg (2480x3507, 1.43M)

user why are you so into this picture ?

Attached: Road.png (678x678, 301K)

You guys made my night

Attached: 72835418_p0.png (1382x1090, 832K)

Fuck off

You get a hearty thanks and a stale meme reaction image attached to it.

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Attached: fuckanon.png (800x800, 101K)

Fuck off





go back to DA nigger



Attached: fernando mental breakdown.png (1524x272, 106K)







Rip shark

poopoo peepee

Hey!! Where's MY state mandated Fuck Off!

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Fuck off

Middle bottom text..

fuck off


vinne pls plaedmc2 is thr bwest donte is bvery gGOODand best in all game beyyoneatter 2 is bad p[ls dnot playe tgat game i liek dfvil maycre2 bettre cuse duhnte veruy cool jaykcet AND hE shuut with TWO gun nbayeanetttes colthes aRE ,MAYDE WIth hair1? no cool jecket and guni n her FEET wh7y lu.l vinesause afte rdmc2 yuo have to play persona 5 vbeRY cooljacket jokar has cool; MASK it uis yhe gmae that saved jrpg genra thank to PERSONA5 is that dragone ball 11 exist . soyou will like too

requesting her with a big ass penis

requesting her farting

requesting corona chan with a big ass penis

are you taking requests?

requesting anime moe with big ass tits

requesting her with a big ass penis

Requesting the addition of a pussy.

Attached: 1557104558820.jpg (1080x1920, 153K)

requesting her eating vomit

niceru songu ;3333333

requesting her dabbing

requesting her with a big ass knot

requesting her being raped by jews


Attached: 19.png (882x771, 390K)

requesting her with a big ass penis

requesting her vomiting on user


▲ ▲

requesting wholesome art

requesting her farting


If they interest me I guess
Glad you're jammin too

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requesting her with a big ass penis

Fuck off

penis music

requesting uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

requesting her being raped by niggers

▲ ▲

I want to die

requesting her farting

does this one ?

Anime tiddies

requesting them brutally killing each other


What a way to start my new life, the perfect egg sandwich.

Attached: 1.jpg (400x189, 159K)

Can I get this girl nude, preferably full body in some sort of sexy pose

Attached: IMG_20200228_214636_033.jpg (600x600, 77K)


Requesting you die & I don't care how you fulfill that request.


None of these interest me atm, sorry. I don't wanna do lewds right now I guess. I wanna do something interesting, but also not "lol rand3m xD"

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How do yall survive being horny 24/7

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bro do u have a fuckin twitter or something where i could follow you on? ur art is fucking awesome my guy

Could you do a flatcheasted girl, in black hoodie and black ripped Jean's, with a traffic cone on her head?

I get by, one day at a time.

Wish I had that strength, user

this is my monk way

look whos talking

Use your third arm for fapping so you can do everything else. Duh.
Aw shucks dude, thanks! My twitter is Slime_Police!
Yeah okay I'm into that. I might take a bit, sorry

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Oh also what hairstyle do you want?

It's just a sign of high testosterone

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it's been my third day not cooming

Fuck off

Godspeed on your path to coomdom then
I've never been horny a day in my life
The lord jeebus christ is always in my heart
... fuck
Coomers are evolving...
There may be hope for you yet, stay strong user

Alright bye

I guess that's what happens when you have trash instead of eyeballs?