I've been really looking forward to date night, what shall we watch? I'd love to see Otomo's masterpiece "Akira"...

>I've been really looking forward to date night, what shall we watch? I'd love to see Otomo's masterpiece "Akira", but I'd also love to see a Kurosawa film. I love Yojimbo!

What would you watch with her?

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she looks like she fucks asian guys

I would only talk to this person if she sat had a terrible accident were her arm was tore off and her face mutilated.

A documentary about Unit 731.

imma show u sum tatami level intergenerational dynamics with this ozu marathon bitch

>I'll never date a girl that looks like a walking advertisement for nerdy shit

I don't want to live any longer.

We're watching Buffalo '66 tonight and if you dare interrupt even one second of this kino viewing experience, I swear, straight to the moon.

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probably Hidden Fortress

Imagine having such entry tier taste not even your shit threads are safe from it

Full Metal Ninja

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>no i don't want to watch those they sound boring, i want to watch DBZ again. look at my arm tattoo and drink, clearly you know i love it so lets watch it again

>We could watch on my old school CRT! Let's watch some anime tapes! Ranma?

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Let's watch all of The Human Condition in one go with no bathroom breaks.

I shouldn't be forced to think of Dragonball when my tongue is buried in her armpit, I mean Android 18 okay, I'd rather fuck Android 18 than her, but those tattoos are just Dragonball. Android 18 isn't even in Dragonball.

Based pit pussy poster

>Do you like my collection? I love thrift store shopping with you :)

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This board is making me lose my mind

She’d be the first

>super hot 18 year old in my class is obsessed with shitty anime
Lurking this thread for ideas.
My idea is just ask her to introduce me to something I haven't seen before. Unfortunately that will probably be My Hero Academia

More like Ranma 2/5ths. (Like if you get it, this is a very high IQ joke).

A documentary about tattoo, piercing and dye removal

I want to smell and lick her body odor while we watch ranma vhs tapes

Angel's Egg

Kamikaze Girls so this dumb arthoe can learn about Japanese kino from our lifetime instead of living the ancient past

I already have a bike thank you

She looks like shed fuck any guy with a packed bowl


Meanwhile in the real world in 2020, your sister has posters of BTS all over her bedroom walls

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lmao, this chink is literally lurking all boards in Cred Forums to post his shit, he even names the pics in a similar way.
Just how autistic do you have to be?

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>Wanna cuddle up and play some Pokemon Gold? We can trade with the link cable :)

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She looks like she thinks My Chemical Romance saved her life.

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Ask her to watch Boku no Pico with you.

I'd unironically let her fuck me in the arse with one of those fifteen inch horse cock dildos. Then when I lay on the floor, a quivering mass covered in cum, she leans over and pisses on my face

> "Shut the fuck up you nasty weeb. Jesus christ, your armpit odor is reaching me from 5 feet away, and I already know your pussy smells like mt dew and cheese, with a bush that could strangle a dog. You're shit taste in anime isn't a personality and you have terrible fucking hygiene, which is made even worse since you are a woman with a gash. You're moderately attractive now, but in a decade you'll be a goddamn cow playing a cow in wow because being a healer is just right for you. Fuck, get away from me. That nasty ass energy drink your guzzling isn't exactly masking your morning milk breath. And yes, pads are nastier than tampons, so if you are gunna bleed all over yourself, at least change your fucking blood diaper more often."

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How to get autistic smelly gf bros.

Angel's Egg is shit and she probably would be bored by it

...you mean I have a chance

>you go to Cred Forums
Jesus christ how childish can you be?

My dick going in and out of her vagina

Outlaw Star

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School Days

Why do I only find either girls who are all natural with no tattoos or covered in tattoos girls with piercings and colored hair? Anything in between is disgusting but the extremes drive me nuts.

As autistic as any cross boarder I’d assume

To be fair, girls who only have a couple of small tattoos make their limbs look like their high school notebooks, full of stupid little drawings.
Might as well commit and get something big.

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Because anything else comes off as half hearted and tacky.

Yes, its the age old adage
>if she tokes/smokes, she pokes

I hope she doesn't get any tattoos on her thighs.
Those milky pale thighs are beautiful.


This is the perfect woman.

i bet she loves the ricedick

Settle down, chinks.

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I'm the same, either completely clean or go full inked. In between just looks lame, at least with a fully inked whore I know what to expect, with some bitch with 2 scribbles on her arms or legs you're always in for a surprise.

Pic related.

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Rashoman is always a safe bet. Or maybe Ikiru, depending on how emotional she is.


Scene >>>>>> art hoe.

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lame arthoe with fake glasses


>I love Yojimbo
Please, stop bullying Kojima.

OP reminds me of Warframe's Community Manager

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>More like Ranma 2/5ths. (Like if you get it, this is a very high IQ joke).
Samurai X trust and betrayal...not joke even her a hot anime gal can love a loveless bastard like you...if those characters can fall in love.

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I know just the film to set the mood.

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The entire Blacked catalog

Needs proper raccoon eyes.

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Imagine the smell.

we watch blackedraw wh*teoid

I've never seen women like this irl, they only exist on the internet.

Cuz they're introverted and don,t go out.

Get the fuck outta my car with that anime bullshit you stupid ho!

what is the literal point of inking your skin if youre just going to sit inside your house, I dont believe this at all

Tell her to get out of the car. I would never have a purple haired gf with tattoos. Even though her taste in anime is good.

Kek all women like this have some kind of mental deficiency, they're all crazy.

I wanna cuddle with her bros

Low self-esteem

Autism, she's 30 and still lives with her parents.

So are most woman, at least with this one you can share your hobbies.

>those trips?
>this post?
incredibly based. I think I need to arrange a meeting with the based department

Nah just you, ricedick

Far from the least retarded thing women do.

She’s ugly but seems easy

I’d fuck her and leave

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That's a dude isn't it?

It's a female girl.

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>all women have some kind of mental deficiency, they're all crazy.

lets watch blade runner 2049

like a cutie freak like her would date any Mongo here hahahahahahahaha

the haunter tattoo is particularly egregious, I bet the dumb cunt has never cleared pokemon blue/red in her life. Probably had her faggot beta orbiters do it for her.

Nothing because she has way too many red flags.

damn, she would be perfect with a little trans dick

>ugly ass anime colored hair
>fucking stick so no tits and ass
>le quirky anime personality
>le gurl gamur hobby
Red flags and fucking cringe all around. You fucking incels need to get some standards.

i would watch her swing from a tree

>>ugly ass anime colored hair

You mean warning coloration

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Stupid Cred Forumseddit


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>haha dude, remember that spooky goosebumps with the doggo and epic spooky mask!
>that was like sooooooooo epic FTW, bro
>oh i never read all of them i just watched them on the hub in the background while i was fucking chad and found these at goodwill

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reddit loves alt girls
i should know, since i am reddit

>wearing dirty shows inside on a capet
Americans are truly disgusting

You really really really need to stop projecting your insecurities onto internet pictures

based boomercoomer

What? Dyed hair is a clear sign to stay away.

There is literally nothing wrong with insane goths and emos.

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this is my perfect woman
notice how she is not a hair dyed, tattooed attention whore with a blown out pussy

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kys nigger.

>easy good
>west bad
is not a personality

No, instead it's a plank of wood that will make me feel like I skipped years until I was 60.
I guess being with goths all my life spoiled me, but normal girls are boring as fuck, specially the church and japanese types.

Nah chill that's an ugly chink, senpai.

>stretched ears
fucking dropped

Posting 10 year old Cred Forums memes as if it is some new revelation is peak Cred Forumseddit.
It's like when people actually use "knees too pointy would not bang" or "I was just pretending to be retarded" comics

>stick so no tits and ass
what exactly makes this bad?

What a shortsighted freak. Although she could probably make some decent money with affiliate marketing considering she's already a fucking advertisement.

ewww gtfo of my car, whore

no farts and no milk
useless "woman"

You might as well fuck a boy, you colossal bender. What kind of low test male are you that tits and a nice ass scares you away?

You're so used to crazy that you think normal is boring.

You take this pile of shit turkish date farming wholesale website way too seriously. It's funny and relevant, fuck you.

Because with nice tits and ass come fat guts and cottage cheese

>You're so used to crazy that you think normal is boring.
Because it is.
What do you do with a normal girl?
Watch the latest piece of SJW garbage that Netflix has shat out?
Go watch some crappy Marvel movie?
Normal girls barely get drunk anymore beyond their teenage years, and they aren't even good for a pump and dump because they are like fish in bed.

Maybe don't live in America and go after whales. In first world countries women diet and workout.

Bitch is that Perfect Blue? Pretty based

Fucking based

I live in the PNW, so we hike.

There's a trend here where girls that work out ONLY do ass stuff. So they have completely undeveloped body outside of their huge baboon black man attracters.

I really hope those two girls fingered each other at one point.

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>so we hike
Damn, you walk with your gf, I sure envy you.

Not only that, but we walk at a steep incline, and then sometimes fuck in the forest.

I dont mind tatted girls but its the attitude I hate, Im a rebal look at me , OK hidden tats But when its all about look how zany I am . Im out , Your Fired

>Im a rebal look at me
That's the problem with people nowadays, they don't have a single itch of rebellious attitude, they just want to be the obedient little slaves of different types of people.
Plus, in girls that type of rebeliousness is always cute, it's what gave us goths, emos, etc, and if you don't have any itch of rebeliousness in you, you must be a grandpa, or, as we've seen, one of those "idealist" millennials who go on endlessly about muh politics.

This. Women are basically dairy cows.


why are they so insufferable?

>The Pest starring John Leguizamo. You'll really get a kick out of it!


Probably murder it and not even have sex with the corpse.

shes cute , the dyed hair is worrying though.


Not dyed red is usually a better sign.

Red or cyan is the sign she's fucking nuts for sure.

what stinky hole do you hail from

>Not dyed red is usually a better sign.

Delusional. I usually try to match with girls that dye their hair or shave the side of their head because they're clearly bad at making good life decisions.

And that's why I avoid you normalfags.

Level the playing field huh user? Remarkable

Hey, if you're okay with getting stabbed by a fatty with black hair and a Jack Skellington tattoo more power to you. That certainly isn't boring.

Been around those girls for 10 years and i'm fine, so no need to worry about me.

It was a joke, but I really do like hearing about their minimum wage part-time job.

Cred Forums talking about girls is like Monkeys and Dogs talking about space. Sure you might've been there once or twice but it's not really realistic for you to discuss.

Also wouldn't it be cool if monkeys and dogs could talk?

>No one on 4chins has been able to break of inceldom

Ive fucked all the holes of two gfs over the course of about 5 years. It’s just been so long since I’ve done anything that I’m more or less a born again incel. Kinda a vocel I guess, since I just don’t try cuz I have a shit job and too high of standards for my status (poor guys get the fatties, that’s a fact).

Reddit talking about "Cred Forums" is so pathetic

Cred Forums pretending this isn't autism-central, specially nowadays, is even more pathetic.

The television and film board on 4channel (formerly Cred Forums) has over 50000 visitors a day

Buy them stuff, I guess.

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Is that Rem Lezar?

Is this what female autism looks like?

Kinda, but that's not it's final form.

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i wouldn't date someone with shit in their face

>colored hair

>Bubblegum crisis


Shes actually cute wearing normal clothing and not showing arms covered in a thousand tats

Ching chong

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I just want to buy her used sneakers to be honest.

I'd watch "Predator" and tell her to fuck off with all her Japanese cartoon obsessions. I don't date lame ass bitches, so I'd tell her she better get her shit together if she plans on sticking around. Little dork ass bitch, she's a knucklehead. She needs a man, and I mean a real man, to guide her goofy ass. Nothing I can't handle, nothing I haven't had to do before. Most girls are goofy. They don't even trust their own opinions. They constantly need reassurance they don't look or think retarded. Real ones will know, all I say is truth.

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Wanna know how I know you're a wimp with no self-esteem? Step your game up, my dude.

god he even faked her out with the arm swinging, what a legend

Do you know why he hit that dude innocently standing next to her too? Let's see how smart you are with your people psychology.

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Im not falling for that old trick

Old trick? Uh, ok then. Not a trick, but ok.

I know she likes yu yu hakusho and pokemon ;D

where are the guys who hacked her to post her nudes?

I'd like to give her an issue of Daddy.

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>What would you watch with her?
a documentary on why tattoos are ridiculous

Yellowbois crying and on suicidewatch

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Sometimes i wish i could be a YOLO atheist like her.

So in other words, you actually don't know. Cool. I hope you never have to be some dudes' wingman, or have a girlfriend who thinks she's safe around you.

Probably two or three K-dramas, 1-hour each. Fuck anime.

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My silly ass mashing O in gta 5

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What the fuck is a psycho pass?

Boogie-Pop Phantom?

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oh pulease.
point of old style crt = nothing
also they suck power

>Not using a crt for perfect online matches

>it wasnt an excuse to call black people niggers

youre right I had no clue what you were trying to say

“The pit was so crazy, I got kicked in the head when X song started. So wild. Best night ever”

Lame as fuck. I love it

Fist of the North Star