American game show

>American game show

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What is Blatant Propaganda?

>Alt-right shows up to promote white nationalism
>Fragile egos can't handle being called neo-nazis

Everything about that was a psyop. I can't believe so many people fell for it.

That's so weird, I suddenly find myself elated that Trebek is dying!

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in what way is this inaccurate?

A program that purports to care about accuracy of information should be able to distinguish between white nationalists and neo-nazis.

it hurts Cred Forumscuck feefees therefore it is jewish lies. same as it ever was

it's fake stop crying you dumb incel

Tell us what the difference is poltard

I rest my case

>this obese amerimutt got a heart attack after hitting a vehicle at a protest against removing art that triggers the authoritarian left

hitler was trans

Agreed, all trannies are evil. Glad we are on the same page here.

>this phenotype now has to make up fake shit in order to cry about it

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she weren’t hit by no car

it's up to you to pass judgement on trannies, I don't care either way. However I'm just stating historical fact.

Sup Tenda, seen any good BLACKED videos recently?

>the greatest moment in the history of White Nationalism is some learning disabled friendless incel sperging out and running over a fat bitch with his car, cementing incels as the most hated group in America in the process

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Americans die from a hearth attack when a car drive fast next to them without even touching them LMAO!

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Why do they have toy/paper shields?


cool it with the anti-nazi rhetoric

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The car didn't hit her

Agreed, all trannies must fucking dilate

Political extremes are always filled with some quiet scholarly types and then an army of insane weirdos like this. Communism is pretty similar too.

Neo-nazis, by the name, believe in national socialism. White nationalists can believe in any form of government. There is overlap between the two, of course, white nationalists can also be national socialists, but they can also be monarchists, fascists, democratists, even communists.

she didn't die by the car, she had a heart attack because she was fucking obese

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True American hero

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Please do not post photos of my wife Emma


>when something is french, quebec, or montreal and he gets a little boner from saying it with a fag french accent.

Neo Nazi
>kill all non whites, heil Hitler!
>also let's act like degenerates that Hitler would have killed back in his day
White Nationalist
>can we please stop importing illiterate third worlders, paying for them with tax dollars, and then scrambling to sweep their propensity for violence under the rug so that the left can pretend they do no wrong?

neonazism has nothing to do with white nationalism. dilate

Have sex (with a horse)

You see inbred retards on both sides but the media gets to pick the photos you see.


It is intellectually dishonest to conflate the two, just as some folks would ree about calling socialism communism and vice versa. But I guess whoever was putting together the Jeopardy questions that morning had an agenda.

that's clearly wood but I think the question is why do they have shields at all

Hi, I'm bald and I have a small dick and the only woman who would love me has a giant kike nose and looks like a fucking yid.

People with something to lose don't bother with shit like this, regardless of political affiliation. I want a white ethnostate as much as the next person, but I'm not going to take a couple of days off of work to drive down to Virginia so I can show solidarity alongside inbred rednecks upset about muh statues and larping nazis who never grew out of their edgelord phase.

The person putting together the questions would have pulled from popular media sources.
If you're mad about the conflation of these two terms, then you should take it up with the reporters who wrote about it and set the terminology in the first place.
It's not the job of a game show writer to appeal to your fringe beliefs

why is mc ride so angry

roman/greek LARP

In the sense that she did posthumously win one of those fake elite propaganda awards which mean nothing?


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>it's not the job of a Jeopardy writer to be accurate


Within the mainstream discussion, the writing is accurate.

Why do y'all use a fake strawman when real Cred Forums is still worthy of ridicule?

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>within this warped area nobody considers legitimate anymore it is accurate

>I don't consider it legitimate therefore everyone else must as well

>what is polling data
What is your angle here retard? This bullshit is indefensible. Do they ask questions about victims of other attacks regularly? No, no they do not


lol yall see the one where they asked where Bethlehem is and they didn't accept Palestine as the answer

>>what is polling data
What does this have to do with anything? People still follow mainstream reporting you autist, even if the numbers are less than before.
>Do they ask questions about victims of other attacks regularly? No, no they do not
Did victims of other attacks receive humanitarian awards? The incident received a lot of attention

It's clear you have some political stake in this shit, but this show isn't the one generating what you see as propaganda. It's just reflecting it.

She died from being fat, not from protesting. And she wasn't protesting against neo-nazis, she was protesting against white people. Which I guess according to the media is the same these days.

>statues aren't art because they trigger me

>what does polling data on trust of the media have to do with the fact that something is established as true in the media

>now the standard is "people follow it" therefore its true in context
No, under this idea, it would be jeopardy taking the minority view on an issue

>did victims of other attacks receieve humanity awards?
Lmao like that fucking means something. Here, ill bestow an equivalent one on you. I hereby award user the faggot with the pedantic arbitrary nigger award of faggotry. Now you can be featured on jeopardy too

>its clear you have a political stake

Do you have any proof that the majority of people disagree over conflating these two terms? If not, you're just extrapolating by bringing up media trust.
>Lmao like that fucking means something.
It means that the incident is well known you fucking autist. Get this, they have to ask questions that people can actually answer.
By bringing up a crime that received national attention? Man, I've seen them bring up the Watergate scandal before, it doesn't mean they're diehard anti-Nixoners.

>Did victims of other attacks receive humanitarian awards? The incident received a lot of attention
There are way bigger attacks and ones that received way more attention. Why is something from 2017 even a question?

lol looks like a meth head

I've seen this pic 10,000x. Is this the really non-goofy abomination Cred Forums could find?

Youre such a fucking scumbag being so deliberately obtuse

Hopefully you get an ali humanitarian award for social justice in the same fashion

The "alt-right" are paid federal informants intentionally designed to accelerate the notion of white men being fragile and egotistical. They're not anyone's friend.

>it's an elaborate conspiracy that people think I'm fragile and egoistical
the irony in this is amazing

Learn to greentext correctly you fuck

What the fuck is wrong with Amerimutts and their obsession with identity politics?

on a semi-related note, my DVR just randomly cuts out 3 minutes of jeopardy every single fucking time and i have no fucking idea what the problem is and it's pissing me off please help

Richard Spencer is friendly with the Bush family and other jewnalists. Fuck outta here. Your gay Zionist in denial hairlet will never be taken seriously again.

Is it at the end? You have to add time for runover in the settings

no it's genuinely random, one time it was in the middle of double jeopardy. it's not cutting off the end early, there's a legitimate 3 minute gap even in the timestamps

Federalism and segregation made Americans stupidly tribal

Go read putnam newfags

Oy fucking vey, I can smell the semitism on your breath

lost her life to obesity

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wasn't she really incredibly fat to the point of caricature, and didn't succumb to a heart attack?

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>muh fargile
Why do you Amerimutts call each other fragile when you, as a whole, are a country of pussies who have turned political activism into a race to see who self-victimizes more?
You are a country of autistic people who want to be perpetual kids.

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t. Xing Xiaoxiu

>dude, look, i'm comparing the box office of stupid superhero movies, i'm a true neo-nazi/communist revolutionary

Who are you quoting?

I'd guess Riga as it's the only four letter city in the baltics I can think of.

Amerimutt "activists".
It's all they've said for the past 2 years.


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It's just dumb that Jews get to name everything.

this is the obvious answer

only someone completely without geographical understanding would guess something else, like the man with $400, he guessed Oslo


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the people that come out of the woodwork to attack these people is interesting, I don't care either way, but they're rather benign and inoffensive.

I'm dead

>Youre such a fucking scumbag being so deliberately obtuse
First time arguing with a leftist?


it's also possible she was killed by some of the other protestors when they incorrectly performed CPR

They're too scared to go to Cred Forums to find real examples

Its a way for the rich to divide up the poor. So they hire a bunch of mouth pieces and get them elected to distract and divide.

Shits so bad half the country cant tell trump is a complete piece of shit who is bankrupting our country like he went bankrupt 5 times. Shits starting to hit the fan so it will only get worse. The bond markets collapsed, which led to the stock market collapse because the rich kept buying up bonds and the fed bought them back... now the fed is holding 4.3 trillion in debt... to itself...

Its a ponzi scheme under a circus tent

If you don't do your job better your employers will have you fired and beaten

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Welcome to Cred Forums, you have been teleported.

its cause Cred Forums mods are lefty shills

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>Pretending that pol isn't the first

huh, I wonder which of those two arguments would best match what's on the front page of Cred Forums

its like your're not even trying