Serious question:

Serious question:

feels good? I mean... is it possible to enjoy anal sex being a passive man? Orgasm?

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Feels great. I've never came from only butt stuff but the orgasms are so much better with someone in my butt.

>itt: faggotry

Did some experimenting in my early teen years and nothing feels better than having a hands free orgasm from someone hitting your prostate while fucking you. It was like a non-stop orgasm

significantly more cum?

why stop

Honestly? Prostate massage is pretty sweet. Getting pegged is pretty gay.

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yes, but its awkward at the beggining.
its like a trip from painful and awkward, to a incredibly hard and nice orgasm.

Way more precum as well. My cock was pulsating cum until he stopped and came up my ass

I never really dig it but my fiancé made me a deal cause she’s into it. If I opened up sexually in that way she’d do the same for me and now I get to watch her fuck other girls, be a little slut at the bar, and get to degrade her on the reg. Good trade off to me

are you A real man?

whats a prostate orgasm like for a man? how to achieve this without cock?

I'll have to say it feels good. I had a friend that was going into femdom and she demanded I let her do this to me if I wanted anymore blowjobs. At first I thought it was hot thinking this 19 yo would be so aggressive to me (a 27 yo). The moment she was in I fell in love, there is nothing like submitting yourself fully and just being fucked endlessly for over an hour as you make a puddle of cum with constant orgasms.

>watch her fuck other girls

oh boy

Get a prostate massager or a curved dildo. Once you hit the spot you will not want to stop rubbing it, your cock will stiffen up and feel like it'll explode. You keep at it and every time you feel it building up don't stop, at some point your body will stiffen and cum will be shooting. The fun thing is that you can keep massaging it and cum again however many times you want, longest I went with a dildo was maybe 2.5 hours. The mind bending orgasm happens when you stroke your pulsating cock as you massage your prostate. Combining a regular stroking orgasm with a prostate one is the most amazing experience anyone will have. I remember my feet and body going completely numb and just twitching there for almost a minute.

wow, i'll have to try this sometime. you wonder what allows the prostate to give this sensation and what is the purpose? is it just an accident?

it's a little hard getting stuff like that cus people are gonna find it or route through my mail. lols.

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Yes, but mostly depends on the partner.

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if over 18 then just tell them to fuck off
if under and have passport try to set up a po box maybe? i really don't know.

Make sure wherever you get it from they state they ship discretely. Almost every adult toy store website does. Plus make sure to get the biggest bottle of lube, you'll go through it pretty quickly. The typical prostate massagers don't work for me but what's the greatest are the dildos that have a suction cup, 7 inches is a good enough to work with. Literally stick it against any surface and start riding. I like it bc it can transition from the shower fun to my bedroom where I pull the second dresser from the floor out so I can comfortably bend over and ride. It also makes a good workout. If you get kinkier with semi-public stuff, like dressing rooms or single-bathrooms, you can take your fun anywhere.

I have no idea what massaging the prostate does or why it's like that tbh. Plus, I know you said without a cock. I have to admit a real cock is way better at it.

what people ? lol

i would fuck a man in the ass but i would never let anyone fuck mine

I let my fiancée peg me with a strap on. Takes some getting used to but we both enjoy it

It almost entirely depends on your frame of mind. If you have a personal reason to want it, you can enjoy anything. For me, I just wanted to feel wanted and valuable when my first gf broke up with me and men were easier than women. It happens almost every time i get depressed and don't masturbate for a few days, the arousal and interest in penis resurfaces. It helps, then back to normal. My wife encourages me when I get that way, so I'm free to indulge it without shame or secrecy.

i get fucked by a real cock semi-regularly and i don't really feel much, never did, i like submitting and pleasing my man tho' so i would moan like a real slut but actually it doesn't feels neither good nor bad