Thoughts on Korn?

Thoughts on Korn?

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kinda korny

Found some in my shit yesterday.

They made the same song for over 20 years

Iconic in the late 90s. Still fun to listen to those jams

Love it. On the cob, or in the can. Most maize based products are delicious

They are one of the best ,but new album is bad

Been thinking about putting some olives in my ass. Nice big green ones. And just holding them there while I go to work

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I love his brother's song "Nutshell"

I'm embarrassed of my teenage self


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Same. Actually listened to Follow the Leader the other day and didn't completely hate it, was a nice call back to middle school

There's literally nothing wrong with still listening to it. Don't become a boomer.

Always watch Thoughtless whenever I have a utube music session.

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I like corn, especially with ketchup

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fucking awful

love self titled and life is peachy, downtuned guitars don't bore me tbh

Love the work they did on the ‘Queen of the Dammed’ soundtrack

I think they're

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personally i don't trust it.
you chew it up and swallow it into a pit of acid in your stomach, but somehow it's whole again when it comes out of your ass.
that shit ain't natural.

Mmmm radda doo badda radda badda mmmm mmm radda doo badda errrr radda badda twist. Twist. Twist.

Did Korn's brother stop doing meth? When's he coming back? I like his music!

My cousin borrowed a whammy pedal and would very shittily play that stupid riff from freak on a leash.

You know the waaaaaahhhh-WEEEEE-Wooooooooooooo

All fucking night

Seriously, nigga, all god damn night until 4am.

I respect them for teaching white kids it's okay to dress like shit and also smell like shit but their music very enjoyable, especially when played by amateur guitarists

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*isn't very enjoyable