I'm stupid successful in tech but fat (270 lbs) 5'10

I'm stupid successful in tech but fat (270 lbs) 5'10

How do I find a live-in NEET cuteboi to cook, clean, cuddle, and fuck?

pic related my dd

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nice gtr

texas requires front license plate? at least you put it in the windshield. based.

Bullshit you daily a gtr bread on the hood or go duck your mother


>How do I find a live-in NEET cuteboi to cook, clean, cuddle, and fuck?
Not be fat is a good start

Also lol at being a faggot in Texas

R35 would be an awesome daily. You should try to get fit, you would feel better about yourself and would be easier to find a partner/fuck buddy

I consider myself straight and just into feminine traits but long past the point of even bothering to try with actual women.

was 310 at my worst. losing weight just takes time.

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nigger they've been selling gtr's since fucking 2008 lmao

People act like you're showing a 488 pista lol

this is a 15, see dba bumper and bolt headlights
there was a time in my life where they were equally unattainable, so while it is funny they're treating what was a $63k car for me to buy like it's something super crazy expensive, I do understand where they're coming from

Be a fag and get good at sucking cock and taking it up the ass.

Or just stop being a lazy fat ass, fatty. What's it like knowing I'm in my late 30's and my girlfriend is in her late 20's hot Asian chick? I only make 60k, but I workout six days a week and do Muay Thai. Fuck man, it's not hard and you'll feel great. Also, no one fucks with you at the bar and everyone is generally a lot more nicer to you when you're attractive, you get away with a lot more, it's pretty cool.

T. Former fatty

>I'm losing weight
>A big fucking thing of bread on the passenger seat

Bro, hit the fucking gym and fucking diet, high protein, low carbs and count your calories. Shit you niggers, it's not that hard, it just takes a mindset.

And go for a fucking walk as well, reduce that calorie deficit with exercise. Build up to running or at least the stair machine.

I'm not gay, so pass on that first bad idea.

I work out 3x a week and count calories pretty religiously, it just takes time. I have a thyroid issue that doesn't prevent weight loss and doesn't excuse the years of sedentary lifestyle + overeating but does make it take a little longer because of my low BMR. I've lost 40 pounds so far since my worst but another 100 feels like it's gonna take forever. I've only been losing 1 to 2 lbs per month.

bread is for lol. also, as I said, I am losing weight, it's just taking a long time.

Yeah fat people are always like "I just can't lose any weight, what do you want to do for lunch? Im thinking Sonic's.".

Like no u fat pile of shit I was planning on taking a five minute break.and eating a handful of triscuits, some raisins, a spoon ful l of peanut butter and a cup of coffee.

No.i don't want chilli cheese tator tots jalapeno poppers a fucking half gallon of Sprite and a double god damn bacon extra cheese burger.

Its nasty as shit, overpriced and takes a fucking hour.

Get involved in the Dallas gay community of wealthy individuals. Ez pz

I'm a 38 year old NEET i'll be your boyfriend unironically

I can and have been losing weight. read the thread. I could calories, got rid of soda and fast food from my diet, and exercise regularly. have been for like a year and a half. It's just taking a long time.


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clean your car you fat nigger

watch it fucker - I'm white

You have good taste in vehicles. I’m jealous.

Nice gt-r.
Glad so see another guy succeed in tech.
Excercise a bit and watch ur calories and you'll be good.

Trap okay too?

>GTR as a daily driver

Why punish yourself like that?


15+ isn't as bad with suspension in comf.
also because I work remote and have gym at my apartment complex, I don't have to drive except for groceries.

What do you do for a living?

How to make contact? I'm 31 by the way, trap maybe transitioning. Not very fond of sharing pics on here.


join WEqfp46 on discord

Nice what year? Here's my DD. Not as fast as a GTR but it can hold it's own.

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'15. yours is gorgeous as well. s class?

Find your priorities, do you want to lose weight or are you comfortable as you are? Then just find someone on soc/ if you're introvert. Or if you're looking to get in shape cut most sugar out of your life, find a placebo to replace your habit of eating junk, start with the worst the infamous candy and move on. I suggest some type of fruit bar its sugary but not particularly unhealthy and if you eat one everytime you get a sugar craving if you hold on then you'll cut the urge to pig out on the worst of things since you won't be addicted to sugars anymore. If you want to take a further step do simple easy exercise that is non invasive during your everyday routines like a exercise between one of your daily routines from "laudry to shower" e.g. lunges pushups something simple.
Exercise bike is good, not that hard and burns good.

I wish, it's a 2017 CLS 63 AMG S. 577 HP and 590 Ft-lbs of torque

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Just workout you stupid fat fuckin queer


DYEL detected

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Read thread, already exercise @ gym 3x/weekly and diet, already lost 40 lbs, already completely quit soda and fast food. I personally am happy as I am minus not having a partner, and understand I'll need to continue losing more weight to find the love of my life.

is that @ wheel or SAE? yours is probably 1000x more comfortable and quiet. I'm doing 601 whp 622 lb-ft at wheels right now myself, E85 + almost FBO, just missing midpipe and exhaust.

learn to read lmao I do

You are ugly and will never pass. In 10 years you will become apart of the statistic, degenerate.

No clue if its at the wheels, i want to tune it. Stage 1. I know it can run high 11s and tuned it can just about touch high 10s. It's comfortable as fuck tho. Massage seat and everything.

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I have a massage seat and a car that can run 10s but they are certainly not one in the same, haha

Ahahaha, i need to try a GTR, seems liike its a cheat code to go fast. I just dont like how the interior hasnt aged well, especially for a model that's still in production. since '08. You would think they'd modernized the cluster/infotainment with digital dash and all.

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Losing weight is all about diet and excercise if the results you're looking for aren't coming fast enough you should see if your nutrition is good, you should be able to hire a nutritionist to give you a diet plan, but if you're on a good diet that isn't huge in calories( I personally don't care for couting calories, but take a step into actually checking what you eat it, really helps) Then make sure your exercise is good, there is no "bad exercise" everything you do is, as long as its not physically wrong or crossfit, you should be okay, if you feel that you aren't losing fast enough for your taste choose a exercise with a higher calorie burn per minute like the bike.
Remeber that getting fit is never easy and anyone who says so is dumb but its worth the payoff and you will never regret the decision if you don't give up.

I'm a NEET who's looking to pay their rent with a decent enough dick.

Giv money

Check out EBA (17+) if interior is important to you. Those are very nice. The aftermarket is also endless. I am looking at doing a complete alcantara interior soon. Door panels, headliner, seats, dash material, everything.

You pay with your ass, not with your dick, try again.

Man i got the alcantara roof liner and pillars. Nice to the touch. Only issue i got is the alcantara on the steering wheel, you gotta keep that shit clean or it becomes nothing more than fucking leather lol. I think after the CLS im going S class, im all about that comfort smooth ride.

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Litteral fuckboi car


Backpage. Place an ad for a live in sex assistant.

>super successful in tech

are you judging your success versus other Texans?

nationally, I rank in the top 1% of individual income, and top 2% of household income (by myself)

If you have money then hire a personal trainer, so that you are held accountable by someone when you start pigging out or don't do your workouts. Plus, they will put together your meal plan and workouts, so you don't have to.

What kind of tech?


Am I the only one who has taste, and doesn't like this trend of digital gauge clusters? Most are complete garbage, and they will look outdated as fuck in the coming years, while a nicely crafted real gauge cluster will look timeless and nice. It's one of the reasons Bugatti didn't go with normal controls for the Veyron.

I'd rather have a nice real gauge cluster with at least a real tach. The rest can be digital but at least keep the flash to a minimum and purely functional.

I like an analogue tach. I just like the GT-R because it's a really good value in terms of G-force acceleration per dollar, especially lightly modded.

Fucking ribeye n veggie Omad every day the weight will melt off you bro