How does it feel to be averege American how knows only 1 language...

How does it feel to be averege American how knows only 1 language? Im from postcommunist shithole and even here most young people english at least communicative, usualy some french/german/spanish. How it can be that your education is far behind (excluding top universities for rich kids) even to shitholes X times poorer?

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Why the fuck would I learn some fucking commie language?

>learning some stupid slavlanguage

Lol Im not telling you to learn slav language but some other useful language like german/french/spanish/chinese/portugese/arab or whatever(but russian is useful too, 250-300mln people speak it)

Nice deflections.
Proof of superior education.

Real American here. Honestly it makes a lot of us feel superior. Like you have to go thru the trouble of making yourself understood by us. Most of us don't give two shits about other countries or languages. I say this cause I know that's how most of the people I know feel. I also happen to speak some french and alot of German so I'm different and rare in the states.

More like proof of your butthurt, slav

Being in California and knowing a little bit of multiple languages enough to get by but never be fluent.
There is no need for the US to learn French or german. We need to learn mandarin, Cantonese and spanish.

Considering that English is the lingua franca for trade, why would we bother.

I guess I would feel kinda superior too because of the same reason but also I can clearly see that knowing other languages opens new paths for you and even helps you understanding your own language better

any of those mentioned languages
EVERY EUROPEAN COUNTRY is into a decay process, why should one learn french if France is sinking itself into irrelevancy? Or german while Germany is being RIGHT NOW flooded again with muslims? Portuguese? What the fuck is and will be Portugal?

Either english or mandarin. Other options are useless

>How does it feel to be averege American how knows only 1 language?

It feels very dominant. International air travel standard language is English, the standard unit of currency for most trade, is also the dollar. Oil trades always occur using the US Dollar.

Feels good dominating like this!

You call this English...go back to your shithole and fuck youself

>Why the fuck would I learn some fucking commie language?

To pick up sexy white traditional mail order brides

English is the most efficient language per syllable

They can learn english or gtfo

how does it feel? I can speak pretty well in spanish and german but I've never needed to. Knowing them has never impacted anything i've ever needed to do.

Oh damn boy I see I made few mistakes there and you feel better after pinpointing this? Quite childish.
Portugese is the language of Brazil and they are rising sun of South America.

dont forget your big IOU to china amerifag

Sudaca here

Uni buddies told me while they were in masters degree studies that czech-pole chicks were very into them.

That doesn't seem so "traditional"

>postcommunist shithole
spend your time learning other things and not language. english is the most efficient and practical language in the world. utilize your brain's plasticity to learn other things. maybe if you weren't busy muttering your shitty minor European language, you would have learned a marketable skill by now.

>Brazil and they are rising sun of South America
Brazil has always being considered as such and NEVER have managed to get there.

Either macaco or the eternal Alberto Barbossa that lurks Cred Forums.

This right here... fuck all these Euro Fags and Slav trash... they would all be German if it wasn't for the USA

women aren't traditional in nature. your uni buddies probably seemed exotic compared to the common Czech male.

feels awesome being superior. making 6 figures, knowing 4 languages including sign language, having a diploma but no college because college is for chumps who dreams to live my life but will only live with debt that will consume them. all this at 24 years old, feels fucking amazing. ill think about this post tomorrow on my 250 sundancer with a cold beer in my hands and my hot wife on my lap, watching my kids play on a boat worth more than your life. haha.


this retarded

I know very well my slavic language is irrelevant in comparison to english amd thats why Im glad I know a bit of this but daaamn some of you seem to be very childish with mindset of yours
IM FROM AMERICA ITS THE CENTER OF THE WORLD but i dont know even where my coutry is on the world map
k e k

I know English, Spanish, C, Java, Python, and a little bit of assembly so I'm all set. I'm also making close to 150k base salary and plan on retiring around 45/50 years old to help out the less fortunate in 3rd world countries. Fuck off and die in your shithole you commie bastard

I also don't have to leave my house for work lmao


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Bad bait.hows it feel that the rest of the world needs to know English? FAGGOTS

Burger here. I took 6 years of French in school (every single day of school for 6 years) and 7 years of Greek (church school at least once a week for 2+ hours and church was in Greek).
I don't speak EITHER because after high school I never spoke a fucking single word of either of them ever again.
I could comfortably order whatever food I wanted in any Spanish speaking country...cause mexicans (no studying).

Is that the size of your peepers?

Get out Nigger

Seems like you're envious, Novak.

Good luck speaking english/spanish in 3rd world countries.

I use my brain to memorize shit that matters. If someone wants to be worth something in this world then they better damn well learn English. English is the border that separates that irrelevant and the relevant. Why would I learn a language just to listen to some spic complain about America?

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The only language you know is choking on cock

Thank you american guys, you are literally proving me that worldwide opion of you being stupid and too cocky is kinda true( not always ofc) the only good thing is that your economy takes talented people from India and other shitholes. As for II war russian would defeat Germans anyway but what can you know about deep annals of history

Yeah you can boil it down to that. I'm mostly working on automation for setting up our infrastructure to build our app and deploy to AWS now. Built up ECS, RDS, route 53, Lambdas, etc...

I'll deep you something about deep anal.

тpaхни cвoю мaть-кoммyниcткy!

You don't think I can learn other languages in the next 20 years? Lol

Ah, the languages of capitulation.

wow you spent hours learning a bunch of scribbles just so you can listen to Asians shout about egg fried rice on the bus.

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very cool. always figured if i went to college i would go for programming but the car business got a hold of me and the pay set things in stone. still considering learning more about coding but this industry takes up 75% of my time.

im this guy btw. keep working hard brotha.

Good luck living in shitholes

I'm conversational and don't take the bus.

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also, any online sources good for a beginner? just to wrap my head around the basics.

>As for II war russian would defeat Germans
I'm sure your government would like for you to believe that.
britain deserves the most credit. you country decided to conspire with germany to divide poland.
stalin completely REFUSED churchill's plea to not align or conspire with germany as it would lead to disaster. stalin laughed. 1 year later stalin was begging the british for arms

>How it can be that your education is far behind (excluding top universities for rich kids) even to shitholes X times poorer?
So, uh, tell me all the other ways your country is better than America.

That pic tells all of why you spent valuable time learning a shitty language. Fag.

I would almost suggest going straight into DevOps. I studied hard on LinuxAcademy & poking around on the different tech subreddits -> r/ devops, programming, Python

You can pick up Python scripting in no time. Then work on data structures & algorithms, design patterns & such later on.

Americans learning another language isn't why their education system sucks big sweaty balls.

stink dick detected

Also Im very glad that I dont speak English as native language, its dumb sometimes cause I feel like its impossible to express things which you can express in some other languages ( not every) f.e : in english if you adress 1 person you use YOU but if its 3 people its YOU too, and many other shits. Also stop getting cocky even this simply language is too hard for you and websites got english UK english Simplified (US)
pozdro koledzy

Not gay, I just like cock. Especially Asian cock.

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Yeah so explain why faggots that come here don't bother to speak the second most widely prolific languages in the world, even after living here for years?

>shit troll is shit

looks intimidating. haha. but i will check it out. appreciate it my man. automation is the future, cant wait to see the world 10 years from now.

stink dick detected

stink dick detected

Said thrice whom do not understand the language.

American had civil war so this can happen

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You really dont have to explain that to me, Im not russian but I know very well that even without Dday(but landlease helped a lot) soviet union would defeat Germans

English is contextual as fuck and i completely understand why people have difficulty with it

looks more like a typical bedroom in europe

america is a huge country, and theres no reason to learn any other languages because most of us are too poor to ever travel enough outside of the country for it to be worth the effort. in europe there are a lot of smaller countries closer together... the only language you might need to consider learning here is spanish

maybe its you

But they are teaching you other languages at schools but in general you just dont feel the need and dont see profits from learning, right? I dont agree with that point of view but Im trying to understand you.

you goofed stink dick

>this has the same voting power as a metropolis

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I am Canadian and only some of us know 2 languages. English/French. I can only speak 1 language like the rest of the Yankee Doodles in this thread.

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English is the only language you really need to know. Since it's our first language, why would we bother with learning more?

>But they are teaching you other languages at schools
Normally, this is just a one or two-semester course in BASIC conversation in French, German, or Spanish, and that's usually just in middle school. In high school/secondary school, it isn't always mandatory, and depends largely on whether your...'curriculum' [sic] is either "college prep," for students going to university immediately after high school, or "tech prep," for students who either aren't, or might go to trade school instead.

The nicer high schools may offer Mandarin.

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Wow! All those languages and yet nothing of value to say in any of them.


Why spend your time learning something that means you would have to converse with non Americans to make money?


Good luck with getting outsourced by the pajeet swarm first and later by a network of GPUs trained with deep learning.

>They can learn english or gtfo
After they arrive her, sure. But you gotta catch em first

>dont forget your big IOU to china amerifag

Trump is going to erase that too. Coronavirus was released from a chinese research lab. The lawsuit for the damages, plus punitive damages, should be a few trillion.

Russian and Ukrainian women are still very traditional.

This is America. We speak American. You shithole fuckers learn OUR language, not the other way around, bitch.

YOUR language? Ding dong Brits and history lessons are calling kid

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I live in America. I speak English. Don't need to know any other stupid fucking language. I don't live in shithole countries. GOD BLESS AMERICA!!

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cmon bro that was some obvious bait

Yes but as you can see in this thread there are many Americans who seem to troll but they actually belive in bullshit they say sooo..