Fuck the USA

Fuck the USA.
stop playing world police

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Ok...stop asking for help bitch

If we stopped playing world police then the "socialist" countries in Europe would have to cut their programs to finance their militaries.

would be a win
a strong united europe

>"u-uh we bombed that middle east country because they was bad
>"t-the oil h-had nothing to do with it"

Get out of Cred Forums then

Ok, have fun increasing your military spending and losing your "free" healthcare

Go back to tv faggot

Enjoy getting raped by the Turks and Russians.

What nationality is op?

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How is the weather in St Petersberg?

We should. I totally want to see eurofags get steamrolled by mother Russia

You really think that European countries can have bigger healtcare spendings cause America is protecting them? Also do you really think you cant have actual working healthcare system cause you spend about 5% of your GDP on military? LOLL


>You really think that European countries can have bigger healtcare spendings cause America is protecting them?
The NHS in England is already falling apart

stop asking for our money and we will

World citizen. Who fuckin care.

This guy gets it

Yes please stop asking the us to spend all of our money protecting you useless counts you need to fund and protect your own borders you freeloading cock suckers

>World citizen
Do you mean faggot?

I don’t need to be a global citizen, because I’m blessed by nationality.

Enjoy your shithole

You sound like one of those alt right neo nazis. Don't you know, americans have to die for isreal.

Nationality is overrated, just a tool to keep you down.

I dont want americans to die..i just want them to deal with their own shit and problems in THEIR country and dont bring problems to the rest of the world...nato can still exist but everyone should up their military spendings and care for themselve

When did russians ever attack the important parts of europe?

NATO is evil

ITT: High-schoolers trying to understand foreign policy.

America wouldn't need to police the world if Europe would stop chimping out every 40 fucking years and killing tens of millions.

When the world is the most peaceful it has ever been in human history and somebody still wants to bitch about the United States.

well no war since about 75 years in eu territory

rape the us

didnt they leave some union....

You have the U.S. and NATO to thank for that. You're welcome. Please delve into geopolitical history instead of meming.
Also; not "EU" territory but;


Maybe you forgot all of those dutch people shot down by separatists.

Plenty of conflicts in Europe, there's a reason the leaders of western European nations side with the U.S. they are actually educated and learned about these things, they understand the world better than 16yo Cred Forums tards. Also, OP, kill yourself.

I hope America has to live something like this in the near future so u understand wars are not a solution

What do you think 9/11 was? The Jews? President Bush? You think Islamist attacks in Europe are unique? Madrid and Paris? You think their only grievance is with the United States? You're fucking delusional. What's the solution? The reformation of Islam? Coups? How does a populace overthrow its government without weapons? Serious questions, war is always the solution.

Yeah, can't imagine why...

I am the law!

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I dont care bout 9/11 because it was in the USA. when you fund terror groups and betray them what did u expect

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>wars are not a solution
We totally could have beat the nazis with talk

thats a good thing military cuck

Yeah, and guess what, I don't care about Europe because it's Europe nigger. And presumably, OP is not American, so what the United States does is none of his business. Thanks for walking right into it.

that's a good thing stop using that as a negative excuse to continue world policing

yes because russians are psychotic war mongers look in the mirror much.

go forbid putin is a nationalist and a Bolshevik

I think it is his business as long the USA think Europe or idc somewhere else is their business

nationality doesn't exist what race are you OP

Oh yeah, and show me on the doll where the United States touched your country. What are your elected governments doing about it?

nationally is a stupid oligarchy concept to trick whites into dying for blacks.

nations aren't real only race is. cuckservatives grow some balls you jew faggits

I agree. First let's stop defending Israel from the arabs


I think you mean, stop defending the Arabs from Israel, because Israel could probably wipe out the entire M.E.

race is bullshit I am human

How is the US Imperialistic. We didn't take Germany when we won, we didn't take japan when we won, we didn't take the middle east when we won, I can go on, but you are a misinformed child and it isn't worth my time

militay bases

yes no thanks to conservatism

the US =/= world peace
the spread of liberal fascism is what has created peace not warmongering jew lovers.

Also, Jordan, Kuwait, current-day Egypt and Saudi Arabia would side with Israel against any Arab trying to destroy it.

Yeah, and what's your country doing about it? You think those bases are there without your governments approval you fucking mongoloid nigger

Does the United States have military bases in China and Russia? It's almost like you're retarded or something.

Kill yourself wokeposter

taking oil isnt?
yeah and most modern wars were started by whom?

Generally internal conflicts that had geopolitical interest from major nations INCLUDING EUROPEAN NATIONS, Russia, China, India and the U.S.

oh i forgot about puppet "democratic" goverments

that literally has nothing to do with nation.
the peace is due to liberal fascism and race.

now that liberal fascism have forced multiculturalism the violence is back and now its US and UN backed.

great going cucks. you put out a fire you started wow

well these are world powers

no worries mate, that orange fuckwit with that bad wig is inadvertently doing just that

what oil did we take? You are either not very bright, or a freshman in college believing some liberal arts professor

Ok, so your government is now a "puppet" government? France, Britian, Germany, et al don't have autonomous governments? News to me. Overthrow them then, with your words.

it was the jews and only retards and shills say they don't care for 911 and the truth

thankful for that idiot...and the best part is the conservatives support him

We'll take all the oil we want because we can. Weak faggot countries can stay mad about it, because they won't do anything about it.

why should someone care about the usa...it is their own fault...it is sad that people died no doubt

i rather be speaking german than be part of your gay libtard jew lovin cuckservative society

I could say the same thing about any terrorist attack in Europe but you'd probably just blame Jews or the U.S.

i bet you're one of those beta cuckservatives who enjoys Blacked Porn

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>NATO should still exist
The United States is basically the only one funding NATO. When that plate is passed around, Europe throws in a paperclip and €3 with some lint and US practically tosses in a bag of diamonds.


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> you'd probably just blame Jews or the U.S.

I'll give it a half-truth

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you'd be dead slavfag

the reason Japan attacked america was because were planning to invade the Philippines that and we cut off their oil that they needed to fight the commies and the colonists.

yeah Japan were in the right to attack us.
imagine if a nation cut American oil.
lol we would declare war even if it wasn't our oil.

I agree stop helping the world. Fuck them and also end foreign aid

yes pls

yeah this comment is retarded.
of course the school bully isnt gonna mess with someone their size what are you retarded

Bait but amen anyway

oh yes because nobody should care about the real truth of this war.
keep cucking white jew

revisionist history is still history

>stop playing world police
Most Americans actually agree with you

Magic book "secret agent".

Hilarious. Go back to fucking kids.

atleast i wouldn't be gay like you OP
keep being a slave bitch boi

can you point out a single false claim in my comment.

maybe you should stop at looking at history in black and white.
good guys vs bad guys. yeah that's a stupid childish tale told to high school kids.

cool story bro. Got anymore?

yes with all the nukes and toys we have given they yeah. thats why iran is the last bastion of middle east liberty.

thats why jews wanna stop iran from gaining a nuke. that would secure irans independence.

thats why America VS isreal should be the priority of every Kekistani

>atleast i wouldn't be gay
All eurofags are gay

wow i guess I've been REKT by your comedic intellect and knowledge .that totally adress just even one single point.

try living in reality kiddo

violence is the only path to get shit done.

dood i live in the US and i can confirm Americans are just as much faggots as the the Europeans. i mean do you even hate niggers. no i bet you dont. keep sacrificing for the jewish race retard am sure jesus will thank you in heaven.

this pictures Triggers 100% of Conservatives who Hate their Race

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>dood i live in the US and i can confirm Americans are just as much faggots as the the Europeans.

Oh, sorry for calling you a eurofag

>i mean do you even hate niggers.
Of course I do

>keep sacrificing for the jewish race

I would never defend the fucking kikes, I just wanted to prove to a eurofag that they owe America for their multicultural shitscape society

Ok, wish granted! Feed yourselves, don't get invaded, stop with the epidemics, stop killing religious minority groups and provide education, housing and jobs for your people. If the US truly walked away, your shit would devolve into murder and anarchy in two weeks. look at the EU, left to your own devices, you imported an army of heathens, agreed to pay for them, shit on your people and covered up a rape epidemic. You European assholes need big poppy USA to exist. Africa would starve and burn, China would conquer you lot in one year. Suck my American clitoris and thank us for our compassion and mercy.

idk what the message of the picture is or why he's calling a Yang supporter a shill because I don't have autism but I would like to tell you that Yang has dropped out