Can't post it here for obvious reasons, but for those who have seen the recent leak, what did you think?

Can't post it here for obvious reasons, but for those who have seen the recent leak, what did you think?

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What leak?


Several pics and videos via (shaky) cellphone. Some kissing, some nude exchanges, one of them masturbating side by side together (mostly just laughing though), an aborted attempt at rimming (one peck, laughing, video cuts), and some other more benign stuff.

Alright if its bait you got me. If not tell me where I can find it cause I'm seeing nothing on phun or any fappening blogs

it was great bait

>some nude exchanges
You have my attention

Of who?

that's the shittiest, most obvious bait i've ever seen


Trips confirm it. Abandon thread, nothing to see here.

What leak? and who the fuck are these two?

shit bait
also the are no reason, post of gtfo

>also the are no reason

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Stop lying nigga

now available on the missing a parent site, too shaky to confirm

Links to the ones you know? I just do fappenist, celebjihad and phun

>also the are no reason, post of gtfo

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These are clearly from before he lost his hand


>also the are no reason

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Sophie obviously isn't rimming her there, her head is too low.

People are posting them on the nsfwceleb sub, they get removed (obviously) but you can catch it pretty easy, just sort by new

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been checking every 30 seconds & nothing

Gif is 2 years old and all over google images. No win to be found.

Everybody just check back at 2am

Why 2am?

They're fingering each other, not masturbating. It's a shit video though, Maisie only managed a steady frame for about four seconds total.

Where did you find it?

And we find this where? Could you provide a link?

Which timezone idiot nigger?

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It doesn't exist.

I know that but I'm trying to let these niggas stack the lies

You scamp

>also the are no reason

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M*less. They obviously weren't taken recently, so I wouldn't hold my breath for a direct link. Four small videos, about two dozen images.

A girl has no vids

>Can't post it here for obvious reasons
>I.e. I don't have it and it's made up

No post on phun = op full of shit

What is phun?

I already checked and I didn't see anything. So if they are old and so hidden, it sounds like bullshit.

Phone, which retards think you'll not be picked up for.

Old as in made several years ago, not old as in leak date.

Are they tagged with their names or no?

Are those links the fucked-up encryptions floating around?


I don't know, haven't seen them