This is the story of my relationship with my girlfriend Luxxx

This is the story of my relationship with my girlfriend Luxxx.
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We met almost 10 years ago, she was very sweet and normal.

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She always behaved politely, and dressed very well.

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She was funny, and nothing bitter.

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She was always willing to help me with my problems.

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Go on...

and she was too pretty.

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Never date anyone who draws on freckles

but immediately she began to behave strangely.
with family, friends, i dont know why.

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for example:

whyy god.

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nobody cares

Fuk u

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Soon she began to feel that everyone had it against her.

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The day I went into shock, it was when I saw this photo in his instagram.

This photo, I unleash everything.

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>and normal.
>piercings, colored hair, probably tats as well
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I gave him all the attention and love he had. and I paid with publications like this.

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But everything started to get worse.

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In all this last year, we practically didn't have sex anymore, but she kept uploading content

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why fucking slut?

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