I watched her get fucked by 8 men at a swingers nite but can't get it out of my mind now. Should I of not let her do it...

I watched her get fucked by 8 men at a swingers nite but can't get it out of my mind now. Should I of not let her do it? And yes she wants to do it again.

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Just make sure for everyone's sake they saddle up first.

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Well she was saddle sore after...

Oh God, you should let her go. That face is pugfugly as fuck


I think I will. They all had a good fuck anyway.

Yes let her do more next time.

How did it feel seeing her naked with all those men fucking her?

They were all naked, at first she was very nervous as never been in a situation with a group of men like that before. Once she had been fucked by a couple she really got into her stride and did a double and triple penetration aswell. So hot

Shes a fucking goddess I love her red hair post more!!!

OK. Would you fuck her to?

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No one cares about your nigger faggot cuck fantasies you weaken humanity just by existing

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I would fuck her

Maybe if you post more

She's fucking disgusting. If you can find 8 guys to fuck her, let her do it. She's a dog.

A dirty dog. And yes 8 guys have already fucked her.

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Do you want us to tell you we would love to cum in her gaping hole one fter another? Do you want us to tell you shes an ugly bitch that you should leave? Or do you want us to tell you both while you fap thinkong about you girlfriend getting fucked by other more manly men?
Also post more faggot.

Where you at OP? I don't care if she's a dog, I love fucking taken women.

Not like it's your girlfriend, faggot. Why do you care?

True she's not my girlfriend


You the asshole

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Post more or link to a dump. I want to fap

judging by that face, she was fucked a long time before that swingers night

god shes ugly. be careful about getting aids.

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Fap away

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I see that you are a man of culture. If I am ever absent or tied up and my wife is all that is left to protect my children, utilizing her tower-like, thick ass teeth to defend them with a snarl may be the only means left to save the lives of my offspring. I am certain that, despite your swinging and potential cuckoldry experimentation, your genes will live on to the next generation.

For sure and congrats triple 555.