What does b think of young marriage and large age-gaps in relationships in general?

What does b think of young marriage and large age-gaps in relationships in general?

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that's her dad, doofus

ask republicans they seem to like it

Oh yeah because no hollywood liberals have ever done that

it's hot

It's poop like native american savages

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I would date a teen girl

children should not have the right to marry

I can't imagine any teenager is marrying some middle aged guy thinking that is what they actually want

Danny Sexbang

if there's numbers and letters on the grass, pachinko!

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Totally fine with young marriages (my wife and I married young) large ages gaps are kinda iffy. A 24 year old marrying a 35 year old is one thing. A 24 year old marrying a 40 year old is another

I don't think about it. Why do you?

I don't care if some girl wants to marry an inheritance. None of my business.

I think we blow it out of proportion here in America. America is the touchiest place in the world when it comes to age-gaps.

You see movies like Lolita or American Beauty; I don't know if you could even make them today.

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Democrats promote young men to marry middle aged feminists

My wife is 7 years younger than me, we've got a great marriage. The joke we like to make is she's either really mature for her age or I'm really immature.

Lolita really couldn't be made then, it took years to be distributed.

it's more often than not a guy overcompensating for a lost youth or unable to find a high status woman closer to his own age because he's pathetic

you misspelled "liberal"

Even daddy-daughter dances seem creepy to me.

Kubrick's Lolita was made in the UK and it was bowdlerized so much Nabokov refereed to it as
>sitting in the back of an ambulance and feeling the turns but not seeing the scenery
Made it a lot harder to see just how evil Humbert was.

My friend lost her father and a young age. She was devastated that he couldn't walk her down the aisle or do the father daughter dance with her.

It was a study performed in public in New York to see how people would react to a marriage with an extreme age difference. He is 65 and she is 12.

Trump legalizes pedophilia in his 2d term

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any man that even has a daughter seems creepy to me

They'd have so much to talk about.....

Which means your feelings are invalid

The joke is she has daddy issues.

There never has been a good Lolita movie, because the girl actress has always been too old, so you never really understand how lecherous and disgusting Humbert Humbert really is.

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that's why he's not opening investigations into the Epstein pedo ring.

Kubrick did the best he could for the time. It was obvious James Mason was having a sexual relationship with Sue Lyon, using her as much as she used him.

republican states are rampant with child marriage so no

this is also true. They look too much like 'women'.

Exactly, it couldn't be because a woman is at her physical prime at 17, and a man would want his next decade with his wife to be while she's physically hot and attractive and doesn't have a lot of mileage on her with baggage like kids from another man.

Any rational older man would want a female that is rapidly approaching or has already hit the wall.

>being so stupid that you still haven't figured out that both sides are pedos and child rapists

yes, but one side is more rampant with it. Democrats have been banning child marriage in a bunch of states recently.

Who says women are at their physical prime when they're 17. The Jews? Why the hell would you want to spend time with an airhead who doesn't know how to have sex without you doing all the work and hasn't got enough life experiance to even instill good lessons to your children?
>Any rational older man would want a female that is rapidly approaching or has already hit the wall.
Nah just immature men like you who are the kind of guys who try to time crypto and financial markets based on 'hot tips' they got from twitter accounts with pepe avatars who claim to be 'insiders'.
In time you'll realize how mislead you've been

In Latin America, 15 is considered marrying age. That's where the Quinceanera comes from, celebrating coming of age. Nothing wrong with that

It's better than the Ayatollah's age, he's only in the last few years decided the girl should be at least 9.

I'm 45 and my GF is 23.

I love it !

post a pic

I don’t mind an age gap. I am marrying my 21 year old former Cam/E-Girl...I am 37...she is preggers with my baby too! She moved in 2 months ago and we are getting married in August!

I dont post personal pics on Taiwanese Basket Weaving Discussion Boards

nah but they do want to marry chads. fantasize about it even. hairbrushes are sometimes involved.

Congrats on picking up damaged goods! Hope you got a DNA test on that baby...

the legal age to marry in NY is 11 with the permission of judge it is the youngest in the US

Oh the baby is mine that’s for sure. I am her only lover. Why do you say she is damaged goods? I snatched her ass up like on her 3rd or 4th week of camming

if a girl who mensuration at 10 is allowed by the courts to chose weather to have the baby or kill it they can chose who to marry

Because by the time a girl is comfortable working herself out for the whole world to see, she's done it uncountable times in private. You might even be her fourth digit, op, congrats :^)

Damn, even jealous of how many times she's masturbated. That's some control freakishness.

America is a state of mind.

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>a high status woman
ahahahahaha I would date a cute cashier instead of a fucking post wall surgeon.

Are her vids still out there?

And rich guys 10+ years older than them. I guarantee right now there's a 13 year old girl fingering herself to a celebrity in his late 20s or early 30s.

But that doesn't mean they're emotionally ready to be groomed by some sweaty neckbeard who will manipulate them into missing out on all the essential teen social & mental development required to learn how to be a functioning adult, then abandon her for a younger model when she's in her twenties with no idea how to be a normal person.

Yes probably but I used my bank account to put that nonsense to a stop

Because she's ok sharing her body with strangers for money and craves the attention of being desired sexually by many random men, so anyone who knows how to play on that will be able to get into her overused pussy.

It doesn't mean they won't make a loving family.

It usually seems that the guy cant get anyone their own age. This is usually because their emotionally immature and can only get with girls who dont know the warning signs yet. I imagine theres the situation where the girl is just very mature, but ive never seen it happen.

So long as you're ok with them occasionally giving it up to someone else for the attention, sure.

Nah that's bullshit. The immature bit. It's all sensory. Aesthetics has a lot to do with it. That and the desire for innocence and sweetness in a world totally lacking decency. I'm cursed borderline hebe. I hate it. Well endowed hot women don't do it for me. Fatties are straight out. I already tried to kill myself so no need to make any comments. Believe me, I'm trying.

Happened with my daughter in college. She wanted a serious relationship so she followed my advice of looking for an older guy who was a returning student rather than underclassmen who are all 19 going on 12. Found a decent guy 6 years her senior, happily married, gainfully employed and own a house.

Also have an aunt who after divorcing first alcoholic deadbeat husband got married to a doctor 25 years her senior. Had a good 20 years with him before he died.

What was the consensus of the study?

Fucking fat people

He married his daughter?

what about a 30 and 21?

Nothing wrong here. This is how shit was pre- 1940’s.... everywhere on the planet accept the US...

>My wife is 7 years younger than me, we've got a great marriage. The joke we like to make is she's either really mature for her age or I'm really immature.
7 years is literally nothing, that's not even a gap worth talking about

when she was 22 you were 29

omg the horror, 2 people in their 20s fucking

You are banging a 14yo,pedo.

user here is a retard. it was actually about double standards regarding gender, they did an identical thing a few days later except it was a woman and a boy and people's reactions were a lot more positive about it: joking, laughing, making lewd comments, asking them to pose for a photo. whereas the old dude got dirty looks, hostile comments, and someone even confronted him and called him a pedo.

for me, it is a requirement

It's fucked up. And if you don't think so, you're fucked up. Healthy people don't think like that and certainly don't attempt to rationalize child abuse.

Marriage is retarded.

>implying you don't got to be fucked in the head to consider exposing your genitalia for the gratification of strangers as a form of 'easy money' in the first place
more or less this. Well adjusted women don't cam.
this is some strong denial.
Dude, she masturbated on camera for strangers as a means of employment. This is the role model for your child. This is the person you're intermingling the path of not just your life, but your children with.