Hey /b let's hear your cheating stories (cont.)

Hey /b let's hear your cheating stories (cont.)

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didn't this just 404

(pic related)
>gf left FB logged on my PC
>was suspicious of a guy from her hometown
>found they were flirting for months
>first they used innuendo (overused phrases like "too big to handle" and "deep" and "hard")
>then she complained she was bored in relationship
>told him she started working out and kept sending pics of her body for weeks
>first with clothes, later with less and less clothes
>sent him a first nude, and then she told him it was an accident meant for BF (me)
>he said no prob
>she said, do you like how much weight i lost?
>he said he couldn't tell
>she sent another nude
>he said that just made his clothes "tight", and he didn't remember gaining weight
>she said to prove it
>he sent a pic of his hard dick in briefs
>she sent hearts and drool emoticons, asked how big
>he said 9"
>she said it made her cum
>he said "what about me?"
>she sent him a video of 2 mins blowing a dildo, said she would do that to him
>he said he came
>he told her he would be in town next week
>they agreed to continue on Viber (so, I don't know how it ended)
>thought about confronting her. decided to jerk to it instead, and see if I can get a chance to spy on her phone.
>still gets me hard thinking about it.

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my gf was cheating on me while on the same job.
most of my co workers probably knew about it
i never really got any real proof tho

ask me anything

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the girl on the left of pic related sucked my dick a few times in exchange for Xanax because her drug dealing bf would cut her off from time to time

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Cuck, grow a pair
fake & gay, never happened...


she had a weirdly longue tongue, it was cool

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yup, became a cuck. pretty hot knowing she might be getting dicked on the side

Let's see her naked.
and let's see some vids.
looks like a fine piece of fuckmeat

did she enjoy it

when are you going to take the next step and share her, intentionally, with another person?
could be MFM or FFM. Just wondering if you're going to step away from monogamy, or what.

did she enjoy being slapped around?
or did you just do it because you liked the way it made her tits shake?
the deep gurgling noise as you pumped into the back of her throat, and the tears running down her cheeks must have made her seem even more pathetic.

At a college party, my gf was hammered and fucked by seven guys. It was a rough month, she told me guys get her drunk and took full advantage of her. Damn.

i guess she did

i wouldn't mind i am actually thinking about it
some times ,
but its different when it actually happens

shes a 10/10 id rail her with you

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thank you. here's a preview

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i would have dumped the broad. no way can i accept hearing 7 dudes railed her in one night

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>be me, 21m
>in a relationship with a near land whale
>really enjoyed being with her at first
>relationship starts going to shit
>tried breaking up with her, she begs me to stay
>no longer have any desire to have sex with her, but still crazy horny
>find ad on CL when they still had a "casual encounters" section
>underground "message parlor" network
>go to one that's highly recommended
>7/10 asian qt with fake tits gives me message
>in engrish asks me if I want more
>go for it, and ends up being mediocre, but she was the hottest girl i'd slept with at that point.
>felt guilty about it for weeks
>girlfriend ends up banging best friend at the time, and leaves me for him
>don't give a fuck she cucked me, and no longer feel guilt over cheating.

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skin looks very smooth and soft.
firm slender body though. very nice.
been together long enough to have a decent stash of intimate pics?
pls. continue

Id fuck her for you

Yeah, it was not nice. But she was completely destroyed, humilliate and depressed next days, I feel really bad for her.

god damn thats hot

wanna chat about it on kik? id be down to see screenshots and shit she wrote to the dudebro

great doggy probably

thank you :) here's more
screens aren't in English, plus I don't have kik. i could translate some if you want?

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did you break it off like a week after?

yes her body is perfect not gonna lie

>Be me in stable happy relationship
>Casually hanging out with ex (who's still a close friend)
>Jokingly mention having sex
>She says "I mean I'd be down"
>We fuck


The most bullshit excuse tbh. Some girl has a couple beers and thinks it's an excuse to let her inner slut out, then next day rants about it not being consent. She literally cheated on you.

thats awespme

you must have felt shitty after you came though haha

Probably you are right, but I love her. I just want to believe her probably.

how long have you been with her user?

Met a girl several years ago when drunk, we chat I get her number/social. She has a bf and months later I go out to the city she lives and we got drunk together. End up dancing and holding her ass so start to makeout. go back to her apartment, have sex with no condom. Years go by and we still chat, sexting usually. Every time I visit she makes time for sex. I get in relationship and she's still with that same bf. Now my gf and I might move to the same city as her and her bf. No signs of us stopping the sex that's been happening for years.

If this is all true, then you're a fucking fool my dude. You are the guy who wifed up this slut, who provides for the shit she needs, while other guys fuck her and send her back to you. I can't think of a more humiliating situation to be in. Sucks to be you, I guess.

i would want to believe an ex if that happened.

i had an ex that was nearby for some conference, literally a 30 min drive. she lives in another state and we planned to meetup that weekend since she'd be so close. no word from her all weekend. come to realize it's the same area as her ex. put it together and literally ghosted her after that. she finds a way to reach me and starts crying about that weekend causing her so much stress and anxiety as the reason she didn't respond to my messages. complete bullshit.

>me, 18yo
>caught GF F18 cheating
>now she ExGF
>kept fucking her
>almost got back together a few times, but I decided not to
>continue to meet and fuck
>ExGF starts dating a guy
>we meet, she tells me about him. mentions how they fucked in detail. gets horny, cheats on him with me.
>we make a deal, if we meet someone and start dating, we would still give each other sex for first 14 days of relationship
>she breaks up with him after 2 weeks
>I start dating another girl (GF2), she was always nice to me, and we were great friends before. she even left her boyfriend to be with me.
>ExGF sees I'm happy, says she doesn't plan on forcing me to cheat first two weeks
>I meet ExGF for coffee, she had new haircut - looked fresh and exciting.
>take her back to my place and fuck her in the ass for the first time, and come in her mouth for the first time. best sex ever.
>we continue fucking for a month before she becomes crazy and starts threatening to tell GF2.

pic: ExGF when she was 18

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there wasn't any of that, sorry if that ruins your fantasy. there was some gagging and spitting but I didn't slap her or anything. She initiated it, she knew I had some xanax and just straight up offered to suck my dick if I gave her some and promised not to tell her bf, I agreed. She had a tendency to lick my dickhole a lot and almost kinda like try to put her tongue inside of it, also she swallowed.

3 years.
That's mean and you know it.

Can't be bothered to greentext.

Girlfriend and I looking for a house. She has more time so she gets on mailing lists, looks at houses. Feel something is off between us but can't put my finger on it. Check her phone, computer... nothing.

Check her gps and see she looks at houses but she's open about it, tells me about the houses. Doesn't seem to be hiding anything.

She showing me houses on her phone and see one that is pretty damn ugly. We joke about it. Following week see the same house but it has a different listing number. Her gps shows she went there twice.

Call the number listed on the ad and ask for the broker. no one there by that name. Interesting. Look at the ads again. nothing unusual except for the different listing number. then it hits me. the listing number is a date and time. so her boyfriend would send a the listing that said 050130 which meant meet me at this house on the 5th at 1:30. Followed her and she spent an hour "looking at the house". Moved out the next day.

How many times did they fucked her?

Let me guess, your girl is the Icarly girl

Pic related
> wife went out dressed as per the pic (although she wore a bra and had the skirt pulled down but was knickerless)
> On a girls night and they all got hammered
> Got chatting to a bloke in a bar and missed her friends moving on to the next bar
> Guy was ‘white knight’ who saw her home as she was too drunk to make it on her own
> He fingered her in the taxi in full view of the driver
> Brought her back to ours, got her topless, hitched her skirt up (still wearing heels) and fucked her bareback bent over our breakfast bar while I was upstairs in bed
> Left straight after and sent her upstairs to bed with his cum dripping from her
> mfw had a vasectomy years ago and wife stopped all birth control, he could have left her with a swelling belly with his baby inside her

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Moar booty pics

Several times over.


You LARPer idiots always say 7 dudes, it's so fucking predictable.
>She was really drunk, but she managed to count every one of the guys
The why idiots in this site believe this shit, is beyond me

>me dating a rather crazy petite chick after shitty break up with long term GF
>we shall call this one cray
>cray was in love with me head over heals
>I was just enjoying some company and poon and basically fell into a relationship
>cray had a hard life living in a ymca or whatever its called and had even worse childhood
>from the sounds of it her family liked to keep it in the family
>I heard stories of the youngest girl being offered to the oldest male like some ritual
>cray has the right to be cray
>few months go by and I notice crays cray more and fucking more
>outta the blue the ex GF hits me up on Halloween night which I'm spending with cray
>spend rest of night talking with Ex
>Ex talks me into going to her uni for a weekend
>I say talks me into it, I said yes right away
>go see ex for a weekend and lie to cray saying I'm off fuck knows where, I think I said I was seeing friends in Camden
>had a weekend of immense sex with Ex who was also cheating on her BF
>got back to cray and broke up fairly soon after
We didn't break up because of the cheating, I left her because of just how fucking mad she was and after the weekend with my ex I realised how shit cray was in bed