I recognize that turd

I recognize that turd

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Plop plop plop


Never seen the post count, OP? Samefagging this obviously is the very epitome of fail



Start succin eusty!
Me and a dozen or so femanons are all sharing my wifi so they can fingerbang themselves during my refractory period in between banging them, hence the low poster count.

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Time to start siphoning butt loaves

I see you have a little retarded friend now, OP. Still full of fail, though, like every one of these threads.

And it amuses me just how triggered you all get when anyone points out the utter futility of what you’re trying to do

Like i said dawg, the doZen or so sluts I'm banging daily are all using my wifi - hence the single ip. I assure you they are all individually logposting


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Hot mouthfull

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put Andy Sixx face oh his butt


do it!

Cornblast my tonsils

Oof andy likey

Kill yourself.


Open wide eustace

Every user of 4 chan is eustace. Retard

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grow up, bumped

Your dubs? They have been logged
Your throat? It is now clogged

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Hot chutney

poop server

Toilet snake

Poop consume

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Kek long smooth snake

Poop he doo doo

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Hello Mr Nigger

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