First three words or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

First three words or your mother dies in her sleep tonight

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>Pangolins or scaly anteaters are mammals of the order Pholidota. The one extant family, Manidae, has three genera: Manis, which comprises the four species found in Asia; Phataginus and Smutsia, each including two species living in Sub-Saharan Africa. These species range in size from 30 to 100 cm.

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When I was a young man back in the before times I read a series of books called the "great brain" and in one of the books this greek family moved into town and they had a boy named Basil who the protagonist helped to fit into America.
This persons face looks exactly how I pictured Basil

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I don't think that's actually your puzzeh. I think that what happened was that you absorbed your conjoined twin while you were still in womb and you know how sometimes there's a remnant of the other person you absorbed pic related? Well, I think what happened is that your conjoined twin's vagina is sticking out right on top of YOUR vagina. I mean, I suppose it still IS your vagina in that you own it but really, that vag belongs to your unborn absorbed conjoined twin and your real vagine is underneath. I could probably fuck both your vaginas at once, yeah? but i'm definitely only gonna be able to eat one at a time. I'm definitely gonna start with the outer one.

Maybe what happened is that your conjoined twin was male and that's your vagine on top but his bepis is underneath it. I don't know how it works, exactly. I'm not a doctor.

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First three words

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