> Let's be entertained

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I'm enjoying the attempt to spam all the threads, while I just sit back and make a new one and any point

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You know all these threads will get pruned right?

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You say that like I care, besides they barely care about the other spam threads that get posted 24/7

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Is this dude seriously "spamming" a furthread w/ pics of pupperinos?


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Palm trees, loaded

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its like captchas
in the thread!

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Imagine giving $20 to a gook who sells your information to waste your life spamming furry porn threads on a Mongolian basket weaving forum lmao

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Your mommy and daddy must be so proud of you!

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They actually are, not for this though.

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dash is judys friend which means he likes cub too

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I find that hard to believe, and they certainly wouldn't be proud of you if they knew how much of a fucking waste of life you are lmao

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You're right, my parents don't love me as much your uncle loved you.
No wonder you secretly like cub.

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You literally could not be further from the truth. Your parents clearly don't give you enough attention if you spend hours of your time posting unrelated images to people who can do this infinitely longer than you can.

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