That will be $8 for your coffee including pre-tip thaaaaank you!

That will be $8 for your coffee including pre-tip thaaaaank you!

How does Cred Forums feel about the pre-tipping craze that is taking place, before you get any service?

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This is the first I'm hearing about it.

I think all service employees should go fuck themselves. Entitled millennial bastards

Yeah it's a thing. Run your card and it will want to know how much of a tip you want to leave even before they hand you your coffee. It's showing up more and more

There’s a burger chain in my country that charges a 15% charge.
Never going there.


I don't buy coffee from chains, so maybe that's why. When you can buy an entire bag of coffee beans for the price of a couple cups of brewed coffee, I mean... yeah.

I've read that with pre-tipping, customers are less likely to return. They guilt people into tipping and it makes people angry.

Tipping entitlement is bullshit.

Imagine you’re in line at a coffee shop. You order your usual cappuccino and swipe your credit card to pay. Then the cashier swivels a little screen that prompts you for a tip – before the espresso shot is pulled or a drop of milk steamed.

We are now seeing tip requests occur in many new environments, such as cafes and bakeries, fast-casual delis and food trucks, and even retail stores, flower shops and liquor stores.

what the fuck is tipping? and pre-pipping? we don't even pre-pay hookers here because it's legal

When can I start getting a tio for doing my job. I'm ATC, so when airplanes land safely I want to be waiting while all passenger deboard the plane with a tip Jar, for fucking getting them to their destination alive. Can I?

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Where is that?

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That is one fucking pricey coffee.

You keep fucking this up

>feel about the pre-tipping craze
Sounds made up.

shitty timers

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I'll keep my European habit of tipping only when I feel like it. It's not my job to pay the employees, it's the owner's.

A fool and their money are easily departed.

Australian in germany. I left France because they made it illegal

>laughs in bang energy drinks and adderall

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I've never worked in food service before and never will. These fucks are starting to feel too entitled to my money. Bernie Sanders syndrome seems to be taking hold of this country

Dey getz less den minimum wagez doe, nigga! Dats da problem!

you know you dont have to tip right......grow a pair

I wish I could legally get a blow job or fuck some pussy. When I was young I would have been too proud to pay, now that I'm older and have money, not having the hassle of dating sounds nice.

The worker be lookin' at me though, making me feel all weird and shit if I don't

I probably would pay, tip a little, and go somewhere else next time. I'd probably warn my co-workers that they are pricey as shit.

A pretip just seems like a surcharge to me. I get that people like to tip with their cards, but give me my coffee first at least

I wouldn't know because I don't pay for burnt, overpriced coffee.

Ausfag here. I went to a fish and chip place once that asked for a tip when I paid on card. They were more expensive than other nearby places already. Tipping is not customary here and I did not do it, I pressed 0 when the machine asked and I have never been back there.

On the other hand I will sometimes tip the little Indian dudes that deliver my food because I know they get paid literal peanuts and they never ask for a tip. Fuck those entitled hipster watermelon sellers.

tipping for coffee… lel

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you input 0. it’s at those square payment that use this bs technique.

>Run your card
Cash-only it is, then.

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I personally get tired of being hit up for tips. Between servers and fucking homeless people, I don't have anymore money to just give away.

their businesses would die and then they would complain to Trump about amazon

This is some millennial bullshit, right?

Why is it "magic book" with "secret friend in the sky" are cruel and selfish?

Too bad you wasted your life.

Ok boomer.

I'm Gen X, nicca

im gonna take a
these waitniggers are too much to handle sometimes i swear

Want a tip? Heres one, get a better job

what are you talking about?

yeah, those damn 32 year olds! Those kooky kids and their 2nd marriages and retirement accounts!
How old do you think the average millennial is, grandpa?

wtf do you think, what you never heard 'waitnigger'used in a sentence before?
Because waiters hold your experience for ransom, known as a tips, and if you dont gibs then they spit in your food and fuck with you. Just like bandits and niggers

Yeah, fucking dumb asses all got art degrees and are in their 30's still serving coffee and $150,000 in school debt. FUCKING LOSERS!

I admit it I go to Starbucks several times a week.
I use the app to place my order it lets you select a tip $0.00, $0.50, $1.00 for I believe 1 hour after ordering.

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if I'm at the register, paying for my, whatever (certainly not overpriced shit tier coffee) and I see the tip, I put ZERO.
I'm not sitting at a table getting "served".
Do you tip at 711?

Hiw much do you let them pressure you into? How fucking hard it it to make a coffee?

This site claims to hate reddit, but this thread only pops up after reddit gets on the pretipping topic

Imagine paying more than a dollar for a cup of bean water that's mostly cream.

explain that it’s a racist institution and that your contribution in the struggle to get them paid a living wage is the tip. If they complain, point out how sickeningly privileged it is to defend tipping knowing that statistics have shown that black servers on average make ten times less in tips than white servers.