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Keep this shit bumped anons

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Not surprising tbqh. LAPD is full of retards. His wife and relatives of the other victims will probably get milliinsore from this


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Patience, user.

where pics at tho

Someone tell me why he is getting a pass on being metooed?

if you rape a teenage girl then pay her off to not testify that means nobody can ever point out what you did if you die in a crash


You can only me too if it's a legitimate claim. It wasn't. Only white clowns dwell on it.

>Someone tell me why he is getting a pass on being metooed?
I agree, throw the bastard in jail

I bet his shredded remains are claustrophobic in the hole.

Bump for curiosity.

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Wow, this seems interesting. Bump

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>You can only me too if it's a legitimate claim.
he admitted it in a press conference then paid her



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Bump em

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ok.. I guess.


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you want to see dead niggers go to africa ffs

Still waiting on the good rekt shit user.

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because normalfags go retarded for basketball

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Maybe he paid her to make the whole thing go away. Are you a man? I mean, do you consider yourself a man? You got a dick between your legs? Then how the fuck do you know so little about women and how the world works. Embarrassing.

>be famous
>whores spread their legs for you
>get fucked cause of your fame

repeat ad infinitum

he admitted in a press conference that he had non consensual sex with her, basically he fucked her in the ass without permission

This is pretty graphic but its the only pieces they could find of Kobe

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niggers rape women all the time user, that is how the world works

Dat file name

Imagine being raped but having the ability to agree to and denying certain sexual acts during the "rape".

You faggots don't believe facts and evidence. Just the hysterical words of a dumb white bitch who had multiple semen samples in her panties

Obviously she went with the richest nut to get a fat payday.

He admitted to a murky sexual encounter to save face and appease the retarded public

In a world where men and women are equal, it shouldn't be entirely up to the man to navigate the subtle nuances of consensual sex

If you agree to sex and regret it later, you weren't raped. You just make shit decisions

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wow dude that's a really faulty premise argument you have there
lots of assumptions too
the nigger raped her

>Only white clowns dwell on it.
Stfu nigger/niggerlover.

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Who, in the US, accounts for most of the rapes?

>trying to reason with normal fags and trad cucks
good luck with that

is he ok?

he was fucking her in the pussy then without warning thrust his Pringle's can sized dick in her ass and fucked the shit out of her ass while she cried, she was injured


No assumptions here

Multiple semen samples from different men found in her panties

She gave differing accounts of what happened to her

She dropped the criminal case because she had no case

She had the ability to tell him not to cum on her face after he asked and he respected her wishes not to

She grabbed his dick, initiating the sexual contact

These are all facts of the case

I hear that almost all involve women.
Makes you think ...

Damn, nigga, you right

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We gotta stop women

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look at harvey Weinstein, those women went back to his apt/hotel and fucked him then did movies with him later and were pictured hugging him and smiling many times after

then 20 years later cried rape

Well, idk anything about that faggot because I don't care about him or have an emotional attachment to him

just saying Kobe is getting a free pass on ass raping that girl from the feminists, they could raise a stink if they wanted to



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Blah blah. Let’s see some dead Kobe.

here's a picture of him at the morgue

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I saw them on the deep web while looking for some essays to plagiarize for school. Clicked out of there immediately. The close-ups were pretty sick. Hope they never see the light of day on here.


Describe. For science.

Name me one nigger that's been meetoo'd and had it stick besides Cosby. And the only reason he was sacrificed was to teach other niggers to tow the party line. Cosby spent his life calling out niggerdom. That's why he's in jail now, not because of any supposed "rapes." He was a hardline liberal, nothing would have happened to him.

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If you agree to consensual sex, someone does something you don't like, and you don't say anything about it, that's your fucking fault. Plain and simple

She had the ability to tell him not to cum on her face so where and when was she powerless?

When did accountability become such an abstract concept?

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How does it feel in your tiny jealous brains? Trying to convince yourselfs that a dead man deserves to get shit for something that definitely didn't happen. Eat shit and die cunts.

>Kobe is getting a free pass.
He's dead. Karma cut off his supply of free passes permanently.

Trips. So left is a body or bodies mangled with helicopter?

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that's not Kobe's chopper, his was blue

Fucking lightweight. I was shown them by my boss at Schlomo Cohen and Pye as part of the after action report, but we had to cut and burn when the CIA dropped by to pay their subscription fees.

>mad mike
RIP sweet prince

*black person

R Kelly
Asap Bari
Tupac Shakur (yes he served jail time for it)
Antonio Brown
Mike Tyson

Should I continue?


r kelly is an asshole, Tyson got legit railroaded by a fan he fucked

Uh they were shared among each other. Not shared on the web.

Cosby may have been calling out niggerdom in public, but in private he was drugging and raping bitches just like a typical street nigger.

He crashed in an Acme rocket.

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They’ll end up online eventually

I really could care less about kobe, i mean its a bummer as much as any accident but the whole god reverence for a chimp who throws a ball in a circle stapled to a board is a bit much but I digress... The rape claim was opportunistic bullshit and the whore who lied about it should have been in that chopper.


I don't get why he did it, he could have fucked any number of girls just as hot and done whatever weird kinky submissive shit to them he wanted perfectly legally

why drug women you have a working relationship with

Nobody could have anticipated it.

Its called basketball you edgy cunt

I agree. Although Remix To Ignition is a classsic, fuck R Kelly

Yep. To the highest bidder.


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Basketball, you degenerate

That strange game where those very athletic men throw a ball into a hoop is called basketball

It's a shitty sport, who gives a fuck what he calls it.

Kobe was brutalized by that helicopter wing. Poor Kobe.

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Muh ball circle game

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>Tupac Shakur (yes he served jail time for it)
Tupac was railroaded. He died a virgin.

What, in your opinion, is a good sport?

This is assuming you're even remotely athletic or interested in athletics, which I'm certain you aren't

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Muh shitty joke that hopefully offends someone, choke on my dick dumbshit

Nigga you gay

>me smort cuz i watch vsauce an hate spornt

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A very poor effort. You make those of us who have an argument look stupid.

Don't you need to fuck your sister or take drugs or be autistic just now?

Shut up and off yourself you stupid garbage.

We think and make arguments. Emotional retards like you hold us back.

Shut up or your next sugarlips

At least I have an actual hobby instead of wasting my time watching a bunch of apes throw a plastic ball at a metal ring

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Any evidence of him dying a virgin other than you just saying it?


Th-thank you for that. I feel sleepy now

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Any evidence Tupac wasn't pure other than you just implying it?

I don't even watch sports

What's your hobby? Arguing with guys on Cred Forums?

You're probably a quirky guy that knows every Office reference and unironically ironically plays Wonderwall on acoustic at parties

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Basically anything is better than basketball tbqh, even really gay shit like cricket. Basketball is the worst sport I can think of. Basketball fans are particularly bad, being prone to hero worship perhaps more than any other sports fans around. The worship of kobe and michael jordan is unreal. They're worse even than fans of american football. The hero worship of those two in particular is even more extreme than babe ruth for christs sake, you'd think they cured cancer or something.

Boo hoo im too short to play with the big kids cry a little more ok?

It’s Parks and Recreation and I play Anklepants at dive bars you racist fuck

actual helicopter was blue and white, retard

Multiple accounts from women including Quincy Jones' daughter, Kidada Jones, Heather Hunter, and Madonna.

There's also a dick pic out there taken by one of his girlfriends

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Okay, so what are your hobbies?

Talking a lot of shit for someone in cumshot range

Nice dub trips btw, bitch-boy

Do you even know that those two players are retired? Did you know that the NBA is experiencing more parity this year than it has in a long time? Of course not because you focus on one thing and know nothing about the actual sport.

I'm not asking any personal questions of you, why ask them of me? Suffice it to say, watching sports on TV is not among my hobbies.


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Fuck off

Woahh I don't want any trouble

"Crispy Critters" all look alike. There's nothing to see, really, it'll just look like a giant charred marshmallow.

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>reportedly leaked
>posts news article about it so people seek them out who otherwise would have no idea
the state of american media

This. Thanks for typing it out.

>Degenerates claim terrible things about innocent pure Jesus-loving man to defame him

Miss me with those lies, bitch.

His mother confirmed it.

>Do you even know that those two players are retired?
Which has done nothing to stem the hero worship. Basketball fans are a big part of what makes basketball so shit. The fans take it seriously in a way makes other sports fans seem milquetoast. Possibly the only competitors are nascar fans, who balled their eyes out when earnhardt crashed. That too was pathetic, but I think basketball fans have them beat.

He’s kinda right. MJ, Shaq, Kareem are players who are still worshipped to this day even though they are long retired and had their records broken multiple times

People can always be brought to the light

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It's a verified fact tupac has not been sexually active for 24 years.

wtf let them in

Ok. So what's your beef with people who do?

Is it any different to talk adnauseam about some fictional character, a musician that made a cool doodly-doo on an instrument, or a video game, than real sports figures people idolize?

When the team a person likes makes more points in sport game than the team they don't like, it makes them feel good for a moment.

It's an escape for them to feel they've momentarily shared that victory

Again, I don't watch sports, but when I was a kid and my parents got excited when the big sports guys made more sport points than othee colored team, it made me feel good with them

What's your beef with people liking that?

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bet you they gonna blame "globalists" of sabotage so he couldn't see the truth.

You're an unwhite sympathizer

Shit u right

Why does every thread on Cred Forums devolve into a petty argument about something loosely related to OP?

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You must be new here

Niggas still celebrate Isaac Newton even though by today's standards he's a fucking dumbo and a nerd ass virgin who got no hoes or pussy

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Nah. I'm just not a simp

Nice trips

Not Jewish

Suck my ding dong

>>Ok. So what's your beef with people who do?
The hero worship is obnoxious. Basketball fans take their sport way too seriously, and expect everybody else to as well. Idolizing athletes is dumb no matter the sport. For that matter, so is idolizing musicians, video game programmers, and fictional characters.

By all means, enjoy whatever media you like and appreciate the people who make that possible, but don't ride their dicks like basketball fans.

nice trips. checked

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You're a pathetic dirty nigger lover

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How many people would buy a tshirt or sneaker just because it had Newton's name on it?

Where's the goddamn photos

Basketball has 10 players on a court, since there are less players than say football it means that you tend to focus more on individual talent but it is still a team game and should be thought of as such. Great players deserve to be treated like great players, but sometimes you meet people that practically get on all fours and vaccum jordans cock. So I don't really blame you for thinking that. Despite that it can be a fun sport to get into, like all others.

I'm sorry but I had to defend Tupac against the salacious claims that he ever had sex, let alone had it without consent. He was celibate to his last breath.

Are they shoving their team memorabilia up your asshole or something?

I think you enjoy being on the outside and going against the grain. In a way, you enjoy hating the sport worship because it gives you that outsider edge

Issac Newton actually made valuable contributions to science and society, these guys are just entertainers who play sportsball.

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Sir can you please not I'm trying to masturbate here.

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That never happened poser

Idk. They sell Nasa t shirts at outlet stores and I doubt they're all employees

>implying he's really dead
lol ok op

Niggers are predisposed to crime

Almost got me there, oh wait no you didn't

overcooked. Take it back

fair enough

>He was celibate to his last breath.

Which was through several holes through his chest wall.

I bet he wishes he could open that window grate

I agree that these men have talent, but it’s exactly what you said in that some people take it too far. I was just trying to emphasize his point that basketball fans tend to be the ones who romanticize players the most, over football and etc.

Been here since 2009... rarely on any other board then Cred Forums... sadly...

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>Niggas still celebrate Isaac Newton even though by today's standards he's a fucking dumbo
How? His knowledge of maths and physics from back when he was alive is still greater than the vast majority of the current population.

There are plenty of sports that have athletes competing alone or in small numbers. How many of them inspire hero worship as strong as basketball?

Off the top of my head the ones that come close are baseball with babe ruth and maybe cal ripken, and nascar with dale earnhardt. American football inspires hero worship particularly of quarterbacks, but I don't think you could say any are worshiped as widely as michael jordan, shaq or kobe, nor for as long after their retirement. I don't think brett favre's name is still pushing much merchandise.

Basketball clearly has the strongest hero worship of any sport. If I had to guess the "escape the hood" concept is a big factor in this.

Do you have erectile dysfunction also?

Worship of NASA is real, and obnoxious, but that's not a sport.



You're a sissy faggot

His stupid ass couldn't calculate his way into pussy in the 1600-1700s?

Like, bro, just fucking take the pussy

Dumb ass nerd

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I know you probably posted that shop to establish your oldfag cred, but that babe is better unshopped.

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Just to reinforce your point: How many athletes have had staring movie roles and how many of them were basketball players?

>oh pwese, pwecious girl who galsely qwied wape, I will pwotect ywou

Fuck outta here, ass-boy

Graphic photos man...this just blurry white cover something....


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Shaq and Michael Jordan

Kareem Abdul was in Game of Death but that was just a sparring match between him and Bruce Lee

I never said I was oldfag, just that Ive been here for awhile

Excellent example. Athletes obviously aren't actors, so when they're put into movies it's because the movie studio thinks their fame will sell tickets. Shaq can't act, nor can Michael Jordan or any of the rest. They play basketball fine, but they can't act for shit. Hollywood rarely even attempts this with athletes other than basketball athletes.

Every movie they've been in has been for children because 90's kids movies suck ass. It's just a cheap ticket grab

Shut up jiggaboo coon spook

I think body builders and martial artists should be exempted since they have physical characteristics or skills that are relevant to the movie industry, not just fame. If some movie called for a really really tall character and they cast a basketball player, I'd exempt that too. But that's not what's going on with basketball player movies.

your never gonna see any if their are any. don't hold ur breath. better yet.... hold ur breath

Colby Brian

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If it wasn't for the Larry/Bird rivarly in the 80s basketball probably would have died shortly after the 70s, but we dont live in that timeline. If you simply appreciate players instead of worshipping them and try to understand the dynamics of a team instead of a single dude you may find it interesting and dare I say fun. Basketball will always be a bad sport when you only talk about the bad stuff, if you ignore the bandwagon fans and focus on the game itself and still hate it then I can respect that.

A lot of successful acting careers have come from WWE and MMA but they became more famous because of film, whereas the basketball stars got those roles because they were already uber famous

Hey everybody! This guy said spook isn't he funny? Hahaha have my pity laugh

He also said jiggaboo

Society doesn't care what did or didn't do with his dick, only gay ass niggers do.

How could I forget?! 10 more points to the fisher with shitty bait

I think the wrestlers-turned-actors mostly got those roles because there are only so many places you can find roided up guys who are good at doing stunts. Or suppose you want to cast a really giant guy for your medieval comedy movie, who is earnestly more qualified for the role than andre the giant?

Basketball players get movie roles because of their fame, not physique.

This is true, good point

Bump for Kobe

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Bump bump motherfucker