Post steam avatars

Post steam avatars.
Rate each others if you want.

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Normal games, but a horse library

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change your name to this in steam op

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I've been using the 30 year old boomer as an avatar since it became a thing. Should probably change it.

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no bully

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>tfw can't post avatar because every time I do some one recognizes me and starts shit in thread

normal words, but a sneed guy!

solve this by posting a picture of your house address

solve this by not having any friends to recognise you in the first place

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r8 it or h8 it

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but i use an image I made myself, and if I posted it people might recognize me

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no one cares

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I was expecting worse, not gonna lie Cred Forums. Maybe OP should remake this thread when school is out for the day.

>memejack memememe

cute cunnies




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Gonna be so rad/10

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I get drunk and let it get to me more than I should/10
proper resolution/10
semen on her hair?/10
business ready/10
you were a mistake/10
I like it/10
No Raspberries/10
Always makes me smile/10
No Sir, I Don't Like it/10
Worst MM/10
Anthony's a sweet boy and I hate cartoons/10
Gay AF/10
What is this/10

Normal shitposter... but a gay guy!

What part of that is your avatar?

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the dick


Love the show, not a particularly good or bad avatar.
I like these.

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source pls

I like yours too user.

found it on 2ch

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I can barely read the thumbnail, what do you think will happen when this is your steam avatar?

Same thing here but with general shape recognition instead of text. All I would see is ambiguous brown blur.

What the hell is wrong with people like this. Do you think you're so interesting that people will go out of their way to actually check your profile? Protip: you're not.

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If you can't make out the sloth there (which is no different than visiting someone's profile), then you need some fucking glasses.

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Fucking cringe
Fucking cringe

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It's pretty obscure.

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This but the exact opposite.

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based cat

>visiting someone's profile
That's the point, numbnut. Nobody is going to visit your profile, unless you're a self-promoting "Steam celeb", and in that case you should just kys asap. 99% of interaction happens through the chat, which is what your avatar should be configured for.


I don't know if your picture is supposed to be a refrence to something or just (You) but either way, it's not very good.

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It's another mass murdering faggot that user posts in an attempt to ironically appear edgy.

Hahaha, is that the racist tooth-rot man? Pretty based if you ask me.

I'm one speedy boy.

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Underage retard

If I ever see any of you miserable faggots I'm spamming you group invites

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mine probably since like 2015

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DFC > cow tits
fite me

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dare i say... BASED

with what tits?

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It's more about shape

Am I seriously expected to know every mass shooter that gets memed here? I can't even be asked to remember the names of the popular ones.

I'm going to take a guess and assume he was the one that waifu'd Ember from Danny Phantom so hard he decided to kill people and himself for her.

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seinfeld is good for avatars

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based and harpopilled

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Based and Gojipilled

this is what I'll think of you at first based on your steam avatar

>look at me I am so normal arent I guys (animals, memes, mainstream shows or video games, normalfag anime like jojo, one punch man, attack on titan, porn) what do you mean im an insecure cringe basic bitch NOOOO YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO ACCEPT ME
cringe normalfags

>lol i dun give a fuck (furshit, ponies, non-normalfag true patrician games/shows like dwarf fortress, trigun etc.)
cool guys

>13 year old retard (pepes, wojaks, Cred Forums memes, hentai)

>Chads (pictures of real people, real-life locations, or their own face)
cool guys

having said that


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>Didn't make the cringe list
I'm sure he just forgot me.

absolutely based

if you didn't make the cringe list you're either a cool guy or I didn't recognise what your avatar was fully so you were given the benefit of the doubt

nice, would add as friends
here's mine

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>videogame avatars are cringe
>on steam
My god you're a faggot.

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>this is what I'll think
like anyone cares

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what happened to griffith?

My friends dead cat. I'm not even her friend anymore, haven't spoken to her in years.

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He's taking out a loan.

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god that intro was bad

How can one man be this wrong

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same avatar for a long time. probably have this until I die. not long to go now

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wow, im into this. okay.
sauce? boner vibes

Wii Sports Boxing Results Music

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Absolute pleb taste.

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any femenine hairless qt ITT?

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>no one knows who mr.brown is

fucking zoomers

rate me

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But user... I AM George Costanza.

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post the full thing

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isn't that from the guy that draws really hot Mikus

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Nobody likes weirdo art films filled with cartoon sex, still, i like having the Queen as my icon

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Good job user

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Enter GODku

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based mod

>videogame avatar thread is not videogames
based retard mod

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