Can a man get pregnant and how?

can a man get pregnant and how?

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no you fucking retard.

In humans, no.

>can a man get pregnant?
If he is a pussy, then yes.

un protected buttsex. its where nigger come from

ok then whos this could be tho but idk

Female to males can

aka females

trans men that have not gotten surgery can technically get pregnant. biological men can't

>Female to males can
If they were born with a pussy, they're always female, no matter if opereted.
And males can be pussies too.

Ok, ops pic is of a female then

What about people born with androgen insensitivity syndrome?



fucking horrifying. imagine having to,live knowing your were spawned from that abomination. knowing that unlike everyone else, you weren't born from a m other, but from a total genetic freak. sickening. satan truly is attacking Gods creation. fucking disgusting. i cant believe this is legal.

If he wasn’t pregnant you wouldn’t be able to tell tho and would this, default to he. Unless you have chromosomes detectors

Then I'd simply be mistaken. It wouldn't change the biological fact that she's female.

Shove both your balls way up your asshole and wait 9 months and we'll find out.

>it looks like something therefore it is.

They can. They do it by inseminating semen into a fertile human born with a vagina. Thats the closet you can get OP.
P.S. other people see how this gender identity confusion is nothing new right? Like its as old as the human record? Just rewatched monty python life of brian (just an example). One of the romans talks about wanting to be a woman. And its in real history books too. My point is i feel like kids these day have decided (influenced by media) to forget the past history of today.


Modern science has given slight alteration but that's about it

No and never

*Female to Female with penis dlc


Pic only one.

Also only XX can get pregnant.