Curious about sucking a dick. Any anons reccomend it?

Curious about sucking a dick. Any anons reccomend it?

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pick the one with aids and other stds
that gives it more flavor

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It's all good, when done right you get rewarded with a big load of cock cream to swallow. Just remember to say No Homo at the end. Godspeed user.

Most guys don't have beautiful cocks. Just keep that in mind! My boyfriends cock is so much nicer than my husbands, haha!

Dude do it!feels so good in your mouth


Your faggot self and OP’s faggot self probably have terrible dicks. The hypocritical irony and coping on your part lmao. I don’t see why most guys would want failed nasty men like you and Op sucking them off anyway I don’t know what they’d get out of that. Women are best

Im sure we could change your mind if you gave us 5 minutes

Let's say, hypothetically, a friend of mine said his no homos before said act, would it be gay then?

I can’t say for sure cuz I’ve only been blown by a woman but I’ve heard from a lot of guys that the homo men being better than real women at giving head is a bunch of bullshit and reslly overrated

Ruling just came in....its gay bro...

How does sucking a cock feel? Also what about the nerves right before?

Hit me up on kik ill answer all your questions, sucking dick is amazing

My username there is ZeroByteException

Of course that would be gay. No Homo, is always said after the fact.

Here’s mine would you suck it

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I would fucking ride it too, damn

Would u suck mine?

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both of these are absolutely amazing~
although I definitely prefer the prior due to enjoying a bush uwu

Ugh, herpes much?

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fucking mutilated. JFC

It's not bad, per se. So yeah, try it out.