You know what this is

You know what this is
> You know what to do
So get to it

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Ok, mad.

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thicc furries best

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This is funny to me

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As much as I would like to spam this thread, I'd rather bomb a pedo thread instead

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I wasn't hired for that, sorry.

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Is that what you tell yourself when you're so upset with your miserable existence you come here to waste hours upon hours, seething because we'll never leave this website?

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Spam seems to be slowing down, to bad for them then. I was starting to have fun

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can we get some cubs

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Wow that's a lot of anger metastasized as text.

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You sure love lying to yourself lmao

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Careful there, user. Some mods perceive cub porn as actual cp.

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>not liking cubs as much as Judy loves Dash and cubs


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I am in fear

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I am confusion


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Vibe check

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hoes mad x24

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I'm Kermit the frog here saying my pig pics

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Found you.

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Nice, want a cookie, kiddo?

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That pick you you huh, crying rn.

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nigger what

Would like sauce please

What do?