>Help me plan my date

>>Help me plan my date

My GF has been very horny and we plan on meeting up tonight. She's turned on by being a slut and showing off, getting fucked by two cocks, loves to be covered in cum and likes to be dominated.

The Plan:
I'll have her wear something that shows off her big ass and have her wear a butt plug. We'll go to a bar and have a few drinks. When we get back I'll tell her to go on Omegle / CR and make a few cocks cum while I take a shower. When I get back I'll tie her up and fuck her.

Any other ideas?

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Why call her your gf? Sounds like an obvious failed relationship.

How so?

I would come to her

Hes an incel ignore him.

You could also buy a leash and collar for your bitch and make her walk around on all fours and pretend to be a doggy.

Drugs and sex usually are fantastic. Lsd MDMA meth cocaine and viagra.


Sound like a good plan, except the "tie her up and fuck her" part. You should bring someone else to do the fucking part.

Do an Omegle shtick where you are wearing a mask and your girlfriend's ass is lying naked on your lap. Then the stranger looks at you, you lift your open palm slowly, and begin slapping the kick rhythm to the post-thrash/djent hit song Bleed by Meshuggah on her ass cheeks until the stranger leaves. Record if possible.

Share her with us instead bro.

Too short of a notice



Any asshole pics of her please


Yes please

Is pic related?


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Better pic of asshole
Does she like to be rimmed

What omegl tags are you going to use



You said she likes to take 2 cocks (funny how she knows that) so why dont you take someone from the bar with you?

Moar booty pics and vajay