What keeps you inside on a Friday?

What keeps you inside on a Friday?

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no social life, whatsoever.


I enjoy my nights with myself. Good food, good games, no bull shit.

Corona virus, idiot.

ur a chink?

My bf

I'm outside in my brand new SwimSpa with my wife.
It's like a giant hot tub with jets you can swim against.
Hot water cold air and cold drink feels amazing.
This is way better than going out.

Im getting high and playing stardew with my wife ssooo..i guess that?

The chain on the wall and the collar on my neck

Sounds good bro. Yet no pics, even of your view?
That sounds like a good night in, will be doing that soon but monster hunter

recently moved to a different city so no friends );

its everywhere now. USA took zero measures to keep it contained. Meanwhile China is clean.

how are you posting from the dungeon?

I gotta work tomorrow
Besides I go out on Saturday nights

>Lack of friends/social life
>vidya games, including games I've bought but haven't played yet. Plus, a project I'm doing on Minecraft (turning a village into a city, survival-mode)
>the fact that I just got paid, and will only use this money to pay bills, loans, and buy groceries instead of wasting it at some club or whatever
>work tomorrow
Adult-life isn't as great as they said it'd be.

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The fact I'm having a birthday party with a bunch of people tomorrow and I have plans to hangout with the boys shooting tomorrow morning.

I have a full ass weekend so I need some time to play starcraft and hang out with my dog.

It's saturday.

Yeah, my country already have reports of the first confirmed case... I doubt it does any real damage but who knows, with any luck, it kills a few thousands, at the least.

Adult life is fucking awesome, you just have to be a sick cunt. My life is literally only gotten better and better as I got older.

same thing that keeps me inside every other day I got everything I need right here

No money to spend so I'd rather stay in the basement playing with my dick and shoving my star wars figures up my ass.

>meanwhile China is clean

Precious allows limited access to certain realms. Always mindful of Precious

Umm is your name Reg by chance?

I felt like staying in tonight so I could visit with my fourchan friends. Hi friends!

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what else could i possibly do

My sexy Latina waifu

hi friend

hungover as fuck, also no friends, and almost no family

China is not clean dumbass

Yesterday I went over my gf's place and we had sex while we watched Contagion. Tonight I just wanted to lift and play video games.

>I went over my gf's place and we had sex while we watched Contagion.
Ughhh why that movie

Life is just boring. I have no purpose. Its just work and run errands. There is nothing that its going to build up to. No great climax. Its just a boring steady ride. I just wanna go out at night and roam around, its too cold though. I dont know how people can just be ok with being mindless consuming drones with normie activities. I need to fond something crazy to be apart of. Not sure but i just find myself bored with life overall.

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my filthy anus & balls

Because of Corona lol why else.

I don't see people trying to escape the US, just a lot of people trying to enter illegally. Wonder why?? Get. A clue faggots.

All my "friends" abandoned me the same week I lost my job. I've worked my ass off to get back to where I was, and I am so close.
But at the cost of not having time to make new friends where I live. My friends all live in different areas.

Currently at work.

Kek they look so happy

: (

I volunteered to take the Saturday shifts at work so I stay in on Fridays. Only a small handful of us are there so they're super easy shifts and I can do pretty much whatever I want. Not great for my social life but meh.

...but how does that fire you up??

Oh, you know. The lack of a BBC willing to fuck my wife
And the lack of a wife :/

It's more for background noise than anything. We aren't psychopaths getting off to a global pandemic lmao

Can you jack off all over the staplers?

Who's going to spend time with me? If I were an enjoyable person I wouldn't have used Cred Forums for years on end

>the lack of a wife
You lucky bastard

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Lol that's what I was thinking
>Awww yeah baby millions are dying fucking hell your ass is fineeee

28 years old
No life NEET
no money
Porn addiction

What is this from?

Because masturbating is better than sex.

I think I saw you today at the grocery store buying cat litter.

Oh you know, I thought I’d just have a quiet night at home with the wife tonight.

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I don't even really know what people are supposed to do on Friday nights.
I could go to a bar like a boomer but I have a stomach condition and can't drink alcohol, I could go to a club but I really don't want to hang around a bunch of douches and thots plus that feels like something someone in their early 20's does anyway.

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lol why go out? Ive got work all day tomorrow and basically every other day just so i can pay 40% in taxes and be broke after paying the bills and debt. The american dream is a 100% lie.

Shit haircut. Interesting pose

Kek what part of NYC do you live in

Start rock climbing. In particular, you should try bouldering. It's very addictive, social and it'll get you in shape.

Wish i knew

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Gotta get up at 5 to work

When you don't have a job, Fridays are nothing special.


>feels like something someone in their early 20's does anyway.

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Forgot to add
>feels like something someone in their early 20's does anyway.
No, there are tons of loosers in their early twenties like me

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nothing to celebrate, no friends anyway, alcohol makes me depressed and gives migraines

plus bad things usually happen when i go out on fri

One friend is with girlfriend other is in New York other one is “out” and other ones I don’t want to hang out with

Im just here eh

start a harsh noise project

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Why are people into shit like that. Retarded

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Ayy same my nigga

100 percent

Give us some examples of what is better

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fat and ugly with a small dick so no girlfriend/fuck buddy no job so no social life and even then no one would want to hang out with me basically existing until i decide to kill myself

Happy hunting user, may you be blessed with big numbers and rare carves

You sound like Elliot Rodger 2.0. Shut the fuck up cunt and better yourself. Take responsibility

ok let me take the magic dick growing pill you fucking moron fucking kill yourself

Why does interracial Porn make me cum so hard? :(

Mobile phones you can take them outside man it's cool

hahaha y not get laid faggot and mabye you might stop telling people (including yourself) to kill themselves lmao

>Posts scott pilgrim styled blacked
What the fuck people did you think were going to post?

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Im black your white

It's truth being repressed. That racism is caused by sexual inadequacy

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ya dude its so easy let me open up tinder which is dead and bumble which is dead and pof which is dead

If i watch a girl have sex with other light skinned dudes...Or imagine myself trying to breed...my loads sadly dribble out in a watery mess

But when im watching Gianna michaels interracial Sex...my cumshot explodes and i get as hard as possible...my weak genes are trying to compete :(

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Kek I'm like this too. Pick all the shifts with minimum human interaction and no supervisors

The best is when you're on a date with a sexy white gal and a black dude hits on her in front of you, and you try to save face and act tough but he wants to fuck her too bad and doesn't care and out-alphas you in front of her. Yes, has happened

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>China is clean.
Bait harder

Went and had supper with a friend, now I’m waiting for him to get off work. Will drink much in the meantime

what do you expect with donald dumbass as president

remember when he threw paper towels like he was shooting a basketball to hurricane relief victims?

im drinkin gin right now

get well soon sic anons

I’m a couple ipa’s deep. Might switch to liquor later on

Fucking my ass with my new giant dildo! It is the slink MDL if anyone was wondering

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The only way thing we could've done is ban anyone from china, that's not something democrats would ever have done.

I remember when Trump executive ordered to deliver food and water and the democrat female mayor hid it all because she didn't want to make trump look good.

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List of big tit interracial race traitors:
Gianna Michaels
Alanah Rae
Kaity Kox
Angela White
Whitney Stevens
Daphne Rosen
August Taylore
Natasha Nice
Angelica Sin
Noelle Easton
Ava Devine
Harley Rains

it's porn, retard.
Really trying to go white nationalist but then inadvertently place pornstars on some non-nigger list.
Did you just forget the class where they talked about Jews running all porn companies?

>muh joos boogeyman
Mental illness

same person

Everyone I know doesn't invite me to hang out unless they want something, and I'm tired of having shitty friends. If I knew better people I'd like to go see a movie or go smoke at a hookah lounge. Everyone I know just wants to do drugs.
I'll probably just clean a gun, go to the gym in a little while, and wake up early to go shooting.

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seek help white boi

I work graveyard, and don't like people

Realized I was the person in the group of friends no one cared about. Tested it out and stopped starting conversations. No one texted back.

People got married. Disappeared.

Only close friend for 20 years went raging hard left. Started to attack everyone verbally for anything he saw wrong.

Cut him loose and alone. Not easy to make friend like before and everyone still busy doing their own things.

Want to go out. But not alone.

This is why i want a big titty girlfriend. I'll get her provocative dresses, sexy heels then take her to all black clubs

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are you me?

Everyone I knew turned into an asshole around late 2013-early 2014. They got woke, and wanted to spend all their time doxing people like me and spewing blood libel. Now they're trying to act like it never happened.

I dont know how to live

When you get older, this is a hard fact. Used to be pretty upset when I was younger about friends having a party and going out all the time. And now they just like me where the idea of going out feels so tiring and dread-some. Going to be 27 and tbh I don't regret never going out; just feels good to be home.

Prepare to be cuckolded

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I'm 20, and I can foresee when shit will decay. That being said, I just wanna enjoy time with them while I still can. They're some of the few people I like


Good to have some company in this.

Was best man at his wedding. Soon to be wife brought her best friends from Boston. These two were super woke. I was late to a early party for close family and friends where my best friend was discussing that I could be a racist because I said a black joke about 8 years prior.

The entire wedding I was called not by first name but "Racist" by the two woke best friends. In front of my friend, soon to be wife, eating with others at a table...

No one said anything against it.

(One of many but that was last straw, did my duty with no retort for their night. Washed my hands of them the next day)

>saturday shifts at work
>no friends cuz trust issues
>degree is only worth the effort I put into it and I'm a massive introvert
>student loans hijacking financial situation
>live with parents because of this
>32 years old and sleeping in basement
>was in love for 3 years - ultimately denied and 100% cut out of her life
>mega depression
>work in a non-degree related field where honesty is frowned upon - and my name is on the final documents sent to insurance companies
>lowest paid position


now i'm just complaining, sorry /b

The absolute fuckin dream right here

Crawling in my skin. These wounds, they will not heal.

>Realized I was the person in the group of friends no one cared about
That's what I'm going through right now. Everyone is so self absorbed into their lives they don't want me around until their lives start getting inconvenient for them. Now that I'm telling them no, they blow up on me or talk shit about me online, which doesn't work because I got rid of my facebook account two years ago. None of my friends are married, but they all have kids and two have kids together, but sleep around on each other. The others are also turning left to the point of openly calling themselves antifa. So now I'm just distancing myself from them all, but I don't really know how to make friends anymore and am suspicious I'm just going to pick up another group of losers. I'd really like to date, but the women I seem to meet are only interested in partying, doing drugs, and going to clubs. Which I'm not interested in doing or dealing with.
I just want normal friends, a normal gf, and to do normal stuff with people. And at my age I'm worried its too late for me.

Are you me? I know these feels, user.

Should I show this trib to my gf?

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I dunno...

You are one dumb nigger if you think China is ok.

I'm ready to accept the consequences

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I'm wageslave at a restaurant. I guess I'm technically out, but not doing something I want to do. By the time I get off nothing is open except for a couple of really sketchy bars, waffle house, and a couple fast food joints.

Lmao what the fuck


I can't compete with the bbc so I don't bother trying.

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I hope you two have a wonderful night.

My man!

Shoulda told their woke asses to catch the next plane back to Boston. Disinvited.

Atta boy

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Court order.

Hey fourchan pal! I didn't see you there. I had to go change my shirt and get a watermark applied to my face. I just opened my second Coors Light and I'm feeling a little tipsy, LOL.

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>Im a sissy.
I am doing my hair and makeup. Mainly cause I just got my hair straightener today. I'm having fun with my hair.


Damn similar situation with my family
They all bring up politics (I never do but if they bring it up I give my piece), and then I say something and it's like I'm a huge asshole for disagreeing with accusations of clandestine racism

Sorry I dont agree with healthcare for illegal immigrants and wont vote for Buttigieg or Bernie

Just tell them to leave race out of it and you are concerned with the economic realities of rewarding people for breaking the law. I identify as a center-left, but I have no interest in the extremes of the left giving the farm away.

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Did my best to keep cool and let it be their night. Literally washed my hands of EVERYONE at that night.

Flip side my friend thinks I just became "weird" and disappeared. With these morons as others have said, moment you say anything they double down and go crazy online.

This and the other guy. Went out on Singles Night. Chatted at a table with some people. All was ok, but you can see remarks here or there on their politics. Very worried on finding any girl who is not mentally insane now in the city.

Younger brother married. His wife was great until she listened to NPR 5 hours a day. Raging nutbag and our whole family just avoids her and any conversation.

One woman said dating and meeting people was much easier 10 years ago.

new country, dont know anyone. Hang out on the pc until i get horny and jerk it to interracial porn then go to sleep

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the fact that i work saturdays

>One woman said dating and meeting people was much easier 10 years ago.
Collapse of a society

Read Fate of Empires by John Glubb
It's only like 30 pages

It's like the entire moral compass is now "avoid being racist at all costs"
And the supreme good is "ultimate empathy for the most oppressed" a trans illegal immigrant disabled black woman or some shit

It's slave morality

oo oo oo aa aa aa

it's even better when you take her out on a date and she leaves with the black guy that out alpha'd you, and while she's leaving she looks back at you with this i'm sorry expression and shrugs

You have an interracial fetish dumbass

>One woman said dating and meeting people was much easier 10 years ago.

She was 10 years younger. now she's an old hag. Duh.
>Collapse of a society
Cred Forumstard detected

True. Thanks you and it is where we are for the big cities for sure. Talk with a lot of people (in and out) and only the crazies here in the city.

More of a chan thing than a reality thing. I suspect most people are alone at night. Even if they do go out, just one outing and back by 10 and watching Netflix

I'd probably need therapy after that, but i'd be fapping furiously

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More please

Damn back when Cred Forums was full of candydoll threads instead of this retarded cuck and bbc shit