Pop quiz hot shot, there's a bomb in this thread. First dubs triggers the bomb, trips blows it up...

>Pop quiz hot shot, there's a bomb in this thread. First dubs triggers the bomb, trips blows it up. Only quads can defuse it. What do you do? What do you do?

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Blow it up.


Nice dubs from the start. Now witness me.

>the bomb is already triggered

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I can do this


He did nothing, you nog. Only trips can blow it up.

but the bomb has been armed though

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im defusing the bomb

We dubs thread?

deactivate it

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The more I watch it the funnier it gets. The karate kick is absolutely golden


Lmao just drive the bus into water

I'll save you user

Allahu Ackbar

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I guess it's time for a hero to disarm this bomb.

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I want it to blow up

shoot the hostage


Bomb expert checking in. Let me get a look at its triggering device

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Yeeet it.

Blow it kill Cred Forums

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Oh shit.

Oy ve-

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Ahh looks like a Sandniggorian 50. Let me get my tool kit

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Little late

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>clips red wire

>clips anime sticker off of green wire

>Massages the bomb's timer

I see your calculations are off by one. You see the circuit and ignition primers were looking for the green red primer

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It's not going off

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So far i can only arm it over and over.

>Chews on primer

its time

have no fear

Time to take your medication with all of these terroristic tendencies running about.

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lets make this happen

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put it in her butt liek...wut? WAT?!