Whats the best method of suicide if i cant get a gun...

Whats the best method of suicide if i cant get a gun? Thinking of jumping infront of a train as it arrives but i dont want to cause a mess and cause problems.

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Personally i tried hanging myself from a door with a belt but fell off the knob handle when my body was going into convulsions. Darn.

why should you care you’ll be gone

>Whats the best method of suicide if i cant get a gun?

Walk up to a couple of niggers in the inner city, and call them by it. They don't have any problems getting a gun. Take out life insurance first, it pays out from a murder.

I see threads like this all the time on here. Terrible!! How can you guys sell out like that. So much to live for. Hope you don’t do it. You’ll be gone forever and I will miss you

>They said while trying not to laugh

Actually don't do it, watch a video from people who jumped from golden gate and survived.

Argon gas, or failing that, helium.

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Carbon Monoxide inhalation. Fall asleep until dead.

Cinder blocks tied around you as you jump into a lake.

Dying is easy, why the fuck can't you figure it out?

Jump into a volcano. You'll pass out from the fumes before you hit the bottom. Then you can die like terminator (spoiler: you don't sink in magma)

Find something very tall
Jump from top of it
Problem solved

Car into bridge
Jump from bridge with rope around neck
Heroin overdose
Electronic suicide
Cut your throat

This guy just wants attention. There are like a million ways to die.

Go to China and get corona, they'll cremate you as soon as you die

Have you thought about trying drugs? They will most certainly make you feel happy..... for a time

Lick a chinese person, problem solved within 30 days.

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glue your asshole shut

Old age, if you have the time for it

Drink Flex paste

Define "best".

Bulk Bogan

How fucking useless do you have to be to not even be capable of googling the best suicide method?
Asphyxiation with pure nitrogen or pure helium. Pure helium is hard to get though, because they often dilute it with oxygen (ie. party balloon tanks). The feeling of needing air only occurs when carbon dioxide builds up in your blood stream. Your body needs oxygen to produce carbon dioxide. Neither nitrogen nor helium contain oxygen (unlike carbon monoxide, which is sometimes used for suicide)

You're gonna get a lot of edgelords giving you suggestions, but instead of giving up. Use the fact you're already willing to call it quits as an excuse to do whatever you want. Consider this hail mary time. Blow money, take a trip, get some medication or counseling. Enjoy life however you have to my dude.