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fb ig

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titfuck queen

need more



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more of right

This fucking whore needs to learn her Fucking. Place

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I want to be her slave

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mmm such a tease


right here

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How would you teach her?

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Thems some tatas to cream.


Classic. She's such a tease.

Have her command you to get between her thighs and make her cum

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She got everything

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Tie her up slap her tits hard and put a vibrater on for a week or so

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no shit

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she knows

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Yes sir
I‘d love that

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Fuck her in the park and have everyone watch

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I think she deserves worse than that.

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id rub my cock all over those tits and lips

bigger pics?


so tight

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While you're working on her she grabs your hair and pushes you deeper and deeper into herself

Touch her

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Bottom right is the looker

loving this babe


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Ok have her like that for a month and have a guy fuck her out of her mind every day


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She should smother me between her thighs

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if i did that id get so hard she could notice my cock through my pants


nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger nigger

more plz i like very much


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keep it up

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Deserves a raping.

cute and best tits

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She wouldn't care you having trouble breathing, she'd use her thick thighs to trap you even deeper

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Ok, cock exploded

She would love it

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Yeah I love that slut

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it's what she craves each time she dresses like that

Righty gonna make me pop.

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WWYD to this modest and successful woman??

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like these?

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keep going

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Any in heels?

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I wouldn’t really care either, I just want to serve her

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more plz

not in heels

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Her skirts are so fucking shorts

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more of left

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Any bodacious booty on this slut

Hows her ass

follow the thread


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any ass?

What do you wanna do to this whore

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Like this young teen?

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Imagine drenching her in cum

More of her tits

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fuck yes

id tease her ass till my cock is hard just to take it out and slip it under that skirt

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Yeah but I need better pics

I wanna best her with my cock

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need to squeeze them

With a big smile on her face

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looks like an amazing gf

I wanna suck

love it

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She loves pizza

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same girl

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she would be loving all of it, rubbing herself against it

more than that

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ass on her?

Clubbing outfit?

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Video tape her getting gangraped.

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Much better

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amazing wife?

So you want this?

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She doesn't post any ass shots. She knows her rack is her strong feature.

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fuuuck more

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I'd take more

wife material for sure

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nn girls discord gg/ 9YdxSh

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Her chin too

id love for my cock to play with that tight ass



it’s amazing for sure

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more fat ass

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More like sex slave material.

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hope she likes giving titjobs

She twerks for cocks at parties

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more hips

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freckles are cute and huge tits

clearly needs a good one to take care of her

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Such a plump beautiful breeder


any ass?

that too
well practiced i assume

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good whore

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She's hot, bro. Go on

I need to see her bubble butt

More ass?

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you think my babe spends a lot of time giving titjobs?
she looks fairly innocent

So tits or booty?

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Isabella Rodruiguez

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No one stays innocent for long.

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Amazing body bro.

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that’s exactly why she will have

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really a hard choice but i love booty more

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Found my fap
Wife material

that's a nice fat ass

holy shit YESSSS my favorite fat white ass ever


I need to see this breeders ass! I’m in love

You already know it’s huge.

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Nudes? Bikini?

Thiccc babe

Such a thick whore

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She’s begging to be fucked

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which to own

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look at those slutty cheeks

she knows how much she wants to make guys cum for her

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none of that im afraid..

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She is waiting

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More with braids?

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Not a whole lot of ass.

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Anything with less on?

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stroking hard for that tight little ass


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Wwyd to Amanda

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She loves to make cocks hard

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perfect proportions

amazing ass

fuck i'd love to have her grind on me

Yup posing like that she’s asking to get pounded.

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seen her on twitter


She deserves it

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I need her to bear my seed

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Definitely would sneak up behind her and spread her ass so I could eat it. Then sticking my cock in and pounding her.

mm your bitch

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She’d make a good whore

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she earned her cock

amazing tits. Whats this sluts name


fuck yes she does
and shes so good at it

her ass is s canvas for cum

need more of this fat ass whore

Ask for more in next thread.

What an outfit



What's yours

Why the fuck did I get married to a small tit no ass woman....

really? where?
next thread.

i need to hotdog this cumsluts big booty


ah it's just someoen taking teh girls here and osting them to twitter.

lol reading that feed it's obvious you're the guy running it and are just jacking pics from these threads to post on t witt er

Hivemind. What a faggot. Couldn't that page get taken down for copyright or abuse really easily?

Deleted his post. Gonna post it in the next thread