You are infected with the Coronavirus. What do you do?

You are infected with the Coronavirus. What do you do?

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Quarantine myself and inform the relevant authorities.

nothing cause i am a healthy adult who doesn't die to a simple flu lol

cough on old people lol

Drink pee

Book a flight to israel

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Help raise that transgender death rate from 40% to 50

live happily ever after


i really want to grab each end of his moustache and pull hard

cough on multiple trumptards

stay at home for 2 weeks or so until it goes away.
No different than any other flu unless you are some sickly or old person.

Spread the shit out of it

A second holocaust

go to one of the democratic debates

Go to a Trump rally and rub my dick on everything.

>be healthy 24yr old so I'm not gonna die
>spread it cause I like chaos

Nothing since I’m not a weak bitch. Keep smoking and drinking and playing vidya

run into the nearest police station and cough on/touch fucking everything

>these retards don't understand that it kills healthy young people too

Maybe in WuTang China. Not in the civilized part of the world you gay faggot

Nothing because I'm in my 20s and healthy so I will just be ill for a bit, maybe go infect some old people for shits and giggles

spread it to as many people as possible

I would infect as many niggers as I possibly could just to see them wiped out

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Gimme evidence then instead of a statement fucking faggot


Spread it

>You are infected with the Coronavirus. What do you do?

Attend gay pride events and cough everywhere. Probably attend the DNC conventions and pretty much offer the same. If I'm gonna die, I'll make it worth my while.

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the statistics say I would be perfectly fine.


Masturbate to the thought of corona chan inside me

Buy a large assortment of plastic figurines and two dozen mason jars.

Function as normal because of my superior genetics

Pray to Kek to heal me.

become maga supporter, go to as many rallies as possible for luls

Cough on every motherfucker that I hate.

I'm going to try the whiskey method. Hopefully the alcohol kills the virus or at least I'll be buzzed when dying.

Fucking die

loot a big screen tv and some jordans

Go to a mostly black community and walk around.

Fucking this. Every time.

Acourding to statistics Have a 98% chance of survival
so propably survive but by my luck I still get to suffer,
if I only get mild symptoms I play video games all day,

>Go to a mostly black community and walk around.


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Young faggots will be getting blowjobs from you when you're an old fart.

I would make YouTube videos tracking my illness and recovery process, if the authorities do not get me.

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meet with my Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cronyn
>no I don't wash my hands first
>I also jerk off before hand

ima die anyway so I kill that faggot hipster in OP's pic to leave the world slightly better than I found it. thank me later

I want to meet Taylor Swift before I die.

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If any of you get it, you'll be shitting your pants wondering if it's the same virus or a more potent mutation.

Realistically, yes. Grave concerns, and then possibly the grave.

I use the Wim Hof breathing method and continue like nothing happened

Does anyone know any videos or pictures of people with the virus. Do you just cough yourself to death or do you find blood from coughing?

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Quarantine myself and wait til the next feminist event and infected everyone

I have not seen any videos or pictures of the afflicted, yet. What book is that passage from?

>Well, yes, I am indeed infected by the Coronavirus. How did you notice? Also, I must let you know about White privilege.

If I'm certain I'm phucked, I'd slam some crystal meth. Make the first cough my last.

fucking this
we need someone coughing on that gay fucking jew wall and the faggot fucking black cube the sand niggers worship
i live in a tiny town so itll be a while, sadly

Go to a Bernie Sanders rally and hang out with my Bernie Bros. They will keep me company, and in good health, I am sure.


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Lefty shills and black pilled dipshits want it to be worse than it is.

Is this the same guy?

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RIP Chairman Xi.

Just isolate myself at home. I might get past it.

Give it to all the liberals

Get quarantined. Not worry too much, only 2% mortality rate.

Where would you go to get quarantined? Who do you seek out for that?

Your lungs drown in mucus, at least that’s what I’ve heard. Haven’t seen any sources discuss blood related issues. Just google pneumonia and deaths related

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Based and chad-pilled

I think he'll survive without Coronachan's "help."


You probably have about a month or less to do that. Are you married?

nah, considering I only have about a month before death eats me I will worry less and less about consent

spread to the world

>it kills healthy young people too


Live in a first world country, treat it like a cold, and survive like everyone else...

Unless you live in a third world shit hole or don't go to hospital this is easily controllable and treatable.

I'm a nigger so I just sit here and eat chicken & collect welfare.

It's in the top, but "eyes of darkness"

Did someone leave the oven on?

It's not just a runny nose, its definitely a persistent flu. Heavy mucus linings, nausea. It literally takes your breath away.

Untreated, chances of survival plummet. Treat it and you will be fine.

You're honest.

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Thank you for that reference!

That is a very argumentative way of agreeing with me. Are you trying to bait me into disagreeing with you, because that's a very good way to trick people into looking like a jackass.

Go into work anyways and cough on everyone else.

Sharing is caring.

Caring is sharing.

Some info for you Bros

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cite something retard

It's not a common cold. Its a very strong and serious strain of imfluenza. You were downplaying it like it can be treated with a dose of pseudoephedrine and a bowl of grannys chicken soup.

So it's the flu?
>With some patients needing hospitalization?
So it's almost as bad as when my daughter had the swine flu?
Is it really going to be ok?

Get stoned, consider killing myself.

So nothing different.

Local hospital. They are seriously looking for simps like me that catch this shit.

>You were downplaying it like it can be treated with a dose of pseudoephedrine and a bowl of grannys chicken soup

> Most people will get better on their own. However, you can relieve your symptoms by

>Taking over-the-counter medicines for pain, fever, and cough


I would be terrified to work at a hospital, around this stage of the disease.

If you get enough sleep, drink water and eat healthy, you don't even need the antihistamine and soup

The average flu has a higher mortality rate. I'd be more worried about that.

Interesting. My family members have all been sick with flus this year, so far, for weeks, but I am still not sick. Do you think my chances against a hypothetical contracting of Coronavirus are good? I hope the rest of my relatives are fine, too.

Go back to my old workplace and blow my nose on everyone there.

that mustache is fucking killer

I wish my facial hair were thick. I don't know, maybe I've got what it takes to have one, but I've never tried growing it that much. It's a cool style on some men.

Isn't that kind of what that first German infected guy did, after the weekend, and work started again on Monday or something?

He's a French computer programmer
(He wants you to think he's an Israeli comedian but he's not)

>He's a French computer programmer
>(He wants you to think he's an Israeli comedian but he's not)
It's LARP all along, huh? Sounds fun.

I mean.. he moved to Israel but he's definitely french.

I thought his last name was Italian, but there are a lot of Italian surnames around with the general French population by now, too.

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I looked up his Facebook and it was all French language. If you have a different link that proves me wrong please post it.

I just see the Israeli Hebrew language Facebook page. It may be your internet service that has the French language option. No English translation exists, oh well.

worry slightly more than I've already been worrying, set up a dead man's switch to publish my obituary and browser cache

It's not an STD you retard

The only reasonable options.

Do whatever my doctor tells me to

I know exactly what I’m going to do, go to work
I work as a cook in a restaurant and we see quite a lot of people. I’m more than ready to be the next Typhoid Mary.

I found this meme on the visitors' posts of his Facebook page.

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Let it run its course. I wanna die.

Heres the stats boys, 0.2% aint bad


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Go to a Trump rally.

I wonder how many of the infected feel the same, right now?

That's an image macro, not a meme. Also why haven't you posted the url? I would love to ask him why he's pretending he grew up in Israel?

Facebook url isn't allowed on Cred Forums.

Amputate the infected part quick, so it won't spread

Yep that 48 hour ban that literally nobody is going to report is why you won't post. Not because you're a faggot, but because you're scared.

put a lime in my mouth and stand on my head


Who knows?

Go to Trump rallies.

Visit the airport for a day

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recover because that shits a glorified flu

Cough a lot?

Considering you couldn't name relevant authorities in your post o don't have much hope for your plan

Its like HIV retard. It doesnt matter how old you are.
Id take anti retro virals usually used to treat HIV. Rotovir and such