You faggots will argue about anything. This is Bernard Sanders

You faggots will argue about anything. This is Bernard Sanders.

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You mean, President Bernard Sanders.

*future President Bernard Sanders

I'm utterly sure that it's Colonel Sanders

Colonel Chicken Sanders.

I know that guy, its Phil Mianus.

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That's Kobe

He'll fix America with his secret blend of 11 herbs and taxes

*future bitch of the official DNC nominee

Damn almost went 10 posts in a Bernie thread without someone getting insulted

Who got insulted? He'll get another house out of it.

damn, I went back though it just to see. You are right.

No, pretty sure that dog like thing is a St. Bernard

Good ole "Bend over Bernie"
Just waiting for the DNC to tell em its time to take it up the ole Bern hole.

Fuck you that's my grandpa Bernard Penders

sanders may, and I mean may have a chance om 2024 after Trump's 2nd. But my money's on Pence

I think he’s a real tuffy

the dude is like 97 and already had a heart attack he won't live through super tuesday

>chance om 2024
shit, I may still be on /b. I don't want to go though this mindless crap again.

Pence hasn't a chance in hell of winning the presidency.

>You faggots will argue about anything.
But you won't. Uh-huh. You're above all this, aren't you?

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Posting a political figure is too easy.

Probs about 1000x better chance than the Bernster

What would make you say something this stupid?

Mike Pence is one of those fellas ya gotta keep an eye on when he's around your young sons

Because Trumpers are scrambling. They thought they could buy time when the Republicans covered for Trump, but now they're starting to realize that he's imploding.

>after Trump's 2nd
not happening frogposter
get over it

Too bad you're not old enough or give a shit to vote that you could do your part to change that.

it was nice while it lasted-

Lolno. He won't even be alive at the end of the year. Screencap this.

The "Bernie is so rich" thing. He's like the brokest dude in the race ffs lol

screencap your tiny penis
see if it gets bigger or smaller
I'm thinking smaller

Which is pretty pathetic considering he's been pulling in a Congressional pay (over $100k) for several decades. Definitely not someone who is fiscally responsible enough to run the country.

Doesn't mean he's not rich.

it means your a fag

user you elected Trump
do not ever judge others on their fiscal responsibility ever skippy k?

He will wish he had self identified as a democrat, if there is a brokered convention.

100K really isn't shit anymore, especially on the East Coast.
That's why we laugh at you faggots who think a $20 minimum wage is too high in NYC

That literally has nothing to do with anything user. I'll bet you think you're clever.

It means bringing up his relatively modest net worth is a shitty argument when everyone he's running against is way more rich than he is except for Pete. Bernie is nearly 80 years old ffs, he only has a 2 mil net worth due to the book he just wrote.

>Bernie's financial status affects your sexuality
ok boomer

not a boomer
but your still a fag

>minimum wage
any min wage is too high. If you need government to set your value to an employer, you deserve what you get.

Representatives in the House make $174K/year, or more.

And that's the stupidest thing about the minimum wage. Yes, $15 is the same in Manhattan, San Fran, and dumbfuck Idaho.

He's from Vermont, one of the cheapest states to live in.
Miss me with that shit. Bernie and Donald are the same. Rich, old misogynists who are only being bolstered by Russia.

take a hike junior-

It's a perfectly valid argument. The character of the people we elect matters.

What's ridiculous all the hypocrites who defend him while slamming the 1%. It's a pure double standard.

You know how I know you're a fucking retard? You just said Bernie and Trump are the same. That's the dumbest shit I've read on Cred Forums in a long time and, well... it's Cred Forums

ok boomer

yeah I used to think that too
when I was 12


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this thread was doing well until you faggots showed up.

>I'm dumb
>kick me

He probably won't even be alive by the convention anyway. He's dying. If he's not, then he should go and talk to coronavirus victims as a show of concern. Politicians visit disaster areas all the time. Why doesn't he?

It's like saying someone who drinks socially at holiday parties and a stone cold alcoholic are the same. $2mil vs BILLIONS here. Do you math at all?

No. Bernie's going to win and implement M4A
and ironically you'll get the care you need when you get so seething you have a heart attack.

Failing to understand what price controls do the market and still believing in the labor theory of value suggests you're 11 years old.


The edgy libertarian strikes again

user how can I be a boomer when I wasn't born between 1953 and 1964?
your gay too

>people should earn whatever employers say they should earn
ok my mistake
maybe you're not 12
you just have the mine of one
like trump

He used to rage against millionaires at his rallies, not billionaires. He talked about the 1%.

Until he became one. That's hypocrisy.

I want Bernis to win nomination. The people at tonight's Trump rally want Bernis.

user that is literally the cringiest meme on the Internet and you're a total faggot retard when you post it

That's Larry David faggot

ok boomer

how am I a "libertarian" when I demand living wages?
Do you even know what the word means user? Are you 12 too?


Should he have given his book away for free? I thought you guys liked capitalism

PRESIDENT Bernie Sanders.

How am i a boomer if i totally believe in AOC and Bernie Sanders?

this entire thread is filled with underage bans


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I was on your side faggot

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Cornel Barnard Santiago

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>you just have the mine of one
>the mine of one
>the mine
Jesus Fucking Christ

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>I demand living wages
I would guess I have hired more people than you. That isn't how it works.

You want the criminal President "re-elected" don't you?

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Oh, you're one of those Trumptards who can't have a conversation without bringing up your favorite orange cheetoh. Explains a lot.

And employers don't "set" wages. If they could, they'd pay you $1/year. But they can't, because labor is in demand. Just like you can't set your wage at $1 million/hour, because you think all those participation awards mean you're worth it. Wages are set by supply and demand, with the maximum defined by your marginal productivity as a worker.

You're failure to understand basic economic theory show your immaturity.

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As a Jew and an immigrant from Israel, i can honestly say, FUCK Bernie Sanders. Im voting Trump!

it's called a phone trumpshit
but I don't see you realizing the error of your ways
you trumpshits are so unbelievably fucking stupid

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I'm voting for Bernie btw. However if you can't even spell please stfu.

Lol and trumps spray tanned, compulsive mccdonalds eating, prostitute fucking lifestyle is so destined for a high survival rate?


>You're failure to understand basic economic theory show your immaturity.


>stock loss
It's the single largest DOW LOSS in a single day. Please update your meme.

The private sector had decades to pay wages adjusted to inflation. They didn't. And when the private sector fails, government steps in.
Maybe your side should have done something before the sleeping Federal Giant was awakened. Instead you gave tax cuts to billionaires.

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You are an actual idiot. Keep crying after Bernie wins I'll enjoy it.

Pffft change.
The DNC will pick the candidate.

The primaries give the people the illusion that they matter.

Just write in Bern in the General election. Give those fuckers at the DNC the finger.

>you're one of those Trumptards
how am I a "trumptard" when I'm voting for Sanders?

Is everyone in this thread 12?


>you can't set your wage at $1 million/hour
Absolutely you can. You just can't expect many employers to pay that rate.

Just like any artist is free to set the price of their artwork at $1 million per piece.

Demand isn't the same thing as quantity demanded at a given price.

>You're failure to understand basic economic theory
Sure, kid.

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Trump looks like POTUS agrees with him.

>If they could, they'd pay you $1/year. But they can't, because labor is in demand.
Actually they can't because we have a law called the Federal Minimum Wage.

It's time to stop posting faggot. Come on.
No more posts after this.

Aka 46

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Trump's a fat as fuck, stressed out, sedentary fast food junkie who can barely golf anymore. He's on bump of coke away from massive heart failure.

Both Trump and Sanders are backed by Putin. Reminder that Sanders was one of only two Senators to vote against sanctioning Russia for their role in election meddling during the 2016 elections shortly into Trump's first year occupying the White House.

If you posted this or agree with thisyou are not a Sanders supporter

Trump looks like an old fat lesbian
His fupa's got a fupa

>Sanders has to be a Democrat to get the nomination
You just got caught saying something stupid

shut up

Fuck that. It's more important to remove Trump than who actual wins the nomination. I'm voting for whoever gets the nomination though I REALLY want it to be Bernie.

I don't want to interact with you ignorant fucks. I am out.
To the rest, have a good night-

Ok, Hillary

>Trump's a fat as fuck, stressed out, sedentary fast food junkie who can barely golf anymore. He's on bump of coke away from massive heart failure.
He sounds just like Sanders, except Sanders doesn't need the line of coke to keel over.

that's what Putin wants you to think, Sanders isn't gonna schlob on Putin's lil knob like Donny Twump

faggot just shut up

you asked for an argument against "this is bernard sanders"?

The only words one does use as names in the logical sense are words like ‘this’ or ‘that’. One can use ‘this’ as a name to stand for a particular with which one is acquainted at the moment. We say ‘This is white’. If you agree that ‘This is white,’ meaning the ‘this’ that you see, you are using ‘this’ as a proper name.” - Russell

Gay AF Bernie the Red.

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>Trump's a fat fuck
>he sounds like sanders
typical Trumper moron

Hey Vlad.

you don't like fried chicken, wut iz u a vegan?!?

Whatever faggot. I'm voting for Bernie. Please fucking spell correctly or you're just as retarded as Trump and just as embarrassing. Don't get triggered, just pay more attention. I'm telling you this for OUR own good.

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i think i cut it off. anyway, you're saying that "this" means bernard sanders and it can be argued against using "this" to mean bernard sanders.


No worries
I'd get out too if I were getting hammered this hard.

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Hey Dumbass.


making more than one post in a thread isn't samefagging you actual fag

When did you start hearing this Bernie/Russia nonsense? When the primaries started and Bernie was winning? oh ok

Whatever you say sellout

I can't. I'm pretty high. Count on me making more spelling errors.

NipMoot should IP rangeblock all of Russia.

It was literally in the Mueller report.

Russian troll.

Sanders is going to win the majority you fucking faggot. Shut up.

You're a Trumptard because you're a retard who's obsessed with Trump and can't stop bringing up him up in every fucking post.

And calling for the mods every other post makes you a baby.

>it was literally in the Mueller Report
So was Trump trying to obstruct justice.
Your point? Sanders wasn't Putin's bitch laundering money for Putin's associates like Trump has been doing for 15 years.

>Economics? What's that?
>Bernie has my vote!

Go vote for Bloomberg. He already bought the nomination and by proxy your sellout ass.

Sanders in '20

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Trumptards voted for him user. Your fee fees don't define a word
>trump dindu nuffin
>leab him awone
he's a criminal
and you're giving him a free pass like McConnell did
another criminal

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political fags

I feel sorry for the CO that has to perform the cavity search

It's really fucking pathetic, how naive you are.
The fix is in

I'm sorry the people need to pass laws to keep the corporate greed you shamelessly fellate in check user. I really am.

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A few houses and 7 figure net worth combined with his spouse doesn't make you the 1%.

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who gives a shit
Bernie Sanders wants to improve health care and access to educational opportunities for young folks

It'll explode like one of those eggs in Alien only it will be decaying Big Mac gas

If you support Sanders, you support Putin interfering with the election. Period.

This is a communist with dimentia*


It quite literally does. If you don't want a 1%er in office, Pete's the one you should back, not Sanders.

No. It doesn't.

Sanders is never going to be president. The word people are looking for when they ponder his chances is "unelectable" He's an obnoxious, lazy, socialist Jew and there's a very large part of the US that simply will not vote for him in a general election

That's why the Democrats stole his nomination last time and gave it to Hillary. People today who think they would have won if Sanders had been running in 2016 are deluded. The party fucked him because he was unelectable and they chose to run her instead of him. This time around it's about not having another viable candidate ready to go. Republicans faced this when they ran Bob Dole. They didn't have a better option and it was time to push him on through and get him in the rear-view mirror.

You fuckers are guaranteeing another 4 years of Trump and your party knows it. My guess is they believe that they will continue to make gains in Congress while Donald keeps being an asshat and they'll capture the White House in 2024 with Congress already in hand.

No he doesn't. He has literally zero plan on how to pay for anything he's proposed. He won't be able to get any of it through the Congress without paying for it. Warren actually has pay-fors for those exact same policies. If you actually want any of that, you should vote Warren.

No it fucking doesn't lmao. Bernie made his money in the perfectly legitimate manner of writing a book people wanted to read. Him and his wife had to sell one house to get a new one.
There is nothing about his holdings as a elderly person that is outside of the norm, especially as a long standing senator with a 6 figure income.

you are literally autistic
stop posting

Then why hasn't he released his full tax returns? He only released a cover page in 2016, just like Trump.

Richard...quit posting this shit you tard!

I really wish NipMoot would IP ban all of you Russians.

>durr lazy jew durr socialist
>durr 4 yeers ov twump
try harder faggot

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I don't know, and if he never does then it worth looking into.
Whereas I guarantee Trump is ruling a debt ridden empire full of tax fraud, and has spent OUR money for his legal team to keep them hidden, then what do you suspect Bernie of hiding?

how am I Russian
when you're the one posting abject drying brain matter

>supports Russian puppet
>"how am I Russian"
Do me a favor: tell all your buddies at the Russian troll farm I said to kiss my American ass.

He said he would do so in 2016 and hasn't. That isn't worth looking into for you?

Thats the guy who wanted to suck my dick for 100 bucks

Are you sure about that?

7 figure income.
He makes over a mil a year

from what?

No U.

I don't care that he's Jewish. I'm just pointing out that large part of the US does. He's a lazy piece of shit. It's very well documented. Look it up yourself faggot

He has book deals and gives speeches. Standard shit they all do.

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No, that’s Sandy Burns

Barry Sanders didn't age well...and he turned white.

That's doc.

because billionaires work millions of times harder than the average person

Good, monopolies are bad