No rekt thread? Rekt thread!

No rekt thread? Rekt thread!

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We got two rekt threads learn to search, but I’ll take another I suppose

cerebral palsy

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How much of a nigger do you have to be to hurt a cat?

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Just a regular nigger. Notice how much friendlier cats are in large Japanese cities compared to niggerfied US cities.

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its just nature

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Even the fucking subhuman muslims like cats.

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they're kinda done tho

Most of these are just niggers. Typical

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fucking niggers and their us of a

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No nigger hate thread? Nigger hate thread!

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Fuxk yiu and your animal ones you sick cunt

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found the faggot

Yh these animal ones are fucked up. Especially because it's done by niggers

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What a surprise, another nigger doing illegal shits

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impressive coordination looks almost cgi.


This is literally how many serial killers start

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the only solace is that niggers mostly staff any place that handles the most random people. this means they're the most at risk to get coronavirus and they're also irresponsible enough to spread it and if they notice symptoms, to ignore and die from it.

Why the fuck is it only niggers

finish him!!!

yeah the blatantly gay quiet kid with a pink backpack definitely looks like the type to be racist


fake and gay

look how quickly they straightened out more parents need spank their fucking kids it works