New celeb

New celeb

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I am in love with a different girl from work

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Really eh Friday night edition.

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Oh, you know me. I'm just minding my business. Glad you're in good spirits, tho. Did you have a nice day?

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It was rather nice. Although, in the city I work in we got a first corona case

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Jane is cute

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that her?

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no, she is not quite so pretty as meg

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Might fire up the 1.7TB onlyfans leak and destroy my penis

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it's pretty garbage
Meg who

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This is a true statement. What's up with Anne Hathaway lately, anyway? I feel like I haven't seen her in ages, it's quite upsetting.

I don't worry too much about that. There were, like, seven confirmed cases in a city near me at one point, and I went there just a couple of days after that news first broke. As far as I know, I'm still healthy.
Hey, what did you end up doing with your board game, in the end?

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meg myers

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More Jane
More Emma

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I need to see what she looks like in those pants

These threads should only ever have nudes.

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>I'm still healthy
it has a 24-30 day incubation period.
very nice. so tell me about the girl

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Gud lip bite, miss Emma!

Someone please leak the rest!

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This tho

timeless beauty

Well it's not really a risk for people of our age, but I don't wanna infect my grandparents :(
7% mortality is quite something
People here stack themselves with food tho. Grocery stores are getting emptied
I'm a bit of a germaphobe. So I always have Sterillium with me. You know, to wash my hands with. Well people bought so much now that the price is 1000% higher now

Well I played it with friends? Kek

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Love this BIG nipples!

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sorry user
she is kind and pretty, and kinder when she is drinking and prettier when i am

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I like tight, shiny pants too much and that shall not be infringed.

fuck u user.. i finally gotten my penis to go down and u posted this gorgeous whore.. fucken a man...

I don't think that will be happening anytime soon.

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Meika ain't a whore

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I'll report back in two and a half weeks, then.

Oh, yeah, when you put it like that, that makes sense. I don't have any grandparents to worry about, but that's another story entirely. Is there a lot of, like, panic buying and things like that going on over there? I don't think anybody here really cares at all. That could just be me projecting my own indifference, mind you.
Oh, and what I meant with the board game, did you end up sending it in to a company, or anything like that, or are you just holding onto it for yourself and your friends?

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>click on pic
>get instant hard-on
what do

is meika a model.. if u answer yes.. shes a whore.. all models are whores.. post moar meika

Eternal beauty

Yeah I guess so. No milk or chips or pizza. All gone. Like in a zombie movie

It's not quite polished so I'll wait :)
Stop it or I do

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nigga u gon die
you have quite a way with words. she sounds great. when's the wedding?

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Her freckles drive me wild

Starving rn tbh

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I got chicken wings...

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tonight, in my dreams, maybe

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Pls gimme the chickey wings

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Store stonks going up! Milk prices are through the roof!
(Qts get it free)

Meika’s next visit when?

We'll see. If I'm dead in two and a half weeks, I'll let you know, yeah?

That's bizarre. We do live in strange times, don't we?
Are you working on improving it, then? The game, I mean.

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I give you one...

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Is it a big wing? Because one is not a lot

But I thank you regardless

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Fine qt, I give you a boob!

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Kateboy, what meme or trailer is that from? I don't remember..
They do get it free. As much as they need
We live in a soc... Nah...
It's really odd to see. Really really weird

Yes. After each play session :)

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Dear lord, who?

Luv Duffster

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Paki pix is alive

I appreciate this boob

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owns my cock

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That does make the most sense. Playing it is the only true way to test it, right?
Any plans for the rest of the night, or are you just relaxing before bed?

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Emily Feld

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Mine too

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so sexy i cant help myself


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I'm in bed already. Just chilling a bit and listening to my printer printing :)

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Thank you, kind stranger.

need Emma

yesss... yesssss

What the hell is this. Barely any nudes in a celeb thread. C'mon guys and girls. Post 'em.

I'll start with my most recent celeb crush. Melissa Benoist, aka. Supergirl.

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no doubt

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Fuck yes

Only seen those 20000 times

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I am not worthy!

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smol dumper good too

Oy more Francesca!!

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Over rated. See better looking girls daily.

I want to see G's tits.
Nudes when?

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So? Are you a child? Believing that the world revolves around you and your experiences sure is a mark of being a little baby is all I'm saying. There will always be someone who hasn't seen something. I'd prefer seeing reposted nudes than these other clothed shit pics you are drooling over. Which also has been seen 2000 times btw.


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Forgot pic.

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Nice little set she had. Hoping for HD soon.

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Shut up.

Bitching about something someone said? On a Chan? Never seen it before.

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>(112 KB, 982x1280)
Ew. Also very clearly colorized and not original color versions.

Stop watching Harry Potter in your moms basement and get out once in a while. You’ll see better girls all over.

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Get out.

I can kiss her?

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>So? Are you a child? Believing that the world revolves around you and your experiences sure is a mark of being a little baby is all I'm saying. There will always be someone who hasn't seen something. I'd prefer seeing reposted nudes than these other clothed shit pics you are drooling over. Which also has been seen 2000 times btw.
You said the exact same thing here child


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so stacked

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Shut up.
Quit talking about harry potter all the time you weirdo.

Piss off sjw. Go drive your Prius.

Britain’s Brightest Smile

You probably have like a sealed version somewhere so you don't get jizz on it.

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>I am in love with a different girl from work


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What's wrong with duff?

no i take all the sealing off and blow my fat fucking load all over hermione's face

i guess il cum for yumeko

Oh fuck, friggin edging bad

What are you smoking? I have said nothing other than "post nudes ffs" you imbecile. I don't give a shit if they're reposts, which is what your lame-ass were QQing about.

Nothing I say

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Well, points for honesty. Respect

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Hell yes

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im feeling like tonight is a good night for me to rp, hit me up

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Connelly was pretty damn perfect looking here

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Aw fuck, hit me up with that high c, aaaahhhh!!!

Ur feets smell so good.

connely was hot since easily labyrinth

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Always reminded me of Tifa

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I see your Jane and raise you
>fancy jane

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Yes oh yes

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Thats true but theres something about the white tank that works for me.

This is actually a really good call. Missed the boat on the live action movie now

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Yummy nips

I think my UTI is coming back and the neighbors dog won't stop barking.

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Goddamn, Duff is stacked

Oh god.... are celeb thread turning into waifu claim threads where you chitchat about boring everyday stuff while being recognized by the celeb you're posting? >_

she was something special in that movie.

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I haven't been here for over a week

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0: TB
1 MC
2 BK (TB)
3 WC
4 TB
5 MC
6 TB
7 WC
8 WC
9 Non

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Jesus those boobs

See what i mean? Perfection

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I clearly haven't been paying enough attention to Duff cause damn.

she was a dream come true. i dont know why everyone was all over madonna and other broads back then when connely was 19

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The 80's were a lawless and crazy time is my only guess.

Damn, the back is just as good as the front.

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where people worshipped whores instead of wholesome legit beautiful girls

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my dick...

So pretty

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oh, Emma!

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Fucking amazing thighs

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>G U C C I

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those lips would look great around my cock.. kek

do you looking to fuck her or smoke up some ham?

when her nudes gonna leak


Literally shaking

Agreed. Love her