ITT: People you look up to

ITT: People you look up to

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Fuck that liberal scum

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She is my role modle

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i bet everyone would look up to me if I was that tall

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did you think he was actually a conservative when he was playing a satire of one on tv?

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My rolling model

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shut up and give me your mic old man

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The only man I look up to!

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owned by corporations and liberal media

Will do

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When was this? He was just copying the daily show cause he can't make any material of his own. That is why he is painfully unfunny as his own host.

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The guy who killed Hitler

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colbert is a legend of the late 2000s, watch the bush white house dinner if u dont agree

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Why do you look up to such a boring retard? Going REEEEEEEEEEE isn't enlightening or comedy.
Anyway, for me it's historic liberators like Abe Lincoln, George Washington, and Alexander Hamilton.

biggest idiot on tv second to none

which one bottoms, Cred Forums?

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