Why is Cred Forums so obsessed with Greta Thunberg?

Why is Cred Forums so obsessed with Greta Thunberg?

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The internet and funny looking public figures go a long way back. Pretty simple.

Because she is a minor and looks like a girl of 11.

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You mean Based actor Greta? well..

>The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact.

She's one of us.

Not just here.
I lurk T_D and OANN from time to time, just for the lulz.
It seems that everyone on the right is scared shitless off her, and the only way for them to feel comfortable is to sexualize and humiliate her.
It's honestly pretty pathetic.

cause she's so fuckin weird looking.

Modes must be sitting in impotent rage knowing she’s legal to the majority of the world now and can’t just remove these threads

because despite her being a puppet she's cute and very attractive

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If only

because Cred Forums is odep.

trips for truth

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Right-wing pedophiles. That's about it.

Isn’t she a few months away from being 18

Fuck off, kike

yeah but she looks like a 12 year old

So that doesn’t matter, otherwise piper perri would be arrested for making child porn

Self-hating, secretly guilty incels FEEL like she is addressing them for the woes of climate change for some reason, when she is simply addressing political leaders and head of corporations which are the ones responsible for dropping the ball and ignoring science for profit. Not even that she KNOWS 100% for certain herself and can prove it, just that scientists being ignored.

Really she is just some kind of trifecta of fear for them. Science advocating, female, not so much a position of authority but they probably feel threatened about a female having a strong opinion of something. Her being younger is just extra spring for that trigger too, I bet.


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children should be seen, not heard.

Or gagging, not speaking

She makes my pepe hard.

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How many of those old white guys touch her naughty places do you think


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These are the worst kinds of people in the country.

chief on the left should be his own meme

i'm proud of you daughter

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wtf maybe we should eat the bugs

go back 20 years, can you IMAGINE how relentlessly bullied you would be for saying something like this?

When you know you’re getting that 17 year old activist pussy after this bs media appearance


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Because it's hilarious how many retards worship her dumbass like she's a prophet or something.

Lmao her mom literally said she could see carbon dioxide in the air, I’ve never seen a cute young girl milked by her parents so hard before

You are literally the only person that posts greta shit on Cred Forums. Keep it up fag.

You are, she's living rent free in your head.

Actually there’s at least two of us since I didn’t post this thread


Leftist talk to much. She is cute and of age in my area. Don't read into it so much.


best reply in thread.

I dunno youre the one making the thread

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Greta Ivannadick

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Bless the graphic artist that’s probably been fired by now

She's a potato, but a hot potato.

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the producer of child pornography in Canada?

Age of consent is 16 there, raised from 14

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What had she really accomplished? Anything?


Honestly she may have substantially increased the amount of men who realize they are attracted to very young girls

What CP? Just someone playing with someone else's ponytails.


Cred Forums is a lot less obsessed than the rest of the internet. This is the first post about her i've seen in a week, which can't be said about reddit. Besides, at least Cred Forums has diverse opinions about her. If you say anything even remotely negative about something that is about Greta even remotely, you will get so much shit about it. If you don't idolize everything about her, and i mean everything, you are going to get so much shit.

I never got this argument, she's not even attractive. I think it's just dumbasses trying to ruin everyone who doesn't agree with their point of view.

I mean someone convinced the Greta subreddit that burn the coal pay the toll is a pro environmental message lmao

because she has autism, fetal alcohol syndrome, veganism, and is actually a demon

It literally is a pro environmental message, dumbass. Doesn't matter how you guys use it, it's now appropriated by people who are more relevant than you.

Okay ;)

I bet she would make squeaky noises if you fucked her.

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Yeah I wonder what Swedish barely legal moans sound like


We didn't put her on TV 24/7 that was operation cortes.

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I hate that Jap shit squeaking like the don't like it.

Imagine thinking the mods will do anything about this before they’re done jerking off to it



Fair point.

Climate change sucks and everything, but she's a smug little shit who blames mostly the wrong people and hasn't accomplished anything.


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> why is a forum famously populated by pedophiles, mysogynists and trolls interested in an internationally visible, emotionally vulberable, uppity, vitriolic-anger-inducing young woman?

Why don't you take 10 minutes with a coffee and a notepad, and see how much of this enigma you can brainstorm on your own, OP.

if you're still stuck, share your work and we can help you along.

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In some countries she would.

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Do me a favor and pur a bullet inside your brain.

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Lmao what scions of civilization

Well I do have a gun in my nightstand but I’d planned on fucking Greta before killing myself

She is only a minor in the most Puritan nations in the world, you’re always so ready to say other countries are so progressive until their age of consent is brought up

Now that I've seen these shooped images of Trump neckties, I've decided to vote for Bernie. Your shooop work made the difference,

Yay, I just knew it would!

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Opposites attract. Pretty sure AOC get extra wet thinking about getting fucked by Trump Jr.

Nah, she's already got a ginger soyboy at home

Because she's sooooo Derp Derp Derp

OMG... I'm getting a progressive boner from giant ties... make em longer... I'm about to go full commie...

No way this is her.

Just use your hand like you always do and then shoot your brains out.

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I’ll take this under advisement from my panel of “qualified” 17 year olds

No u


not long enough.. now I am considering voting Warren.

Once you see the derp, you derp can't go derp.

Eat the bugs (fried crickets taste like shrimp btw)

On Cred Forums, the meme of being "retarded" or "fem" kind of loses its punch when a little girl with a mild case of Asperger's manages to command so much attention. Meanwhile, the unaccomplished Cred Forumstard basement dwellers can only denigrate her success in this Echo Chamber of the Wretched with the delusion that doing so will make them feel better about their own shortcomings.

I’ve heard them described as buttered popcorn

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Because shes cute

I bet you would, too.

I miss snacks before he became a dj and made sfm foot fetish pics in secret.

- environmentalist

I heard she likes it up the bum

Yay we got a winner , did you report the nude's yet.

- t. Incel NEET

Shes a potato

Just like you do.

Yep. I can feel it getting colder and colder already.

Ha ha ha “bum”

don't be an asshole potatoes are harmless ,she is a filthy communist.

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I guess that too. I was thinking fried shrimp. No even trolling you here

Potatoes are a vital part of the global diet

Yeah it was an anthropologist who had them offered as food at an African village who described them that way

does it hurt being a queer?

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Built like a mini fridge..

She's still ugly though.

Gretta is a watermelon..

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This is literally NOTHING compared with the obsession Cred Forums had with her in 2019. Holy shit you shoulda been here for that.

Nice, how much to own him? We can still own people in this country, right? How much?

‘Cause she’s so damn sexy!

allahu akhbar

Fuck I’m cumming

Do you think she shaves?

You're all wrong they taste like salty coins.

Probably not hairy enough yet

That’s just how frat guys describe pussy

And milk?

no but the mods finally took down the pic's

She seems like the all natural type

If done properly.

shes 16 but she looks like a 10 yr old, why?

17 actually, just looks young

She doesn't have half of the things that pic is pointing out


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yeah but why though

Idk, why does piper perri look so young

malnourished vegan. she will fatten up when she gets some mudslime babies .

Big Oil pays shills to come here and post lies and bullshit about global climate change.

I am not pedro.

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Bc her autism gave her the superpower to look like 11 y.o.

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I am

Ya gotta admit, she's kinda cute...

Yeah that’s why she’s so popular

Serious question, but is there actually something physically wrong with her? I know she's a sperg but does Asperger's affect you physically? Apparently she's 17 but I've never seen a chest like her's at that age. Her tits aren't even big enough for a damn training bra so she walks around braless with her big ass nipples obviously visible through her shirts.


No, my gf has Aspergers and she’s thick af

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So.... how's sex?

How come this face hasn't been shopped into a pron fake. Real question.

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The real question: Based on looks and anatomy for (her) age, combined with the increasing insanity of parents to shove hormones down their child's throat, are we SURE she's a biological woman?

It’s pretty great

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Whats she into?

because i tapped dat ass; shit was cash

Bondage and forced orgasms