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ur mom

bump for sauce

A girl having fun

The future of white America

Have you been to canada yet

more like the present

A soon to be single mother.

No need to be a WHORE to have fun

thats a meme, most girls are on birth control and go through thousands of dicks until they find the sim that will give them a steady paycheck and get married as if nothing happened


Idc who it is OP it’s disgusting
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no one can judge

Actually many are not on birthcontrol. Just because they have it doesnt mean they use them.

Some fag recording needa his head beat in.

most likely her white bf

>Actually many are not on birthcontrol.
i second this

I would love to eat a black creampie out of a hot girl

yes, we can.

kill yourself

This terrifies white guys. They watch this and wonder about the history of their wives and gfs


2 teens get 30 years for raping woman, pouring bleach down her throat


God I'd love to get a hold of one of you fucking trannys.

No we want that to be our wife

To suck their feminine cocks?

What are you, gay?

Murders of Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian


Traps are not gay!

This user is alt right



It's me...Mario!!! Here we gooooo

Only a complete cuck would marry this


Dude shes hot though

Why would they rape an old woman? Whats wrong with them?

a Brazilian whore, the negros were minors

lmao this video screams america

I had his instagram, it was a scandal in Brazil.

uh huh uh huh, oh wait I think she went to my high school! I know because I have my year book right here, yeah totally!

Why are you so agitated by trannies

Have sex

JoJo siwa

How many black babies do you think she's going to have? At least two.

I hope three.

White women are made for black babies!

think its her

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