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Attached: 1-hausmann-gypsy-woman.jpg (800x619, 87K)

Attached: beautiful-woman-in-gypsy-dress-holds-a-jug-2A5YFBT.jpg (866x1390, 187K)

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homosexuality is a jew subversion tactic. Sadly ive subsumed to it....

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Not too late goy. Fast and drink your lentils!

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Bruh its too late for me, I cant even get laid with faggots at this point.

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Anyone can at least get their dick sucked by a fag

Attached: 1565694668334.jpg (905x1280, 87K)

Attached: 1565662850236.jpg (776x1063, 212K)

Ive tried for 13 years, no one will suck my cock

Attached: 1437026599.tanks_kurtdevos.jpg (1280x1076, 123K)

Attached: 1565488279641.png (1100x777, 984K)

Attached: 1419201624.bawnii_sponkcuddlin.png (590x900, 605K)

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Why will no one suck yuor cock GI? Have you not thought why?

Attached: nva-platoon-leader.jpg (845x639, 131K)

I know why, im too ugly.

Attached: 1411242312.bawnii_dingah.png (640x900, 139K)

Also I love your war pictures, post more.

Attached: 643535342.png (794x900, 522K)

Why do you enjoy our suffering GI? Are you a sadist?
If they closed their eyes and you fucked them? Would it feel any different Baalshem?

Attached: 7749246-3x2-940x627.jpg (940x627, 103K)

Attached: 1549012639648.jpg (1000x1054, 574K)

It wouldnt, I am a sadist and a psychopath
Nothing will make me happy, I love perpetual war.

Attached: 975346534.jpg (627x886, 74K)

I love war

Attached: 36bf6c57e7e4f7f2fd45d9cffb5c5890.png (819x1455, 623K)

I love gfur and war pics with slav shit. Please indulge me :3

Attached: 1523794842.tehjackal_1523743798.bambiidog_tehxtyruscomm.jpg (1067x1280, 141K)

Good, cause there is plenty more war to vore gi whore!

Attached: 20200228_215340.gif (500x281, 1.92M)

I love sex and death

Attached: 1435201522.dominate_crashfennec1.png (558x1000, 799K)

More, post the one of the french tank got shot by a tiger and they are pulling the bodies out

Attached: 52435236.jpg (1280x794, 104K)

Attached: 1546492827518.png (1200x1000, 1.06M)

So much oil
The US would have invaded our dinner

Attached: f9367fe0c8911b0fde6e872bcc07e9fb.jpg (1527x1146, 441K)

I fucking love gore

Attached: 716c85db8f38da4737225441e3d9cbfa.png (1094x769, 634K)

No toast for you gi

Attached: giphy-22.gif (227x158, 990K)

Thern post more gore
Post war gore I LOVE war gore

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Attached: giphy (1).gif (400x225, 1.87M)


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Attached: f02d4491e050d0025899f06ab48fad4b.png (534x575, 241K)

Attached: 1487307418.angel27_tartii_clr-1.png (720x900, 1.87M)


How can I sock cock when you still virgin? I be doing favor. Big favor Gi!

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Suck dik FUCK YOU

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Fuck you wem

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Attached: 1523982144229.png (750x1000, 1.07M)

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dog fucker


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Yo penis pump is broken Gi. Made in China. You be sucking my dick huhuhuhuhuhu! Bow down to Vietnam! Ho Chi Min Moun Nam!

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hewwo how you doing?

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Attached: 1503104351526.jpg (900x1054, 275K)

Its Nioh 2 demo time.

Attached: 1582063468004.png (904x1280, 773K)

ooo are you excited?

Attached: 119.jpg (672x950, 421K)

Attached: 1566113974291.png (1111x1067, 994K)

Attached: 1486270437088.jpg (1250x933, 621K)

Attached: 1455052056369.jpg (800x566, 74K)

heyoo batanon here how is everyone

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Attached: 73561069.jpg (600x646, 61K)

hi mew

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Attached: 1547023039020.png (855x1000, 774K)

Attached: Dick the halls with balls of jolly.png (1146x1400, 1.39M)

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whats poppin


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what up yo


Nothing really


Fucking demon monkeys!

Edgy OCs
Bad pic