Name a better book than this

>name a better book than this
I can wait

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I just picked a random book from my bookshelf. It turned out to be a local business coupon book from 2015. This book is vastly better than Atlas Shrugged.

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I flipped through a used receipt book at work today. It was considerably less pretentious and thoroughly compelling.

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>hate Atlas Shrugged
>not knowing they're living it in real life
>consuming mindlessly and bragging about it
Fuck jesus

any book is better than that boring, poorly conceived and executed shit ass book. well, any book other than The Fountainhead.

book thread?

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>Fountainhead < Atlas Shrugged

Das Kapital.

>Missing the point entirely
You dumb fuck.

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Only fags read. just go online, or watch a movie retard simple!


ever since that damned radio came out books have been endangered.

The irony. Any Rand died on welfare and dependent on social security. Dumb cunt got the cancer she deserves. Your heroes are pathetic.


The turner diaries

I thought it was just one specific Rand.

Love it. Ninefingers is such a hate-able yet relatable character.


The blade itself incites violence.

~ Rome Total War pre battle load screen

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Skullduggery Pleasant

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About to wrap up Malazan and am flirting with picking up the first law trilogy

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Tried reading it a few times but I've never been able to get through it. Enjoyed The Fountainhead much more.

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Some people take a lot of ampthetamines and publish significant advances in mathematics.ős
Some people take a lot of ampthetamines and publish garbage like Atlas Shrugged.

Isn’t this basically the same as

How's middle school?

This guy gets it

Niggers the lot of you!

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Why would you read Ayn Rand when you could read Jane Jacobs?

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I remember when I was 16

Debbie Does Dallas: The Graphic Novel.

The back of the shampoo bottle.

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Go fuck yourself

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Nigga, this
Much like your penis, is a short story.

I like that theres a mentally retarded guy in the lower left

touché, still a good shortstory tho

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No fucking way

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>cut to masturbating in public with a tongue out determined face

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Well that was easy.

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more like 0 = 0

Logen is such a complicated character. I love the way it introduces his personality, morals, and character. He has so many good aspects about himself and you see that through his actions and others who remember him for his goodness. But you also hear about the darkness to him. You think that the past is the past and that he's learning and trying to be a better person. Then you see the evil up front and center and the consequences...

When I think of the hatred that people have for him I can't blame them. I did love it in Best Served Cold how Shivers got some karma at the party.

now you're just dunkin on the sad lad

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Yawn. Let me guess, your other favourite author is nietzsche.

Rand was a dumb bitch who appeals to weak minded drones who actually believe they're the exact opposite.

Depends. Are you still an edgy teenager without life context?

I'm always cautious when picking up new books. What's Malazan like?

Also The First Law Trilogy is worth it. But if you read it make sure you read it to the end.

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Rand is the Rick and Morty of her time

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Basically anything...

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I think you missed the point of the thread.

Only Rand I know is Al Thor.

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I remember some prof saying Atlas Shrugged was like a hammer being used to pound in a thumbtack.


Should’ve said that it was more like a turd coming out of anyone’s asshole being flushed away

I read the whole series, story was engaging enough. But they sure as shit weren't great literature. TV series coming out soon I think.

Have you read it?

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Are we being raided by /lit?

I listened to the entire series on audible after reading the first book and having Jordan describe a hallway to me that wasn't important to the story.

Fuck the t.v. series. They're going to fuck it up jus like they fucked up The Magicians.

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One of my favorites. Whole series is good overall, although a couple were weaker than others.


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Underrated amphetapost

I just finished Hyperion and have already started Fall of Hyperion. It's definitely become a favorite.

the hyperion cantos is excellent, try also night's dawn trilogy

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There are plenty of books with more interesting characters, like this one, for example.

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Best book ever

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I'll check it out once I'm done with the Hyperion Cantos.

I feel the presence of a lot of people who never actually read Atlas Shrugged but feel compelled to criticize it anyway.

Malazan is one of the best series' ive ever read. It's long, when you start you have no idea what's happening. I wanted to put it down at first, because I hated the place names and characters and it was all so cobfusing, but something kept me going. After the first book I knew I wanted to read the second, after the second I was committed to read the whole series. Malazan isn't always perfect but when it is it's unlike anything ive ever read or watched. I'm about to start the last book in the main series and still want more.

This. She died a hypocritical cunt.

Discord dot gg /


It's as if they watched the (several) terrible series and movie adaptations, heard the word Rand, and ran to the hills.
I guarantee you not one of these niggers read the actual book.
You and I will meanwhile be smoking money cigars, my friend.

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You might be the only person EVER who didn't understand Atlas Shrugged.

Literally any book ever.
It's objectively terrible garbage written by a moron who died complaining about shit that would have at least bought her a few extra years. Pro writing tip from an actual published author: don't have any character go on a THREE FUCKING PAGE RAMBLING SCREED. goddamn you retards love anything that tells you how smart you must be for believing in the dumbest goddamned ideas ever.

Best Book Ever

False propaganda. When Rand died in 1982, she left nearly $800,000 in her estate

>published writer
>a more esteemed writer wrote something I couldnt write in a month in minutes
>long pages of stream-of-conciousness, soooooo booooooring
>still unknown and analyzing the works of Joyce, Hemingway and Tolstoy, all of which have chapters full of the stuff
That's a big yikes, folks.

More like Atlas Tugged...on my dick

Exactly. To dumb to read it, understand it and think for themselves. Parroting the anti capitalist propaganda.


Pretty much

Name your top 5 books and I'll consider it based off your taste.

And the best movie is Fight Club right?. You might grow out of it one day

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I'm a bigger Joyce fan than Rand, so I have to HUGELY agree.

so many triggered soys in here

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Shrugged was a good concept written terribly and Rand has absolutely no sense of brevity. She could spend forty pages on some janitor opening up a can of tuna fish that isn't even pertinent to the story. That book should have been normal paperback length, like 370. Instead its a thousand. And her sentence structure is clunky. She has no sense of flow. And I've known people who purposely carry Shrugged around like a prop in their own movie to read in coffee shops, so they can dazzle people with their "intellect". These are the same dicks who obviously scrawl "I am John Galt" on study carrels. They are not John Galt.

>they don't like my book
>I'll call them names!

I'll be honest I have yet to read Atlas Shrugged but I just about guarentee this book is better

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My nigga Ben 10 be peepin

I've heard a lot of good stuff about Dostoyevsky, what's it about?

Amazing contribution to this thread

It is.


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Have actually read and anyone who has read must at least admit to it not being a light read. As with most authors with a "philosophy" she does an amazing job in describing and understanding human nature when it comes to addressing the problem yet is completely oblivious to human nature when it come to the suggested solutions. Her descriptions of the wealthy parasite class and the results of actually applying the communist motto are dead on (there are 2 pages that make the entire book worth the read jus in themselves). But her protagonist is nothing but a power gold digger and no man is just going to "step aside" because the other guy is more "alpha" And while It rightly advocates that everyone has a duty to optimize their skills and knowledge it hand waves away the effect of different starting points. The only reason the protagonist had the luxury of learning all the ins and outs of her father's railroad is because she didn't have to spend her youth being concerned about her future survival .

The Bible?
Not even a book.
A collection of 66 "books" (some can be further divided by time written and other authors) written over 1400 years starting with bronze age sheep fuckers, complete with weird theories about the world, internal contradictions and worse.

NOT the best "book"

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I reckon you've never read the Philmarilion

Finally, an interesting and well-read fellow.
See, the point isn't to take it all to heart: to accept it as if it's some sort of guideline to life and wealth.
It's a message (for sure, drawn out, I'll abscond with that). It was her foray into "philosophy" nearing the end of it, and bordering the thought of something new: psychology.
Had she not pushed that pathetic ideology of hers, it would've been a much quicker and more significant read.
Regardless of her huffing her own ego, there's a lot to be said in the novel.
Things ranging from relationships, independence, and economics (to a certain scholastic degree).
Take it for what it is. A fictional account of what could (and probably will happen). Don't take it as a maxim or as a paperweight intellectuals tote around to "rep" their own sapience. Simply a story predicting what might come, and through the eyes of a WOMAN decades ago.

Rand was a crazy bitch

Anybody who says Atlas Shrugged is better than Grapes of Wrath is an uneducated clown.

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too soon

Too edgy for me.


Fucking this.

Who the fuck reads books? Asshole

ITT: Guys who did the summer reading and are now arguing over which books they liked best.

3rd best SK book.
Literally can't get past the first 100 pages. It is soooooooooo slow.

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>bronze age sheep fuckers
You say that like it is a bad thing.

Tolkien fought in the battle of the Somme. Changes your perspective of his books.

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Scrotie McBoogerballs

It is a very hard read.
One of my other favorites (and a nice quick read) is The Gambler. About a man who's luck ruins his wedding, family and bit of pride he has, just for a bit of fortune- only to lose it all, and win it again- all through that beautiful maiden, Lady Luck.
As for The Brothers... I was born the middle child, one of 3. It resonated well with me. About 3 brothers (DURR) who all have varying personalities and goals in life. One is a sensualist, in it for the money and fame- but ends up tarnishing that image.
The middle one is a genius. Too far gone in his mind and schooling, eventually going insane and meeting(?) the devil himself.
The youngest is something of a spiritual child. Raised by monks and growing up on the Lord's word. In the end, he finds there's corruption even in religion, and loses (finds?) his way away from that false light.
If you enjoy a bit of death, drama, love, heartbreak, abuse, incest, drugs, zeal, and more than a few old timey themes, youll love it.

The wrath of those awful

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Dune can be a slog for some people. I got through rather quickly and wanted more. The book really picks up once Paul and Jessica meet up with the Fremen.

Anything by Steinbeck is better. I definitely would recommend Atlas Shrugged as required reading for someone who wants to consider themselves well-read but its definitely not as enjoyable to read.

One of my favorite books

Fuck, idk
>The Stand
>Infinite Jest
>White Noise
It's hard to say, but those are definitely up there, i know there are some I forgot. I'll also add that I hate most fantasy, couldnt stand Wheel of Time and despised Sword of Truth

I've heard the second half is fantastic, but FUCK i've tried three times to get into it. Keep telling myself maybe i'll enjoy it when i'm a year older.

Take your pick...

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Oh, we have nothing to talk about then. We enjoy two different types of books. The Sword Itself is fantasy.

Not the best book but more re-readable through the years

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>Had she not pushed that pathetic ideology of hers, it would've been a much quicker and more significant read.
It could have been a great novel. The idea behind it is sound. It was literary malpractice. It was like being trapped at one of those dinners with academics who think way too much of themselves and only talk to hear their own haughty voice ramble to their sycophants for nine hours, holding cigarettes in the european style and drinking wine, and being obnoxious. A great author can change their voice. Every voice in Shrugged speaks in Rand's voice.

It's the blade itself. I love fantasy, but most of it is trash.

I felt the same way when I first read it as a kid, but rereading it last year was what made me love it. Herbert's philosophy is fantastic and makes the story better in my opinion. Give it a chance once again if you can. I had to force myself to get through it as a kid, but I enjoyed it more as an adult.

That sounds amazing thank you user

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I can never keep track of the names of his books. The Blade Itself feels like a decade ago. His books keep going in time. Ugh, I can't even read this new one because I see the consequences of the previous books and it tugs at my heart too much.

The original Dune was an entertaining and easy read for me. The sequels however, i think I got through 1, wasn't very good and never bothered with the rest. Maybe they're actually good I dunno.

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Shogun is an excellent book. Try King Rat if you like the author (Clavell).

I loved the sequels, especially God Emperor of Dune.

Oh god no

Hypocritical joo bitch.

Hm, that's a good point. As I said, she was a little too high on her own egoistic supply.
If she didn't push that theory of hers so hard, it could've been incredible.
It drags on so long, with several turning points and characters introduced, it's hard to keep track. I almost think it should've been a romance novel split into 3.
Regardless of all other elements, it sticks in your head. The sprawling story, told over years- a significant childhood of an outcast, grown into a woman, forming an important bond with another similarly odd boy. Going on from that and growing further- learning to be a member of society, and seeing how much good they could actually do. Realizing life isn't about others, but yourself.
Perhaps that's why it comes across as a little self-indulgent. It's the exclamation of a proudly, independent woman who finds there's strength in not only being a cog in the machine, but perhaps a bigger part in a much bigger machine than they had imagined.


I have this book. Haven't read it yet.

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Well, im excited for it
Ive read every Clavell novel besides Whirlwind. King Rat was alright, Gai Jin was not great. But Tai Pan was up there woth Shogun, maybe even slightly better.

One of the greatest novels I've ever read! Fuck yes Dune!

The Myth of the Blood: The Genesis of Racialism by Julius Evola

Why would you pull out your penis in the middle of a clothing store?

That is the most boring title I have ever read, I don’t even need to read the shitty book in order to know what happened

my nigga

She can't help it. She's from the Synagogue of Satan.

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And she was a coal burner as well.

Dude. What if, like, being a greedy jew was a GOOD thing?!?

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The Trick Top Hat - Robert Anton Wilson
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep - Phillip K Dick
Taste is subjective - Facts

Anton LeVay got shit done.

The Razors Edge by W. Somerset Maughm. The vocabulary is dated, but it's a great book.

Fun fact - Its the reason Bill Murray did Stripes. So he could do Razors Edge, which was a box office flop. This depressed him for about 25 years from doing serious roles again.

Should I bother with sheep if I've seen blade runner many times?


Interzone and Naked Lunch. Gotta read them both.

The movie is better but the book adds a layer of drama to it. A Scanner Darkly or Man in the High Tower are better. Only because you won't see the same regurgitated shit, time and time again.

Pretty much anything by Somerset Maugham is worth reading. He traveled the waning British Empire and set his books in all sorts of exotic places.
Evelyn Waugh, another author of that period, is fun for his "Sword of Honour" trilogy and for When the Going Was Good, which detailed many of his own travels.

I don't care what race she was.
Highly irrelevant (unless you are some slack-jawed knuckle dragger)

Best book in thread.

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Jews aren't a race.

Well researched and telling expose of a person in power told in a format that is accessible to his supporters.


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Race is the closet definition you can get for such people unless you talk about religion then that has other implications.

Fucking Scientology cult.
Creepiest organization in the country.

Great book, terrifyingly prophetic. Every year we lurch closer to Ayn Rand's world ...

Pretty sure the majority of them are racially Caucasian. Even the Ethiopian ones since Ethiopians are more closely related to Arabs than to west African Bantus. Ashkenazi Jews are genetically quite close to Sicilians. Don't know as much about Sephardic Jews apart from them being Spanish, nor about Mizrahi Jews.

Dicks short story collections are great.

Never heard of Waugh. Thanks.

Scientology, an example of how the US has become the chief purveyors of snake oil cures embedded in infomercials, novel quack religions, "live in your own truth" ideologies etc

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Galt was poor as fuck tho, a gas station attendants son who left home at 12, and look what he accomplished.

No we're not you moron, where the fuck do live? If you don't like it go somewhere else, there's burger joints everywhere.

I'll check them out, thanks.

folded a few squares of toilet paper, wiped my ass and flushed it into the sewage system... technically at some point it could be considered a "book" by the art community

so that qualifies

Surprised no one said this yet

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The book is like walking through mud. It's structurally-written poorly, and Ayn Rand tends to embellish to a point where it seems like satire.

With that being said: She was way ahead of her time, and the topic of the story is incredibly important. By trying to keep up a system set up against you, which exists only by your work, it's your responsibility to just walk away, and migrate to like minded individuals who'll at the very least get out of your way for personal growth.

"Literally garbage. Her book is nothing but The Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous: 1930s Railroad Tycoon Edition with the same endless talking that never amounts to anything just like every other female writer. Even the big reveal of John Galt was just a long diatribe on how the poor are just trash that drag those of higher class down. Literally a stuck up bitch who thinks the ability to afford a glamourous life is equivalent to being a deity taking 900+ pages of talking to come to the conclusion that inheriting daddy's money means you can do whatever you want."

Based and boogaloopilled

based and moar

poser u didnt understand it I can confirm.

Search images of the book if you're that much of a pedo or buy it digitally for 10 shekels if you're an autistic young woman.

I prefer the prequel.

Not him, but I didn't understand that shit either. There isn't one (1) quotation mark in the entire book and the last ~45 pages are an unpunctuated, nearly-unbroken wall of babble. Worst recommendation I ever got from /lit/.

It was too fucking long winded. There's nothing wrong with keeping an idea short and sweet. But after reading the same thing play out over and over again, I realized she was just describing having a sense of honor. Nobodys ever going to be patient as Rearden. Nobody will ever be as determined as Dagny. There's some good points and perspectives. I do believe business is the backbone of our country, but I think it depends on small business. Not the corporations that Rand had referred to. Overall the story was shat and her philosophy has some major holes in it.

Most people in here definitely did not read this.
Skipping the philosophy of the book would render the whole book as pointless. It literally the common theme for everyone who ends up at galts gulch and the antithesis of everyone who ends up around James. It would have been paper thin plot because she just sets up those strings of events literally to explain the her philosophy.

Complaining its long is fine, not agreeing with the philosophy is also fine. But to say "skip the politics" is absurd. But hey, angry birds 2 is coming out and at least you'll have something to watch that doesn't hold you down with too much talking.

Those were shit, Rand was a soy boy.

Because India is devoid of wackos who spend their life sitting on a rock growing their toenails and rubbing ashes on their faces, and China has no interest any more for powdered rhino horn and soups that allegedly make your dick hard. The people who believe that fringe shit outnumber the entire US population twofold.

How about this?

Attached: 2020-02-28_20h26_11.jpg (545x845, 404K)

And that was the New York Times review.

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It is not about the number of people. That is a red herrings to make you feel good.
It is about a culture that produces that shit.
Read the book then comment.

Quality Troll. 20 out of 20

>Skipping the philosophy of the book would render the whole book as pointless.
LOLwut? If you read this thread in its entirety, I think you'd find most people who have any (justifiable) criticisms definitely did not skip the philosophy. And definitely DID read the book. In fact, I think the people who are most zealous in their praise are the ones who aren't very well read.

Ok, fine. We arE A SociEtY. Sorry you're mad about your cool booky-wooky. "Chief purveyors" suggests we deliver the most whacked out shit to the most people. I'm saying something very simple: There are 4.5 billion people in Asia, and 330 million here. The number of people who believe crazy shit or pray on the people who believe crazy shit in Asia are about 10x greater there, than here. So, who. Exactly. Are. The. Chief. Purveyors. Again?


the speeches are literally the best parts of the book

I'm sorry, my bad. I spelled a word wrong. And your head is full of senseless shit. So I guess we each have our own cross to bear.

Agreed. I love Rand but her faults are so obvious when you look at it with another eye. For example there are no children in Atlas Shrugged. Where does a parent child relationship fit into the "pure value for value" make up of her philosophy? Still her insights are incredible. I'll never forget reading about Reardan's family and how he was SUBSIDIZING his relationships. Really opened my eyes to how I was supporting my own toxic relationships

I'm not the guy you were replying to. I was just doing you a favor out of the kindness of my heart.

20 randomly selected words in a journal make a better book than this trash.

American gods

literally the only book longer than atlas shrugged

Read the book.
Don't comment when you're in need of a fap.
It affects your thinking.

Oh, okay. Thank you. His head is still full of senseless shit, though.

It reads exactly as an ex soviet autist with okish english larping as her capitalist overlords would.

Boring as fuck, and she may have single handedly ruined US politics for a century.

how can a tranny get a custom cumsock made otherwise?!? sheesh

My thinking is clear. Maybe you should un-read the book, because you're arguing 330m vs 4.5 billion of crazy fucks. If each of our respective populations has a 50% crazy rate, that would be 165m vs 2.25b. Quite the substantial difference, eh?

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Wow, this is just gloriously offensive, I want a copy now!

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LeVay (né Levy) was from the Sinagogue of Satan as well.

Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy.


And still you don't get it.
It's not about population numbers.
Wtf don't you get about that?
It is about frequency, influence, notability and history.
Population numbers are NOT the issue.
Population numbers are NOT the issue.
Population numbers are NOT the issue.

Are you American? Is that why I have to explain it to you? Is that why you want to protect your belief in American exceptionalism?

>written by commie agent
>who surreptitiously arrives in USA
>to tell the burgers
>they need to be as selfish and greedy as possible
>to make the country great

>It is about frequency, influence, notability and history.
Yes, I get that. The percentages of people who are not tethered to reality within the population. Who are gullible and reaching for crazy fucking unconventional nonsense. I still would say, within the population, the percentages are probably similar. But since their societies are older, the weird shit is more accepted as a cultural norm. They have strange parades of zealots who whip the flesh off their own bodies. They have people who walk around in a diaper for their whole life, grow their nails four feet long, and eat one grape a day. But thats okay. If we get people acting weird over the television, it becomes a laughable example of the decay of western society.

Personally, I think their PERCENTAGE of weirdness in Asia is greater. People who are out of the mainstream. I think the PERCENTAGE of cults, monks and weirdos is greater than the normally adjusted within the confines of their society.

And I would still say, even if 100% of America was fucking nuts, and 10% of Asia was nuts, their nutters would still outnumber our nutters by 100 million. So, I think your hypothesis is fucked. Statistically, the influence of those Asians on non-asians will be greater by sheer numbers AND percentages than any influence America could possibly deliver to non-Americans.

STFU you fucking Randian Dipshit.

Fuck you and your stupid little manlet take on life.

Guaranteed you haven't read it.
You frogposters don't have an attention span to speak of.

i love Grapes of Wrath, i read the book and seen the 1940 movie

both are awesome


What's the difference between Ayn Rand enthusiasts and Tolkian enthusiasts?

One lives in their parent's basement, has no social life and lives in a fantasy world of which will never happen.

The other one likes Orks.


Any highlights magazine

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That's because you're a gay faggot kike.

Hey, you are the fucking MAN. Fuck what everyone else says in this thread. I seriously respect you friend.

Better ayn rand?
Anthem. The fountainhead.
A book being longer doesn’t make it better


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Mein Kampf

My book 'Atlas Mugged'.
It's a dystopian novel about world of depleted resources and permanent war.

I have no mouth and I must smoke, a survivalists guide to a world where smoking is banned everywhere.

The fountainhead

What an appropriate submission

not well known but still

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