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you probably have a pretty normal dick but that picture makes it look small, ++points for having the confidence to post it though

Thank you

It's 6 inches by 4.5 inches so yeah pretty average

Kik is popeyesveinythirdarm

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Good length but not enough girth esp at base, could use a close trim with electric trimmer too :)


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Nice balls

7.5/10 would slob

Tiny Nigger/10
Put that away, nigga/10
Already bored of this pic/10

to all of you in this thread

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rate my weird yam

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8/10 post more

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good length, but as mentioned a little lacking in girth, I don't agree with the trim being needed though, love that bush~
average, but that's never a bad thing, definitely some nice plump orbs as well^^

Here u go

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Thanks, look mighty tasty


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Is my girlfriend lying when she says my dick is big?

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I'd love to see more of ya

got a discord?


No she is not